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  1. Chris-P

    Leicester Lions 2016

    Hi Guys, I don't usually keep tabs on the forum these days, but it has been suggested that I have a read, as my name has sprung up a couple of times recently within the Leicester thread. After catching up on the posts, I am a little disheartened in the way that some opinions have been expressed. I think the most disappointing thing is the way in which these comments are written on a public forum in a clubs thread, and that it has distracted away from the team talk etc and potentially bringing negativity towards the club and the promotion, which is a big shame. However it is important that I must clarify one or two opinions which have been presented here as fact. I do not know who has posted the following comments, but I can say that they are simply not true. I have spoken to him and tried to help him and give him some tips on how to make his presentation better but his response was, "I have been a dj for over 20 years and don't need advice from you, if you don't like it don't come" I can truthfully and categorically say that this is totally false, I have never said, and never will, or even think: "I have been a DJ for over 20 years, I don't need advice from you, if you don't like it don't come ". I have spoken to, asked and been given much advice from many people over the years regarding presenting ideas etc. (I did in fact even post my personal email address on here or any help/advice/constructive criticism) Like anything in life, you can’t apply everyone’s suggestions, for instance ask any team manager what would happen if they did everything everyone tells them to do. I try to listen to everyone, take in everything that is suggested, digest it, apply what I think is right for my presenting style, and discount what I don’t believe is right for me. Ok, sometimes I get it wrong, but I do listen and take in thoughts and opinions and I am constantly working on improving in everything I do in life. I’m the first to put my hand up and say, 'you know what, I’m not perfect, I do make mistakes, but I try, and try harder to get better'. I know my presenting style or even my personality will not appeal to everyone, but I will do my best always. I am thrilled that I am back at Leicester on the centre green this year, and also at the Isle Of Wight as well. As I am doing all I can to help the sport that I love, and being amongst other likeminded people as part of a team. It’s a real shame, forums are such a great voice for the fans to get involved, but in my opinion, the way in which these opinions are put across have largely contributed towards promoters, riders and officials moving away from the forum, leaving the fans with a voice, but no one listening. Chris P.
  2. Bare in mind Jim that if a temporary track can be put down in a week for a GP, albeit sometimes dodgy quality, Im pretty sure that a permanent track can be put down in 3 and a half months. It may just be a case of the specatator facilities being somewhat temporary, maybe even hiring in granstand seating, portaloos, portacabins etc etc.... And then work in progress as the season is under way, dont forget the track will only need to be ready once a week for racing,..... a lot of work can be done during that week to improve facilities in a "work in progress" scenario ...... Keep the faith my friends, stranger things have heppened !
  3. Bare in mind Gem that the work on site was only exploratory diging, small diggers testing the soil at strategic points. im sure PROPPER machines will do the real workl
  4. For those of you on facebook who may be interested, we have an official Leicester Lions page with up to date info and pics of the new site, and all Lions supporters related info too. Feel free to add yourselves as friends Leicester Lions Leicester-Lions@hotmail.co.uk Chris Popple Social & Fundraising Officer, LSSC.
  5. Chris-P

    Speedway Videos Site

    My son loved watching it, he wants to be a rider. I have my own Jawa 500, 1984. i want to buy a junior bike for my son, or one like the ones in the video, what are they ? Im also involved in Leicester speedway wich has just been granted a licence to retun after 27 years. see www.leicester-speedway.co.uk. Chris-P
  6. Chris-P

    How Can I Have Ago?

    Kings Lynn also run a "powerslide" training day, with all gear & machine supplied... full day including lunch. http://www.norfolkarena.co.uk/#/experience-days/4532944077 details here
  7. Chris-P

    Speedway Videos Site

    Good site, the clip of the kids is wicked, how old do you reccon they are? my son is 4 and really wants to ride.
  8. Chris-P

    Rob Woffinden

    As some one who lost my Dad to the same illness, i would like to express my deepest best wishes to Tai, His Father and the Woffinden family. In announcing this for the sake of Tai, his Dad has done a very brave and personal thing. I would like to say that speaking from experience, openness and early acceptance does help all concerned cope a little better. God bless you all. Chris Popple & family.
  9. Chris-P

    Leicester Speedway

    All you need to know is in these links LEICESTER MERCURY: http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/spor...il/article.html RADIO LEICESTER: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicest...ire/8185484.stm BSPA's WEBSITE: http://www.british-speedway.co.uk/news.php?extend.4481
  10. In addition to Lions Den's info, and thank yous for all your good wishes and congratulations, i would also like to thank you all, and all our Supporters club members for their support, deddication and faith. I thought the links below might be of some use for further reference. LEICESTER MERCURY: http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/spor...il/article.html RADIO LEICESTER: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicest...ire/8185484.stm BSPA's WEBSITE: http://www.british-speedway.co.uk/news.php?extend.4481
  11. Chris-P

    Speedway On Central News East.

    Ok i wont mention Central to Brummies fans anymore ! .... Whilst i have got a Brummies fans attention,........ Im currently trying to arrange a return darts match between Leicester Speedway supporters club and the Brummies Speedway supporters club,...... do you know if any of your members have been asked if they want to take part?....what are your thoughts ? Chris-P
  12. Please excuse me if this has already been the subject of a thread, or included in a thread, ...ive looked and cant see anything. To my surprise earlier this evening (friday 20th), i saw my local tv news program Central News East, broadcasting live from the pits at Coventry prior to their local derby return match with Wolves tonight. They did the general sports coverage live from there with Chris Harris's bikes being warmed up in the background, then interviewd Chris about the impending return match. I was well pleased and see this as a good sign that Central TV are taking notice, or even acknowledging speedway at all... I hope this is the start of more coverage for the sport. I'm based just outside Leicester and follow Cov,.... (at least till the Lions return,.... but thats another story for another day)..... and on Central news east we see coverage on sports ranging from football, to ice hockey, to womens netball, cricket, rubgy etc etc..... and i always wonder why they dont acknowledge speedway, maybe if they did give it more coverage and exposure it would gain a few new followers.... So I for one am hoping tonights coverage from Cov is a sign of things to come....... for the good of the sport in general. I'm sure it would be available to view again on ITV player for those that want to see it. Good luck to all fans of all teams in all leagues for the new season........ Bring It On !!!........ Lets Ave It !!
  13. I bet ill be seing you before that sometime at Coventry Gem,....... or what about one of the Leics Speedway Supporters clubs socials? ........ got a few planned, details comming soon Chris-P
  14. My Wife and I along with our 3 year old Son thouroughly enjoyed the show, it was nice to meet some old faces once again, especially those who we met at our Speedway themed bar in Benidorm. Our son Chad amazed the folks on the stand selling the SGP dvd's as he recognised all of the riders in turn and said their names,,.... this was his favourite stand and he kept returning there to watch the plasma screen!. I did mean to say hi to Gemini, but each time we were in the same vicinity she was beseiged by people fussing the dogs, so Hello Gem, apologies for not getting to say hi again in person. I enjoyed the Q&A and agree that Rob Lyons came across very well, and always enjoy hearin Tony Steel speak. I spent more than i intended to with wolfsport shirt & a race jacket & a model spedway bike for our son....even the breadknife got a new Scott Nicholls hoody !!..........i was pleased though,I got a new sparkplug for my bike and advice on how to clean the points in the magneto.I would like to thank the old chap on one of the stals who was selling engines , who gave me lots of advice about my Jawa 897 motor. Proof again the the speedway commuity is only too happy to help one another out. A thoroughly ejoyable sunday afernoon out and a nice preliminary to the season..... Bring on the Methanol !!!............................. Chris-P
  15. One or Two more details about the Leicester Speedway Supporters Club christmas bash. FRIDAY 12th DECEMBER 8pm tilll Late. ALL ARE WELCOME !! Members and non members £10. Under 16 & OAP £5. Under 11 free Pay on the door. Price includes: Disco playing music from 50's to present day. Buffet. Quiz. (including sections on general knowledge,music, & speedway) Update on the Leicester speedway & Beaumont sport complex campaign. Raffle (prizes to include speedway memorabilia) Invited special guests including Ray Wilson and Jonathan Chapman The Venue is in Leicester City centre, it is easily accessible by road, rail & bus. An NCP Carpark is situated on the same street with the entrance immediately opposite the function venue, situated on top of the NCP carpark is the Days Inn Central hotel for those wishing to stay over. The venue is also groundfloor and has wheelchair friendly access. For more information or to reserve tickets use the link to the Leicester Speedway website link in the first message of this thread. ALL ARE WELCOME,....... COME AND HAVE A METHANOL FUELED XMASH BASH TO REMEMBER WITH THE LEICESTER SPEEDWAY SUPPORTERS CLUB !!

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