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    Should we scrap Team Speedway?

    Well after a rocky gate and go start at Chapman's EoES circuit where a fast time seemed to be the indicator of quality, things have settled down and the last three meetings have produced some of the best racing you'll see anywhere. The only bit that affects us is not enough racing but that's pretty standard for us over the last 15 years. Individuals outside of the GP don't interest me and without significant finance to focus rider's minds (which speedway doesn't have and would only use unwisely if it did) then a cheapo GP inspired format would be doomed to failure IMO.
  2. No idea, but just send out the two riders that you want and make sure at tapes that the ref spots the change, then it's up to him to to find out why he wasn't informed.
  3. Added to that, I'd seen 15 heats, stood in the emptied stand for the victory parade, walked to the car and driven home 10 miles to the other side of Peterborough and was out walking the dog at 9.30pm. You can certainly compare that to Monday
  4. No you're probably right. I was just trying to make sense of it quickly, late at night using Panthers website - fatal mistake to make the reply accurate. I just turn up these days at the EoES and don't pay as much attention as I once used to. The point stands though that there are not many fixtures left in 2019 and this is far from the worst meeting to be seen so unless finances or other factors are a huge problem then make the most of it would be my advice to any waverers.
  5. I'd make the most of it. It might only be June but we've only 4 programmed league fixtures left after this, with one also to re-arrange, and the humongous gap of Jul 15 to Sept 2 without any speedway and who knows what happens after that.
  6. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Andersen says that he's having a skid on Tuesday so whether he'll risk it again (no good if he has to pull out again)? Hans Andersen@Hansi_Andersen (17/6/19) Injury update the arm & shoulder has regained full movement and is hardly causing any pain doing daily use still lacking a bit of strength in some positions BUT will have a skid tomorrow to test my fitness
  7. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Broken collar bone is potentially much less troublesome and easier to fix than a broken shoulder so Andersen was never really realistic. He's not in his 20s when things mend quicker. As for Wilson-Dean, let's hope it's not the shoulder messed about in September when he apparently had a shoulder operation, involving the removal of a plate and nine screws. A simple collar bone break is possible to come back quickly from although not the best idea but they need to earn.
  8. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    The Jokes section is further down the board and that's a good one I might add
  9. Don't burst his bubble Neil, he worked bloody hard to come up with that pointless example
  10. Locally we're in famine mode Rodders when you try to remember what you're interested in, when you last watched it and when you're likely to see it again.
  11. I agree. The point you're missing is that sometimes it's better just to read, chuckle and move on
  12. If you choose to post and/or quote then expect a response, it's not rocket science.
  13. Thought I said it before a wheel was turned.: no hindsight in sight. I was also right about the last bit going by your previous post:
  14. 1. Hans Andersen R/R (BWD 0) (AS 1') (CW 0) (SN 2) You were saying!
  15. 4 pages, how many posts are there and how many are not speedway related?
  16. Polls close at 10pm though getting washed, dressed and outside so early in the day might be a bit of an issue for the Corbynistas. Tbh you'd be better mobilising for the next GE because Jezza's shambles of a party are scheduled to get less seats than a rudderless Tory party currently in self destruct mode. Sorry speedway fans: "a little bit of politics" as Ben Elton would say. This would have been interesting but the loss of Andersen for Panthers without suitable replacement has killed it but should enable Chapman's Witches fans to travel home happy.
  17. Brexit Party 1/6 - Labour 5/1: I think that Foxhole will be more fun
  18. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He can certainly come back unfit and do more damage in 2 weeks that's for sure. Noodles has the medical figure but speedway riders are an unusual breed so a bit of strapping and couple of paracetomol should do it.
  19. I'll open it up again just in case something crops up. That'll keep our select merry band of men, and couple of ladies happy. Also can't miss Hodgy's Saturday pound
  20. Who ran your course, David Brent ("Never do today that which will become someone else's responsibility tomorrow")
  21. And another thing while you're on Did you read this: "one of the better sound systems in British speedway" Before we got the improved sound system and I used to moan about those speakers at the back and the crap sound levels, you weren't having any of it and always said that it was my ears
  22. It was left too long before anything was done. It didn't need lots of tractor racing but some of that outside line should have been brought back in earlier so basically I'd agree with that. The rain shower didn't help but neither did watering shiny concrete. It's a fine line though and it worked Thursday so why change was the reasoning I guess.
  23. A turnstile needs staff though so it's easy to see the solution but doesn't seem to be so easy to provide the answer given that volunteers are in short supply, as the taped off stand sections indicate. Fair point about the stand seats, been like that for a good few seasons now. They were actually quite clean yesterday considering that we'd had a Thursday meeting. If you attend at other times then bring your Mr Sheen and a rag. I guess that the EoES kept it clean generally in days gone by but only bother now for the very few major events that they have on now. It's no doubt another responsibility delegated to the user, i.e us, that's low priority, if any priority at all? Music's always subjective isn't it. As long as it's not something with thumping base or pertaining to rap then I'm not too fussed. I never heard any of those tunes yesterday which is unusual, I must have been enjoying myself
  24. Out of interest, as that's the first time that I can recall seeing you there this year, how many of the 8 Panthers home fixtures have you been to in 2019? That's in no way a dig at you or your excellent post, but our 6 fingered colleague has his cattle prod out and used your post to justify his Buster love in
  25. Yup I'm for real and thanks for proving my point: "If you can't read and understand then there isn't much point in anyone posting is there."

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