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  1. Ruiz beating Joshua was the biggest shock this year. We don’t want a bigger one next week.
  2. Told you it’s not about dumping more recycling
  3. With Rambo Lambo released from Lynn and Bates out injured could it follow that Peterborough could have a new signing anytime soon.
  4. Buster has been busy sorting Lynn out for a play-off Push.
  5. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    DWP. As they say the proof of the pudding and all that. Fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky, though this time he is down at Reserve. So every chance this time
  6. The track at Kings Lynn, when at its best was all down to Huggy. Once he ‘decided to walk out’ ( that’s another story) Buster took it over and look at the outcome.
  7. semion

    Thank u Buster

    Love Chicken...... Hate Chicken Soup
  8. semion

    Thank u Buster

    With these choc line-ups people are coming up it almost feels like a time for Celebrations
  9. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Porsing at Reserve, no one can complain about that. How’s he been doing in other Countries ? Did he ever get the bike back that was stolen ?
  10. semion

    Thank u Buster

    Never understood what was the point of Revels
  11. semion

    Thank u Buster

    As a kid why did every Selection box I ever got always have a bloody bar of Fudge and a bar of Milky Way ?
  12. semion

    Thank u Buster

    On the Cadbury’s Flake advert ( 70’s). Why was it always a female who ate only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate tastes like chocolate never tasted before.
  13. semion

    Thank u Buster

    Why have a Bear on a Fox’s Mint, never understood that One.
  14. semion

    Thank u Buster

    How about a bar of ‘ Old Jamaica ?
  15. semion

    Thank u Buster

    Ok let’s see where the big votes go on a choc bar. Plain Choc Bounty does it for me. Closely followed by a Turkish Delight

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