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  1. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2019

    Looking at 2016 Averages Douglas is 7.18 I like the look of King, Andersen,Howarth, Kennedy & Kemp but only leaves 10.95 i believe for final 2 , Berge is 5.03 and a grass tracker so rules out Sundays ?? BWD & Tom Bacon Fit !!
  2. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2019

    Well no one has had a go recently so im going to make a start on 2019 team building... Assuming there are no radical changes in the leagues and we stay in the championship... ( I personally would like one big league) Josh G - 9.47 (2017 average) Charles - 7.88 Kyle - 6.95 Kasper - 5.20 Zaine - 5.20 Dimi - 5.03 Lawlor - 2.00 41.73 - Always a good strong reserve - Room for improvement on averages there i think I did consider Josh B - 6.54 (should get an injury average assessment also) but wasnt sure on his fitness All we hope is its better than last year
  3. It seems we nearly have a rider line up : THU 30 AUG 2018 BY COMETS PRESS OFFICE A 5:00pm start at Owlerton for our representative Ty Proctor. LINE-UP (in draw order): Michael Palm Toft (Peterborough), Charles Wright (Sheffield), Ben Barker (Redcar), Stuart Robson (Newcastle), Adam Ellis (Lakeside), Kevin Doolan (Berwick), Richard Lawson (Lakeside), Ricky Wells OR Richie Worrall (Edinburgh), Rory Schlein OR Nico Covatti (Ipswich), Ty Proctor (Workington), Erik Riss (Edinburgh), Craig Cook (Glasgow), Kyle Howarth (Sheffield), Scott Nicholls (Peterborough), Josh Auty (Scunthorpe), Steve Worrall (Scunthorpe). Kyle Bickley will be one of the two Meeting Reserves COPYRIGHT NOTICE : THE TEXT CONTENT OF ARTICLES APPEARING ON THIS WEBSITE MAY BE COPIED AND/OR REPRODUCED FOR OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS AND FORMATS PROVIDING THE ARTICLE REMAINS INTACT AND UNEDITED, AND THE SOURCE IS CLEARLY ACKNOWLEDGED AS "WWW.WORKINGTONCOMETS.CO"
  4. Totally agree about Robert Lambert being allowed to miss, The fixture was only announced recently he saw a gap in his calendar and wanted some chill time... If the fixture had been announced in March then i could see it being a problem but for me let him rest... Should be a good meeting , I suspect the Aussies will be Doyle, Holder, Fricke, Holder, Kurtz & Grajczonek
  5. I go on Holiday on the 7th August for 3 weeks... My season done and dusted on the 2nd August... if for any reason i cannot attend then my season finished in July... Thats never been heard of, normally we used to go to the end of September early October without play offs.. A real horrible stop start season
  6. I'm confused all these so called football fans on here moaning about Cardiff playing Swansea.. they in different division Why can't people be happy they have a gp to attend
  7. I've not seen 7pm.. happy with date and must be 5pm
  8. Lambert £60 more please
  9. Anyone know why we running RR for Lasse when there is already doubts over Kyle ? We will be having a 8pt plus rider being replaced by a 5.51 and 5.20 rider on a track where there reserve averages 5.50.. I can only see a massive loss im afraid. With regards fixtures totally agree about the horrific stop start, last season i saw over 25 speedway meetings, This year will struggle to make 10.
  10. Spread for round 4 the Swedish GP Hallstavik Saturday July 7th start time 6pm UK time Jonsson 5 - 7 - £30 More Pawlicki 4 - 6 £20 More
  11. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    No didn't go, like I pointed out they tried to compete with England on a world cup night...
  12. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    6 in total.. 3 in the main holiday season so I only see 3 for rest of the season... this riding fortnightly and arranging meetings on a England world cup night I will have managed only 7 meetings all season .. I also went to Scunthorpe last night and that was poor, cold, dusty and no passing so probably won't return there in July either... after last year I was so optimistic we would kick on but hey ho.
  13. As im poor im all in Psycho3a £20 Hancock 7 - 9 - More
  14. psycho3a

    Sheffield 2018

    Far from impressed TBF, Broc Nicol looking at updates sites has only scored points in the UK when in NL challenge level meetings, never scored points in World U21 meetings or similar levels... Too much of a gamble in main body of the team untried and untested at this level, We needed to strengthen and this i see as a totally backwards step. Happy to be proven wrong or if someone has better knowledge happy to be told. With regards Georgie Wood happy to see him back as i thought he was very unlucky not to make the starting 7 at the start of the season but really feel sorry for Jack Smith who has put half a point on his average. The whole shambolic situation for me comes down to poor team management as they should have replaced Josh properly when he was 1st injured.

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