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  1. With Belle Vue depleted Kings Lynn struggling past a depleted Swindon last night and NKI in no sort of form, this must make Poole odds on to lift the play off title. Surely even the Kings of choking can’t mess this one up, can they ? Middlo punching the air says to me he thinks it’s all over.
  2. Yeah Trees they should have been doing both.. As for Rosco, I guess his little speech deflects from the fact of his choice of guests was poor and not the sort of line-up League Champions would look to put out in the semi final of a cup when going away to defend a Lead.
  3. If Lynn beat Swindon by more than 6 in 2nd leg....then job done..... No point in moaning...until you need to
  4. Lynn to clinch a final spot. What I would like to see is NKI showing some form at Saddlebow to take into the play-offs. 12 point home win
  5. In the Cup are there any Tact Subs permitted ? and who is in the other Semi ?
  6. Batch to show Buster how wrong he was to get rid. Swindon by 8
  7. semion

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Who moi ? As if. You have to be able to take it, to give it
  8. semion

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Forever and Lisa you mean ?
  9. I have to say I do fear for Poole in this match up. Can see Somerset taking them to the cleaners in front of a live TV audience. I can imagine Shovvy has his long list of worn out excuses at the ready. Zzzzzzzzz
  10. Win or lose in the semi final. We still ended up top. That’s a big result for a little club like Lynn. * Baggy have you heard the Daniel Farke rap on You Tube ?
  11. Think the question Poole fans should be asking is the team good enough this season, indivually ? If the answer is yes then where has it gone wrong in only finishing 4th. Could it be that all is not well in the Poole camp. Certainly a season of underachieving thus far.
  12. You may say that is the reason Cast, but he didn’t look that great in match 2 heat 7 when he was tailed off at the back. Think there are various reasons he doesn’t look his old self at Saddlebow, one of which maybe the track.
  13. What difference does it make how many were there ? As long as it stacks up for Buster over the course of the season that’s all that should concern you.
  14. Silly comments about a National League crowd. Ok it wasn’t massive but not bad for the quality of the meeting, cost, early start etc. I just hope that NKI can bring his A game to the party in the play-offs. Think Lynns chances revolve around what he does.
  15. Are you making your annual pilgrimage tonight Star Lady ?

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