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  1. semion

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Joe Davis....... Snooker
  2. Has it been announced that Brady and Allitt are the new promoters and Buster isnt involved for next season ?
  3. I’m only going by what the man said. At the moment he is calling it a day after next week. Unless you know something different. You may want to 2nd guess what he does or doesn’t mean. I’m just taking it at face value
  4. With Buster saying next week will be his last meeting at Kings Lynn does this mean he is pulling the plug without completing the season ? Surely that will be a fine coming his way. Still that’s what the man said. He is a man of his word I’m sure.
  5. Maybe it’s time Buster walked away. This sort of thing can’t be good his health. Let’s not forget the Heart scare he had at Edinburgh where he was rushed to hospital. Anyway I thought Buster had handed over the reins to the likes of Allitt to run the shows at P’Boro and Saddlebow? So much for him taking a backseat. As if. The last time Buster handed over the promoting rights at Lynn it didn’t end very well, with Waggy having to walk away.
  6. semion

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Two changes. Barker and Anderson in Heeps and Wells gone. Will that offer that much improvement ?
  7. semion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Never mind the riders think of the queue there will be to get Mainman Rogers onboard.
  8. semion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    How many times can a promoter use the ‘use it or lose it’ plea in a season.? If it’s not sustainable and a promoter is not prepared to fund it out of his own pocket then it leaves only one course of action. Would it work if it was fan owned ( either full or part) ?
  9. semion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    So if Grant breaks even on Sunday’s double header then what ? Surely all it’s doing is ‘kicking the can down the road’?
  10. semion

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    That’s the ‘Bounce’ over with. Sack the Manager.
  11. semion

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Tell, with you suggesting Buster let’s you in for nothing are you really sure you should be leaving that hospital ?
  12. semion

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Which of the 3 meetings is live on EuroSports tonight ?
  13. Is this showing live on EuroSport ?
  14. Hopefully Lynn fans didn’t give Etheridge the finger, you know the spare one.
  15. Slow burn for Lynn now. Sneak into 4th place then win the play offs.

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