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  1. Happy for Laguta but how is he so far in front? I understand certain aspects of the set ups and he's a superb gater, but how can he be so far ahead after just one lap like tonight?
  2. Sadly most on this board rarely attend meetings let alone staying until after Heat 15. Lewis - that wasn't a knock on you, well done for putting money into speedway.
  3. You sound jealous. Also the name calling on your next post was unnecessary and childish. If it's any consolation I'm happy to meet up with you too. Assuming you actually attend meetings.
  4. It's not a threat. I'm coming down on Sunday, let's meet up and talk speedway.
  5. Also happy to see you on Sunday as I'll be driving down for this.
  6. If you change your mind let me know as I would glady meet you at the entrance.
  7. Prentice1874

    Belle Vue - Alcohol list and prices

    Good shout, thanks Chris much appreciated.
  8. Prentice1874

    Belle Vue - Alcohol list and prices

    Thank you for the info, I'll just take the car instead.
  9. Couldn't see an appropriate thread already. Can anyone advise the alcoholic selection at the NSS and a rough guide to costs. Also is it card or cash, or both. Thanks.
  10. Prentice1874

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    If Monarchs beat Redcar I feel pretty sure Poole will pick Edinburgh rather than Leicester (assuming they beat Scunthorpe).
  11. Prentice1874

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    I assume Poole will pick Monarchs or Redcar and avoid Leicester. Especially given how they rode at Armadale a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Prentice1874

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    As an old schooler I'll never ever take 100% satisfaction from the play off format. However, well done Poole on finishing 1st. Thoroughly deserved. Monarchs road to greatness is Redcar, Poole then Leicester/Glasgow. It's a real long shot and an awful lot would have to break right so highly unlikely.
  13. It has the makings of a classic. Good go know about the 2nd leg stream, it'll save any uncertainty regarding travel.
  14. Prentice1874

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    Thank you, appreciated. What a cracking two legs that could be.
  15. Prentice1874

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    If Leicester beat Kent then does that mean Monarchs will face Redcar in the play offs regardless of the Tigers v Lions result on Sunday?

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