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  1. Lambert £60 more please
  2. Anyone know why we running RR for Lasse when there is already doubts over Kyle ? We will be having a 8pt plus rider being replaced by a 5.51 and 5.20 rider on a track where there reserve averages 5.50.. I can only see a massive loss im afraid. With regards fixtures totally agree about the horrific stop start, last season i saw over 25 speedway meetings, This year will struggle to make 10.
  3. Spread for round 4 the Swedish GP Hallstavik Saturday July 7th start time 6pm UK time Jonsson 5 - 7 - £30 More Pawlicki 4 - 6 £20 More
  4. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    No didn't go, like I pointed out they tried to compete with England on a world cup night...
  5. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    6 in total.. 3 in the main holiday season so I only see 3 for rest of the season... this riding fortnightly and arranging meetings on a England world cup night I will have managed only 7 meetings all season .. I also went to Scunthorpe last night and that was poor, cold, dusty and no passing so probably won't return there in July either... after last year I was so optimistic we would kick on but hey ho.
  6. As im poor im all in Psycho3a £20 Hancock 7 - 9 - More
  7. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    Far from impressed TBF, Broc Nicol looking at updates sites has only scored points in the UK when in NL challenge level meetings, never scored points in World U21 meetings or similar levels... Too much of a gamble in main body of the team untried and untested at this level, We needed to strengthen and this i see as a totally backwards step. Happy to be proven wrong or if someone has better knowledge happy to be told. With regards Georgie Wood happy to see him back as i thought he was very unlucky not to make the starting 7 at the start of the season but really feel sorry for Jack Smith who has put half a point on his average. The whole shambolic situation for me comes down to poor team management as they should have replaced Josh properly when he was 1st injured.
  8. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    meeting preview is out and no changes to team lineup
  9. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    Im not sure how Sheffield can strengthen as we are currently over the 42.50 average limit unless there is something in place that we can drop Jan and replace Josh upto his average which would mean we can replace Jan with a rider upto 6.54... Im confused though how this could happen as Jan has ridden for more than the 28 day temporary replacement period.
  10. psycho3a

    Poole 2018

    If Holder couldnt ride for Australia in the Speedway of Nations why would he be allowed to ride in Cardiff ?
  11. psycho3a

    Lack of fixtures

    I was more intimidating at the home fixture as Newcastle, Redcar and Berwick have not got riders who go well at owlerton hence the one sided meetings...
  12. psycho3a

    Lack of fixtures

    Not just the lack of fixtures but also for me a few teams that will not be competitive.. I make a 80 mile round trip to Sheffield and I'm not making the effort to watch redcar and Berwick, already avoided Newcastle and redcar already.. I also miss 3 meetings in August due to holidays so pretty fed up this year already as I've been to 3 league meetings and steadys testimonial..
  13. psycho3a

    Sheffield v Redcar 31/5/18

    What a shambles of a meeting and i can only feel sorry for the poor folks with season tickets who have paid for this, I certainly wont be wasting my time and money. one 7.95 average rider and a 5.95 then the other 4 riders averaging 4 or below. Surely in the interest of the paying public and speedway in general this meeting should be called off and rearranged when redcar will be more competitive. Yes i like winning but not at all costs as anyone who goes tonight will probably never return.
  14. My understanding was it was a 28 day facility but looking at the new averages with everyone increasing there starting average we do not have enough points to bring Josh back in, I think we can only swap now on the current averages, please feel free to advise if I'm incorrect
  15. I would have swapped Jan and Todd around Jan has heat 9 and 14 which we look very vunerable with. I actually think if Campton goes well we will lose this meeting.

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