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  1. When you are bottom of the food change you take all the krap from above and say thank you. We have to accept where we are in the swing of things.
  2. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Does there come a point when one doesn’t give a flying ( fill in the missing word) anymore ?
  3. Good call Paddy then Worral and Confetti can go to Peterborough. With Barker and Bjerre going to Lynn.
  4. Buster spending a few quid getting Nicholls in. I wonder if Bjerre or Barker will end up at Saddlebow ?
  5. semion

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Be careful what you say about Lol Rogers. At Kings Lynn we had the ‘pleasure’ of him as our team Manager for a short period ( not short enough some might say). One particular Wednesday we turned up only to be confronted with a night full ( and I mean full) of tape exclusion’s and engine failure, all pre-arranged so as to lower the teams average so as to make a change to the line-up. Only to find out afterwards the aforementioned Mr Rogers had got his sums completely wrong and the changes couldn’t be made. Not long after this Mr Rogers departed the Club. So the loyal fans of Kings Lynn we’re taken for mugs that night paying their hard earned to witness a total joke of a Speedway meeting Watch out for Lol and his calculator.
  6. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Simon Lambert is the go to man. A man down ? Call for Rambo Lambo. Ffs
  7. Looks like there is a few after your favours. Unfair on Gavlar if you is tartin around with others on here. Were you and Art an item at one time?
  8. Lisa if it’s rubbish, as you state, why do you bother replying? It really does seem as though you have a hidden agenda.
  9. Just seems you do tend to court Gavlar’s attention a lot of the time. Maybe it’s just me and nobody else has noticed. If I’m wrong I sincerely apologise.
  10. Lisa, have you got a thing for Gavlar ? Cos you don’t half spend a lot of time replying to him. Just saying like
  11. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    The trouble is when Kerr drops to Reserve is he doing to re-produce what Toft was scoring from that position?. Plus what will Toft score from 2. ( or 4). ? Big point in the season.
  12. semion

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Well without 12 good men and true we will never have a ‘guilty’ verdict. However you would think the two Masons would be out there knocking back these rumours. What can you hear ? ....., Quack Quack ?
  13. semion

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    If it looks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, and quacks like a duck. Then it probably is a duck
  14. Seems like a lot of Poole fans are not on the Shovvy Tour Bus. Ding Ding
  15. Expectation level at Lynn is zero. Poole fans should maybe get ready to join us

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