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  1. So very shocked to hear this news. Sleep well Shazzy...one of the 'old BSF originals'. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends xxx
  2. To put the record straight, the delay wasn't due to only having one ambulance, it was to do with the track doctor accompanying Doyle to the hospital. The alternative was to wait for an NHS ambulance and the inevitable further delay handing over from track doc to the paramedics so the decision was made to take Jason straight there - whether it saved any time in the end is a moot point. Some new procedure in force at Poole A&E (or more generally perhaps) - for those at the Cov match the A&E ambulance was called and the meeting wasn't able to restart until the doc had handed over the rider to the paramedics and was 100% available to the speedway again.
  3. rabbit

    Torun Gp Saturday 19th June

    Enjoyed this GP - hope this new Torun track remains on the calendar. It's certainly conducive to good racing. In fact the series so far this year has been a breath of fresh air. Can't call it at all for the title and enjoying watching the new guard come to the fore. Yes, there were a few holes but think we've all seen meetings where the track has come into play. Some riders will hit a ride and come off their bikes, others will use it to fire themselves into an advantageous position. Here's hoping that Cardiff produces as much excitement - it's making up for the league series.
  4. Same here. I've read this thread with amusement and think some fans need to lighten up and actually enjoy their sport instead of trying to micro-analyse and dissect every single aspect of every single comment that's made. It's supposed to be entertainment not torture. So what if there are a few inaccurate comments made, there are plenty in some of the documentaries I watch too - it happens, get over it, you either want to watch the content itself or you don't. So what if mention is made over Webbo's attendance - it's great that someone in the world of a major mainstream sport is watching and giving the sport some kudos, hell a shame more 'mere mortals' don't - the sport might not be in such a state over here. If you want intensity watch the news.
  5. First date..Poole v Mildenhall I think it was in September 1989. Remember sitting at the back of the stand being not that impressed. With the sport that is, not the date...21 years on and the date is now my hubby of 18+ years
  6. rabbit

    Dave Robinson

    I guess we're possibly those with most interest in the decisions... FWIW, I've just watched the meeting again after being there last night. My thoughts on the various decisions were: Doyle's exclusion - a candidate for all 4 back - certainly contact but no big deal. No intent, but it was obvious an exclusion would occur after the race was allowed to continue. Hougaard's exclusion. Possibly Bjarne did slide off easily, but I thought personally there was more case in this one than for Jason's exclusion. Maybe not from contact but from the angles. Also the ref may have been swayed that it was the second time Hougaard was involved. Artur's first warning - no problem.He moved. easy call, although he mucked himself up so other refs may have allowed it to continue. Can't fault the decision though. Artur's exclusion. I've watched and re-watched this. He barely twitched, and certainly wasn't moving forwards or backwards - when the tapes did go up, he was at the back. Very harsh decision and certainly not consistent with the amount of movement made by other riders. This ref has form amongst riders so his reputation certainly precedes him. I'd give beenfit of the doubt on a couple of the decisions, but not all. Edited for shonky spelling.
  7. Good luck to all competitors for tonight's meeting. Here's hoping for an entertaining display of the next generation. I shall be there supporting Bren, so if anyone spots a dippy woman on the terraces jumping up and down in his races, please feel free to come and say hello.
  8. I do DK and I pick up words from anywhere and everywhere that fill a gap. It's a bad habit I know. True, but one offs are a bit different to every week - I'm not sure i could do that.
  9. Just for you Gem ant·sy (nts) adj. ant·si·er, ant·si·est Slang 1. Restless or impatient; fidgety: The long wait made the children antsy. 2. Nervous; apprehensive: "Camps got shot up all the time, but if there wasn't a shoot-up, they'd get antsy" (Harper's). [Perhaps from the incessant motions of ants.] Can't claim it from Dorset though.
  10. It was a while since I read Sandie's opening post, so I've probably metamorphosised it into something else. Wouldn't be the first time. Good on you for travelling that distance for your sport. I get antsy if I have to travel more than a couple of miles or so for anything, so perhaps it's just me
  11. Couldn't support another team at all. Might watch the odd meeting at clubs here and there, but as for dedicated support, it'd fizzle if there was no club in the immediate vicinity. I like my speedway, but not enough to travel 30 or 40 miles to watch a 'home' meeting.
  12. Is that our green cone? . All the council's money has gone on roadworks for Sandbanks' plastic people so that's what us plebs get ;-)
  13. rabbit

    2009 Agm News

    That's probably the best approach to take. Everyone has their own thoughts on a whole host of the rules from tacticals, to covering missing riders to my particular pet-hate, the points system. It's not a biggie...it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the sport but if given a side to take in a debate, I come down on the dislike side for this particular system. Perhaps the fact that I'm busy during most meetings means the suspense of the whole thing is perhaps lost on me and I see it in terms of win/lose/draw...I don't know. I just can't get excited that a losing team gets rewarded, simple as that. You've still lost the meeting so getting a point just seems to sugarcoat the failure. I know from what's on here that I'm in a minority with my stance, but I'm ok with that. Life would be dull if we all thought everything was wonderful all the time.
  14. rabbit

    2009 Agm News

    Yep, almost as daft as the speedway points system, although they've not grasped the draw as an away win concept yet. I'm amazed how one throw away comment I made seems to have spawned an entire debate on here. When I typed it, I wasn't even being entirely serious yet some people have created an entire argument around it and run with it. Speedway fans eh? And despite obviously being the in the minority on the points system, my resolve is firm, and I still think it's a daft, liberal (with a little 'l') system inspired by the school of thought that says everyone is a winner.
  15. rabbit

    2009 Agm News

    Sorry CM, but you are so far off the mark it's untrue. Just because I post a comment on here on one aspect of our sport doesn't mean I'm out denegrating it to the outside world. And I certainly don't knock it at any opportunity or discuss it with outsiders in a negative slant as you have suggested above. The 'away win for a draw/points for losing' has brought forth comments from a couple of non-fans with no prompting from me, interested neutrals watching on TV and asking me about it. That's what I was alluding to - not some mickey-taking exercise to do the sport down as you imply. I don't like the points system - others do, that's fair enough and it's a free country - but please don't attempt to portray me as something when you know nothing about me or how I conduct myself with those with whom I discuss speedway beyond the bounds of this forum. I thank you.

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