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  1. semion

    Ipswich 2019

    Have Kevlars will travel. The Circus is back in Town
  2. So Buster says On the money he is getting at Boro is too expensive. Now he has Harris by the short and curlies. This is what is on the table for Harris, take it or leave it. This is Speedway nearest thing to price fixing. Harris has a choice to make. Take it or leave it. His call. Get the feeling Buster is using Harris as an example.
  3. To me it makes perfect sense. Weddings in New Zealand don’t come cheap.
  4. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    There a few I wouldn’t mind, if they were available. Sadly they ain’t so think we have to stick to reality
  5. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If NKI don’t return then who else is there for the No 5 jacket TJH Proctor, or Riss. It is not like there is a big queue of heat leaders out there knocking at Buster’s back door.
  6. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I take Buster is still in the Country and has emigrated ?
  7. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Now Now you will be accused of being overly positive
  8. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Have a feeling Tungate is going to be in the line-up
  9. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Has to be another Lynn rider who will up his average along with Lambert. NKI is another who will add points to his average as will Riss.
  10. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If you are working hand in hand with the promotion ( which you should be) then thought you might be in the know. So what’s ya 7 Trees?
  11. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Most ? Not this one
  12. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Why obvious Trees, have you got some inside info ?
  13. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Let’s get the team announced first before we worry about Poor sound quality
  14. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You are talking more recent times. As you well know that has not always been the case.
  15. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Trees. Was the track better under Huggins or Chapman ?

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