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  1. ScottyJ

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    Sedgemen Jesus Christ. All this negative energy and now joy! Fair play to him proving alot people wrong and I hope he can continue that form.
  2. ScottyJ

    Leicester Lion Cubs vs B.V. Colts 14 May 2022

    World's longest sunbreak here with a few fans leaving
  3. ScottyJ


    Did you just now all of a sudden get an internet connection and now it finally posts
  4. ScottyJ

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    I think it's one Joe's best nights away from home in a while!
  5. I'm not sure ! Bet there isn't many.
  6. You sure it wasn't Robert Lambert instead of Simon?
  7. ScottyJ

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    Poole winning again just too damn good !
  8. ScottyJ

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    From a lions fan I didn't see us winning by that score. Thomson twins have struggled away from home and have missed Rowe tonight as well...reverse is a concern for you lot . 2 best riders in the league for Edinburgh and the rest are miles off in that team
  9. ScottyJ

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    From looking at that result you lack a 3rd heat leader..the difference tonight was pack up against worral, Morris and howarth..no match
  10. ScottyJ

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Great win for the lions tonight super happy with our guest Kyle Bickley!
  11. ScottyJ

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Think it will be close but the monarchs to edge it. Think the difference will be simply masters and Pickering. But I do think it will be close ! Wonder what reception ritchy will get
  12. I wouldn't worry Poole fans you'll find some rider from somewhere who will win you the league of course
  13. ScottyJ

    Leicester vs Oxford 7 May 2022

    Bloody tractor has come out more than Josh MacDonald this meeting
  14. That's your opinion. In mine I enjoy the racing and I've been going a long time.
  15. I saw plenty of passing last night to make it fun. I don't understand this hate towards the Leicester track..it ain't perfect but I saw good racing every week

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