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  1. We always use Czech Airlines, they are very good, they are the equivant of British Airways in this country, you get meals etc.
  2. Rob B


    It's called Ljubljana Resort. I don't think they have a website but I did a search on google na dit came up with a few booking pages. Email address is ac.jezica@gpl.si
  3. Rob B


    Last year we flew Easyjet Stansted to Ljubliana, got a hire car with Budget stayed at a holiday village just outside of Ljubliana in a bungelow which was nice, drive to Krsko is easy, basically one road all the way there.
  4. Rob B

    Wroclaw GP

    Yep we've always sorted our own trips for about the last 5 years, never costs us more than £100 each.
  5. I seem to remember you saying last year that you would never goto Prague again and even left before the meeting had finished, changed your mind have you? Not talked to the lads yet but we will probably be going to Eskilstuna, Prague or Krsko, Lonigo and Cardiff of course.
  6. Rob B


    For anyone wanting a cheap stay look at the 'Pensions' they are between a youth hostel and a hotel, basically a 1* hotel, very cheap if you just want a bed for the night, we've stayed in a few and they've been clean just basic.
  7. No it doesn't, the athletics track was ripped out straight after the commonwealth games to make way for more seating.
  8. Having a quick look on a map Verona looks the closest, Ryanair fly there.
  9. Quite a few years yet, isn't he only 13 still?
  10. Rob B

    World Team Cup??

    Can't see why not, Sweden have won it the last two years, crowds are generally quite good in Sweden.
  11. Rob B

    World Team Cup??

    The WTC has not been held in Sweden yet so why not have it there?
  12. Yep, they both beat Mark Loram and did better then other wild cards this year.
  13. I think your top 4 are right but I think Holta will get the 5th place.
  14. We are staying there too. Have stayed there the last couple of years. Its ok. We will all be wearing Jason Crump caps, I will be wearing a Jason Crump coat aswell.
  15. We'll be there, you'll see the Jason Crump flag on the second bend.
  16. Basically I think the only way Crump can not win the championship is if he gets knocked out at the first eliminator (in main event) and Rickardsson wins GP.
  17. BSI seem to be having some problems now, anyone noticed that there is only 3 sponsors now on the airfence and centre, Castrol, Viedec and Fiat Vans, there use to be loads, the meeting sponsors on the front of the bikes use to be big like Coca Cola, Egg etc now we have HSE in Slovenia and Meridian Lifts in Sweden that nobody will have heard of. Also they are cutting back on the big stadiums in Sweden and they have let off a lot of their staff who use to work on the airfence and organisation. They said they would promote the Australian GP themselves but it's never happened.
  18. Rob B

    Crump loses it

    FlyinRyan, what a load of rubbish! Pointing the finger is not loosing it, and where was all the fighting and mass brawl?
  19. Got back from Slovenia last night, I thought it was one of the worst GP's in the last few years, so much for permanent tracks being better! The track was slick and and soon as some dirt did build up on the outside they bladed it back to the inside every 4 heats. Was talking to Neil Street at the airport, he said Jason knew second was good enough in the semi and was just taking it easy, when he hit the rut it completely caught him out, if he had been fully racing he probably would have been able to control it better. Glad that Rickardsson finally won a GP this year, Crump still holds a 15 point lead so it should go down to the last round.
  20. I was told the day after the Stockholm GP that it was the last one there because they are having a new running track installed and won't allow a speedway track to be built on it. Running at Avesta etc though is a backwards step for BSI.
  21. I seem to remember them being called Backtrack or something similar.
  22. To be honest Great Britain were very lucky with referee decisions tonight and Sweden were the better team. This Hans Andersen stuff is nonsence, there were 4 riders in the race, it was not a match race.
  23. Lindback is riding like an idiot tonight. If Sweden are lucky and manage to get through tonight then they can't afford to risk him on Saturday. I'd get Lindgren or Ljung in.
  24. I agree that Havelock is the better choice round Poole than Screen but if the track is like tonight then the quickest way round was riding right up by the fence and Havelock doesn't do that so will just get passed by Gollob, Jonsson etc.

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