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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Can only echo previous posts about young Dan's performance, brilliant, watching that heat 15 live, breathtaking stuff. Was a match full of exciting moments. Tungate looked much better tonight, his pipping of KK on the line in 14 was quality. Wright missing the 4th bend fence by inches while leading heat 12 was hairy! Etheridge passing Bomber in 11, then being shepherded by Fricke. Bomber flying past Tungate & Wright in 5. KK was quick tonight, deprived of an even better score when his bike packed up on the line before heat 12. One of the better 59-31 matches I've watched for sure.
  2. Think that the year Joe Lawlor spent at Cradley has helped him massively. Improved there, looks to be kicking on again based on early season form. The Bickley/Lawlor pairing has real potential, could prove to be a real handful, home & away.
  3. Sad about the Aces defeat tonight. However seeing that Lambert went through the card, combined with Dan shining again, I'm daring to dream that the future of Team GB is looking distinctly rosey. Any Lynn or Aces fans there tonight think the same?
  4. Didn't see this result coming, congrats Robins. Saw a comment earlier against Szczepaniak. I watched him at BV Monday night & thought he rode well, done well again tonight in an ultimately lost cause, good signing imo.
  5. Don't always agree with SS's posts/wind ups, however I think his meeting review was pretty fair. Based on last night, Poole are still title favourites for me, potential race winners throughout their line up. If the Aces can get Tungate firing & Stevie W back fit ASAP then I think we'll join them in the playoffs come September time.
  6. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Really sad news, an absolute colossus of our great sport. RIP
  7. To echo Phil, they probably will be watering the track tomorrow. I don't live too far from the NSS either, had some rain for around an hour or so early evening. Mild, dry night at the moment, forecast for Monday is good, track will be mint tomorrow night Starman, fear not.
  8. I think Rohan Tungate holds the key to this match, or his bikes do anyway. A double figure score from him to back up the top 2 & the Aces win. Really looking forward to the battles between Fricke & Kurtz. Anyone who has watched them in action in Poland over the weekend will know they are in terrific form. Weather looks good, track should be in great nick, a classic awaits...
  9. Proof above, that in amongst all the angst & disagreement, rival fans can agree from time to time! Enjoyed the Aces handing the Pirates a few defeats over the last couple of years, after years of us being mostly on the receiving end. Could well be a different story this year however, especially when Chris Holder returns to the Poole side. Poole are favourites for the title & rightly so imo. Should be some great racing for fans of both sides to enjoy in our clashes along the way, if only this damn rain would go away!
  10. Can't see us getting much out of this match, despite the fact that the Aces have given Poole plenty to think about over the last 3 years. Pirates looking a really solid side this season. Losing Steve Worrall is an absolute hammer blow as I've commented on other thread. He has looked rapid in our meetings to date. Rides Wimborne Road well, quality on the road for Belle Vue full stop. On the plus side, Dan Bewley will get more track time at a place he has yet to shine on, all part of his development. Prediction: Cookie not in full flow yet & Poole not Fricke's favourite track : 53-37 Pirates.
  11. Thanks R&R, was struggling to find anything too!
  12. Really like the look of this Leszno side, well balanced, bags of experience with excellent reserves - oh & Piotr Pawlicki to return too. Gonna take some stopping in 2018.
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    Absolutely gutted. He's started the season in great form. On that average he's irreplaceable home & away. Oh & he's a great ambassador for our club & British speedway as a whole. Get well soon Stevie, hopefully back in Aces (& Scunny) colours as soon as possible.
  14. NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1. Danny Ayres 8.38 2. Jordan Jenkins 7.19 3. David Wallinger 5.64 4. Anders Rowe 5.07 5. Joe Lawlor 4.91 6. Henry Atkins 4.69 7. Leon Flint 3.00
  15. Colts v Bees - 30/3/18

    Enjoyed watching a couple of the Colts "lesser lights" today, Ben Woodhull & Joe Lawlor. Ben's limited opportunities in BV colours last season triggered many a debate about who was the better of the twins. Great to see him back on board, imo the kid has plenty of ticker & not afraid to get stuck in. Sure to improve with a run in the side. Good to see Joe Lawlor back, got steadily better as the match went on. Look forward to watching him develop this season. For the Bees, Danny Phillips was excellent early doors, good style & lines. Jamie Halder impressed too. Happy to have the Bees back in town, it's a crying shame & a disgrace what's happened, hope to see Cov back in the top league taking on the Aces ASAP.