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  1. mikec

    Torun 2018

    Great shout R&R. Bar Szwejk is another one in the Rynek (close to the donkey statue). In between those two there's Bar Kuranty, if you like speedway celeb spotting then you'll see a few in there. Decent pint of Guinness in there too, as well as the lovely Polish lager.
  2. Congratulations to the Rebels, all 7 of them chipping in with valuable contributions to see them home. Great to see Cookie showing real speed, looked relaxed & smooth on the bike pulling off some great passing moves. That heat 13 was simply brilliant, well worth a look! Heat 15 wasn't too shabby either. Thoughts now turn to this coming Monday.....
  3. mikec

    Torun 2018

    Great to hear it's gonna be a full house, in that case it may be a good idea for folk not to leave getting in the stadium til the last minute. I did just that in 2016 (having lost track of time in the huge beer tent) & it was a bit chaotic at the turnstiles to say the least! A mate of mine tried the expensive VIP type tickets last year, & he was a bit underwhelmed by them to be honest. I got my ticket a while back, "sektor gosci", end of the back straight, under 20 quid, great view of the racing there too, would definitely recommend.
  4. mikec

    Torun 2018

    If you're still to secure a room for the Saturday night in Torun, keep an eye on your favourite hotel booking website site for the odd room becoming available last minute (presumably due to late cancellations). I've been playing a waiting game across the summer, finally secured a room that's a 2 minute walk from the old square - & not at a crazy price either that other establishments are asking for! Just 3 weeks to go, can't wait, see you's out there!
  5. Sayfutdinov 500 more Pawlicki 400 more Lambert 300 more Lebedevs 350 less Kudryashov 350 less
  6. mikec

    Where is SCB

    Blimey! Must admit I'd wondered what had happened to him posting on the forum. I hadn't seen that thread before. Thanks for posting link R&R.
  7. To echo other Aces fans, the fixed nights have hit us hard crowd wise. Not only overall numbers, but to me the number of kids seems lower than last year when we ran on Fridays. We have to go back to Friday nights, better for grown ups at the end of the working week, & kids too where the parents don't have to worry about them getting up for school the next morning. Back to tonight, an absolute privilege to watch that match in the flesh, full-on commitment from both sides, thrilling! Look forward to watching it back on TV tomorrow. Hope Doyle's OK too, looked an awkward off from where I was.
  8. mikec

    Colts vs Kings

    Excellent performance from the Colts, Wilson a more than worthy stand in for Bickley. Tom Perry was great to watch, revelling on the "Max Fricke" line, inches from the air fence. Good to see Smithy back to form too. The pie-man Bowen again performed well, his interviews were fun, the guy's daft as a brush, clearly well liked by fans, team and management alike. No lack of effort from the Kent lads, Stoneman in particular was probably trying too hard, which almost resulted in him catching Perry's back wheel in one race. Just a word on heat 13, brilliant race, Smith & Perry v Morley & Clegg served up a treat in that one!
  9. mikec

    Colts vs Kings

    Glorious afternoon, looking forward to some close racing tonight & a close scoreline too. Decent guest choices from both sides, going for a narrow Colts win 47-43.
  10. Please accept my apology for my post being too Belle Vue--centric for you. Of course I feel for Worky too & their fans who are affected by last night's events, a club we enjoy a good relationship with. Surprised I need to explain myself, but just for you Iain I have.
  11. Tonight a reminder that the playoffs & trophies, though very nice, aren't the be all & end all of speedway that some would have you believe. Watched Bewley from the start in 2016, unassuming kid with phenomenal talent. Starts 2018 at reserve & beating heatleaders home & away, mostly from the back too. He's the heartbeat of our club imo, get well soon Dan.
  12. Don't be deceived by the wide margin in the score, it was another cracking night's racing at BV. For the Lions, thought Andersen rode well as usual & Auty again showed his liking of the NSS track. Was impressed by Connor Mountain, seen him a few times at BV in NL racing, he was on the pace tonight & he's showing real improvement, great to see from a GB angle. I'm still wondering how Cookie managed to stay on the bike in heat 10, wow that was a "heart in mouth" moment! Fricke & Berge both chasing the wide outside line simultaneously in heat 11 was a bit hairy as well. Nicholls must still be scratching his head wondering how Fricke pipped him on the line in heat 13 after riding a decent race. Andersen rode a really smart line in heat 12 to see off the persistent hard-charging Bewley, only for young Dan to produce a heat 15 stunner to set up & execute the pass on Andersen & gain revenge. Berge looked good & great to see Steve Worrall looking much more like his old self.
  13. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, here's heat 11 for those who haven't seen it yet...... Hopefully more of the same tonight! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJvYqffSYDk
  14. Lambert 380 more.
  15. R&R's tip about watching the SEC in the sports bar on the Saturday is a good one, was there in October. It's a 2 minute walk off the main square, loads of big screens, ice cold large Tyskie's just 6 zloty a pop! Have a great trip!

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