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  1. Was there even a ‘job’ for Ged and/or Watson. Once Busters boy Pratty was brought in, then it was a done deal.
  2. Buster only dances to one man’s tune..... His own
  3. I’m not disputing budgets. More if Buster deemed Harris over priced ( compared to say Tungate) then it suggests he would be over priced at another of his Promotions ( Ipswich). Buster is not one with a reputation of over paying for anyone/thing. So it might be suggested that either Harris revised his needs to get a team place or Ipswich couldn’t find a 7 point ( come the season end) on sensible money
  4. So if Harris was that expensive how come Buster then signs him for Ipswich ? Go figure
  5. semion

    Ipswich 2019

    That’s True Baggy who wants to hear about top of the League Norwich, or indeed Tractor boys fans looking forward to welcoming the likes of Accrington Stanley to Portman next season
  6. But only if you stay to long, apparently you’ll be pulling out ya hair, drowning in despair.
  7. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Some are unhappy with the team others seem prepared to suck it an see. I well remember when we had a top 3 of Lee Jessup ( World 1&2 at the time) and Hellsen ( 9 ish average). What did we win that year ? FAS that’s what. Then later a top 4 of Crump, Nicki P, PK and Klingberg (big money signing from BV). Again what did we win that year ? See above
  8. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Sounds like someone is putting up an argument for the sake of an argument. For me, Brat has reached his ‘peak’ (GP) and is going down the other side. Riss is on the climb. I know who I would have in my side.
  9. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Webbo. You would prefer Bratolar to the the potential of Riss. Surely you are having a giraffe ?
  10. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    For me the Lynn side looks ‘OK’. But there are things that we should consider factoring in. I can see improvement from Lambert ( a bit). Riss ( a lot) Palm Toft (some) THJ( last season early form). Anderson ( could be a point added there) Proctor, for me, he is where he is now. Kerr a very big one of these...? He will either add or I think he will be gone and replaced. The team will be no ones favourites ( as last season). However isn’t that a good feeling when ya team over achieves from where you set the bar? Only have to look down the Road (Carrot) and see what Daniel Farke in his trendy Parka has done. People are loving it.
  11. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Haza this paper, is it the slick stuff or the one that’s deep with plenty of grip and good clay content ?
  12. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Haza, weak compared to other seasons or weak compared to other teams make-up for this season ? As for losing Lambert, could the same argument not be for Doyle at Swindon, Harris at Ippo, Cook at Boro, Kurtz at Poole Fricke at BV ?
  13. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Riss at 5 for me. Heat 13 and all that. Want to see Tofty up at 2 ASAP. Lambert and him will be a good pairing there. Procter at 3 TJH at 4 I seem to recall a few months back there was mention of Richard Knight being involved again. Or did I just dream that ?
  14. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thank god for when the racing starts.
  15. I can think of one Baggy, but they sacked him

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