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  1. Only the top four go through......where the other four come from, who knows!
  2. andout

    Classic Speedway Issue 41

    When is Issue 41 going to made available on the retro speedway website so that I can buy a copy?
  3. Too bad DeWayne Keeter just misses out (1969).....
  4. andout

    Rule Changes for 2018

    Thought they had done something right for a change then immediately change their minds and throw it down the toilet!!!
  5. andout

    Wimbledon stadium

    Good-Bye Wimbledon....Thanks for the memories!
  6. Interesting......I have that as "Champion of Champions".
  7. 1988-6-19 Ermolenko 1989-7-09 Ermolenko 1990-4-29 J. Pedersen 1991-4-28 G. Doyle At least that is what I have....
  8. andout

    Dagenham Speedway

    Might be wrong but I think the only time the West Ham Hawks rode at another track (Home meetings) was 1936 and that was at Southampton.
  9. andout

    Swindon Stadium

    Try here and pick the document you want to look at..Seems everything you wanted to know is here..... http://pa1.swindon.gov.uk/publicaccess/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=P23E0APTKAM00
  10. andout

    Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Trust me Bob....its contagious!!!!!!
  11. andout

    Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Yes, I think Arthur Payne is still with us.....Not sure about his birth date though, what I can find is, he was born 28.8.23 making him 94 now!
  12. andout

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    Brown met Clarke on a couple of occasions in 1967.....Clarke was beaten both times.
  13. andout

    Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Check out page 17 of Years gone by Bob......it was only last year this was discussed....but an update would be good!
  14. andout

    1950 3rd Division Riders Championship

    Speedway Researcher website is one of the great history sites for Speedway results....obviously very incomplete as they don't seem to post until they have a complete year. But there is a wealth of information out there....for me when I want to know the result of a particular meeting, its the first stop!
  15. andout

    1950 3rd Division Riders Championship

    There was a 3rd Division Riders champs Final at Walthamstow on 23rd October but not sure if this is related to what you want. Results are available here... http://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/walthamstow1950.pdf
  16. andout

    West Ham How Good Was The Track.?

    My favourite place to watch Speedway (well, other than New Cross).....some great meeting there. Used to sit on the wall between the dog track and Speedway track near the start line. I watched pretty well all the meeting there from 1964 to 1972......Really "Happy Days".
  17. andout

    Holland Golden Helmet Series

    Yes, I was there at BOTH meetings the Hammers had in Tilburg and Amsterdam.....talking to the riders before the meeting, what happened later was a huge shock for me.....
  18. andout

    Holland Golden Helmet Series

    Complete listing here: http://www.speedwaychampions.com/ghs-aust---yugo.php
  19. andout

    Top Five Canadian Riders

    Well there you go, everything you wanted to know about Len Dillon but was afraid to ask!!! LOL wait a minute....you didn't.....LOL
  20. andout

    Top Five Canadian Riders

    Actually you are probably right, if I remember rightly Kyle broke his hand or something in it in his very first ride and rode the other four in pain, could have been different if that had not have happened.....doubt very much he would have made it to the GP series but he would have done much better if that had not happened. The one rider that would have done well on the International scene would have been Len Dillon, doubt you have heard of him, however he swapped flat track for Speedway at the age of 35 (I think) then went on to win 8 National Speedway titles, he was a natural. Len's qualification to the World Championships was always through the American rounds....BUT in those days of the Ford and Dillon it wasn't the regular 16 rider championship that we all know....both riders were usually paired against the very best of the Californians meeting the SAME riders a few times..... Even in the US Open in Owego, New York, Gary Ford had to beat the best Owego riders and Californians in the qualifying....and usually did beat them but its another story in the Final for Gary, which I won't go into here.
  21. andout

    Canadians Who Raced In Uk

    gustix....not quite sure why you have Rob Fisher as "Generally regarded as anglo-Canadian".....True he has English parents but was BORN in Canada, has a Canadian Passport and is a Canadian in every sense. Same for Gary Ford, born in Canada to English parents but a Canadian in every sense. Could be the same, though I don't know, for Sean (Change name to Shawn) Venables.
  22. andout

    World Champions I Have Seen

    Ditto for me too norbold.....I did meet Jack Milne at Costa Mesa many years ago and of course Tommy Price was the boss at West Ham.
  23. andout

    Canadians Who Raced In Uk

    Rob Fisher (Bob's Canadian born son) had a couple of outings with Coventry.....not sure of the years 80's or 90's.
  24. Sorry gustix, didn't mean it to sound like I wrote it......
  25. since I am in Canada, think I'm well aware of our site! Thanks

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