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  1. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Maybe the problem isn’t with the bikes, engines or mechanics
  2. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    So your logic is as Lynn used one sub standard guest ( as in didn’t score anything like the man he replaced) then they should repeat the exercise in the next meeting. So if you had an electrician into to do a job in your house and he made a pigs ear of it you would get the self same sparky in to do another job for you ? What kind of numbnut would do that ? I won’t want anyone answering ‘ A Poole fan ‘ Forever you expect you will win, I’m sure you won’t.
  3. Poole fan was it ?
  4. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Why are Poole fans suggesting Harris is in for Proctor ? It’s Palm Toft that Harris is in for. For me if Harris is on song it’s a like for like deal if he isn’t then it’s a poor replacement. Facts are if Poole are good enough they will turn Lynn over, if they ain’t good enough they won’t.
  5. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    McDonald or one his farmyard Animals at 7 won’t have any affect on the score. Lynn to take this one by 10 plus. McD0nald. The same as P0rsing
  6. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    I think cheering Poole is somewhat over stating things Shovvy. The big plus this year will be Poole not accused of choking it. Still there is always next April to look forward to.
  7. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Shovy who would prefer to face in the Semi ? Which, if either, gives you the best chance of reaching the final ? The way it looks from the outside is that both Wolves and Swindon would take you to the cleaners over two legs
  8. semion

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Just guns for hire. There is always another gig to go to. Most riders don’t have a clue what the match score is but they know how many they have scored as an individual and how much they have earnt.
  9. semion

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Get Broc Nichol in, let’s have a look at what you might have won. You can’t beat a bit of bully
  10. semion

    Peterborough v Wolves 17.9.19

    The first 20 years are the worst Baggy Followed of course by a Hollywood production wedding at some point. Best start saving now and forget Speedway Then of course there’s the down payment on the house. Welcome to the Bank of Mum n Dad
  11. semion

    Peterborough v Wolves 17.9.19

    What Pantomime will it be this year ? Aladdin ? With Buster as Window Twanky
  12. semion

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Over a League season? Yep. Same as Lynn were better than Poole last season.
  13. semion

    Poole v Ipswich today

    What smooth you mean ?
  14. semion

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    That little Lisa she likes to cast a few bread crumbs onto the water
  15. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Orlav. In hindsight you may well be right. However we have deal in what did happen not what maybe should have happened. Bookies don’t let you bet on a horse after the race

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