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  1. Totally gutted at seeing one of the best speedway tracks been ripped up loved watching the meetings and working down there haven't seen a meeting since last season due to having no transport Saturdays don't seem the same always looked forward to going to speedway ever since I was a kid just got memories now just a shame we couldn't have had a farewell meeting sad says
  2. So what's happening with this so called fund raising to try an bring back speedway for 50years.
  3. Still gutted that speedway hasn't been run this year as for the this stadium hope it never gets go ahead and don't if annoy Town fans or reds hope they both bust and if speedway is ever able to get the stadium for them selves in recent years we were more successful than both town only get big crowds when is Derby and reds is a joke to called its self a good football side given how far down leagues they are speedway has lost supporters for whatever reason but speedway needs to get back to how the sport was when in the 70s ppl didn't give a toss bout the other sports and things sad days from now hope the stadium is failure
  4. I like the show but the one thing that could be improved is mover cover from other team rather Cradley wolves bham it be nice to hear from team managers up north and about teams up upwards in the country rather than been focus on certain ones all the time just a thought
  5. Cometfan4eva

    Once a Jolly Swagman

    Having finally watched once a jolly swagman due to the fact never heard of it till now . It got me thinking what if they remade it and brought it update I wonder if done the right way it might attract younger generation hopefully get crowds back to how use to and hopefully in process attract some big major sponsors to invest in speedway and make it a success like f1 wrestling cricket for example.
  6. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    As they tapes going up gets closer for the new season it still feels wrong that Workington aren't there things should never got that bad as for what to do with our Saturday nights who knows not much else tbh as for for who I will be following I am comets all the way and will follow Dan Kyle and cookie but it doe its doesn't feel right dolling another team ie Glasgow or pboro or bvue for the local boys it should be worky I have to agree the chance of coming back next year are really slim if it did it would be any present u get heres to memories we have of the best team in the nwest of England the mighty comets 2018 triple champions
  7. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    Well never thought I would see it when my beloved Workington comets close I have been going since the first meeting on 20th March 1999 in this time I have seen some of the best riders from future World champions to the best elite and premier of all time and been to some awesome tracks supporting the comets I have made some great friends and even down there when the late Ian Thomas was in charge speedway is one the best sports ever but it doesn't get the coverage it deserves especially on border news and look north the only time we get coverage is if we have a injury alot has to be said about the bspa they are determined to ruin the sport and will if they don't sort things now they say the prices can't come down but I stil have the flyer for the first season in 1999 and the prices for were 7.50 for adults now I do understand stuff goes up and prices go up a lot of people I no said to me it should be £10 an I do agree if it can't be put at £10 then maybe look at it been £13 Ithe bspa need to promote the sport get the coverage it needs if riders demand to much and clubs can't pay what they ask maybe we should look at bringing in a pay cap and putting the points average back to 45 and doing a deal with bt or sky where every team in prem/championship gets at least one meeting on TV a season the big meetings in the championship need to be on TV not just prem cause prem racing is boring some times bspa rip the book up and start again and help clubs before it to late I for one am going miss speedway so much and don't no what gona do no it gone as I've been going to it for that long I really do hope that comets come back next season but I can't see it for me this is the end and sad will not hear the gorgeous sound of bikes revving up and smell of methonal
  8. Cometfan4eva

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Think they usually go to rehab for 8 weeks or something like that it such a shame was a good rider remember him racing for worky
  9. Cometfan4eva

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Does any one know if the second part of this has been shown showing how Blair has got on in rehab.
  10. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    If it anit any of the current comets that's announced later then would hope it is tero as he proved in. The league final how good he is
  11. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    Is it a new rider or returning one
  12. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    Anyone no when worky goner announce the first signing
  13. Cometfan4eva

    AGM November 2018

    Hope to god this anit true if so we goner have a crap team as most of the best riders will be signed by then
  14. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2019

    I think that the prices we have for this year is quite reasonable I do think though if the prices do go up I think alot fans may stop going as some fans are not well off than others and £18-20 a week is alot to some fans and if there 2 ppl that go it could be nearly £40 both programmes and any food drink or merchandise has been bought the concessions should stay as workington have alot of elderly people like I say there fair prices to make it more appealing to fans why not do like Sheffield sort of did ie produce a loyalty card to be stamped and after say six meetings u get say £3 knocked of the price u would for that for that meeting but only once the loyalty card has been stamped for six meetings and is is handed in on the next meeting . On a another note the main thing the workington promotion need to do to get fans to speedway is get the sport advertised in workington when the season is on no one knows when it's on as the there no adverts in shop windows Ian Thomas had riders at McDonald's every other week so fans could meet him and kids would want to go to speedway that night the team were always were in shops such as Morrisons tesco etc people riders or promotion need to visit schools in Cumbria either when speedway just starting up or during the season it no good relying on word of mouth because if they comets will fold. now is the time as we are treble champions get in to schools and advertise it every where if they do vista schools do vouchers where the kids come with a adult the adult gets say £1 knocked off there price and before people say that losing money u can easily make it back ie 50/50 draw but I remember my dad saying in the seventies they use to do raffles so maybe look at doing that this helps throughout the season if the prices do go up to £18-20 I for one will be picking what meetings I can attend as simple can't afford £20 a week sorry but not all of us have great wages
  15. Cometfan4eva

    Workington 2018 .

    Any one on here who knows any fans that have stopped going or an Companys that may wana sponsor the comets please show this and help save workington comets speedway as this is what means to us

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