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  1. Would happily take a 46-44 against a Rebels side who've given the Aces plenty of problems over the last two seasons at the NSS. Dróżdż & Etheridge really shone last Monday against the Robins, need them to again. Will be tough for them to repeat though, as Allen & Covatti carry a far greater threat imo than, with all due respect, Wajtknecht & Smith did last week at 6 & 7. Doyle & Holder were outstanding here in the A fixture which was a thriller culminating in a nerve shredding last heat decider which the Aces shaded (just!). Expecting similar again, can't wait!
  2. Agreed, certainly on the evidence of the early stages of this meeting, really enjoying it!
  3. Piotr Pawlicki 7 - 9 60 more Lambert 7 - 9 60 more Hampel 11 - 13 80 less
  4. mikec

    Rye House 2018

    I commented on here a couple of months ago that the fixed race nights were harming my club, only to receive a snide tweet about my observations on the matter. No one is laughing now. If the news is true, hope Rye come back in 2019.
  5. Had a wander through the grandstand before heat 12, looked pretty busy to me. Plenty staying in the Peter Craven Suite to take advantage of the air-con! Back straight stand looked ok too, not Bank Holiday Monday crowd level, but not terrible by any means.
  6. Fair comment from Rob I would say. And what a heat 14 by the way! You will go a long way to watch a better speedway race than that anywhere.
  7. Lambert 50 more Lindback 30 more Huckenbeck 20 more
  8. mikec

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    Think Shanes is a great signing. Flint helluva prospect, Colts have nothing at reserve. Hope I'm wrong, but going 55-35 Brummies. Really looking forward to the return here in Manchester in Friday though - after the brilliant British Final I need my NSS racing fix!
  9. mikec

    Torun 2018

    No issues with website, 114zl inc programme, usual spot, top tier 3rd bend yellow zone (away fans sector for Polish league matches). Flights from Manchester & hotels sorted too, can't wait!
  10. Couldn't agree more Phil, choice of race night poor too, should have been the Saturday night. Not keen on the format either. All that said, the prospect of watching the GB, Aus, Sweden teams & in my opinion dark horse French pair do battle on our track in what should be ideal conditions was too good to resist. Certainly should be better than the first semi final anyway!
  11. Can only think King was carrying an injury?? He was dreadful, usually much better than that round BV.
  12. Riss extremely impressive today, 4 rides 4 wins. A contract offer to him in the offing I wonder......???
  13. Really looking forward to this one. Weather forecast looking good, even a bit of overnight rain to help the track. Great to see Kenny Bjerre grace the NSS again, would have him back in Aces colours in a heartbeat, top drawer. King & Andersen good round our place too, think we'll boss at reserve though. Prediction: Aces 50 Lions 40.
  14. No massive expectations for tomorrow night from an Aces point of view unfortunately. Could do with Tungate carrying his speed from Monday into this one, great to watch, especially heat 15 v Iversen and Lambert. Not expecting much from reserve, don't remember Bewley scoring too big here either. Sorry to be a tad negative, prediction 52-38 Rebels. Will be delighted to be proved wrong though.
  15. Phil's right, brilliant race.

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