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  1. He placed the bet after Zagar pulled out so obviously thinks he is keeping his total the same. Would say it could be seen as not placed a bet but shouldn't be messaged to change it.
  3. Gutted I put Lindgren more by accident as I knew he was struggling with his hand and didn't expect much. Silly mistake
  4. Hope to be here til Torun
  5. T.N.T.

    Belle Vue 2018

    4.15 so NO Looking back they should have replaced Worrall when he was injured and Drzodz hasn't done much and nearly 12 points in averages early on could have been better with Erik Riss and Jason Garrity as one would have been at reserve now with Riss and a decent 1-7 Too late now as the top four look secure in Somerset Kings Lynn Poole and Swindon as Wolves and Aces can't get much on their travels
  6. Janowski 50 more Laguta 50 more Pawlicki 50 more Pedersen 50 less
  7. T.N.T.

    Torun 2018

  8. T.N.T.

    Torun 2018

    Tomasz Gollob meeting on Sunday in Bydgzszow with a star line up and many ex top riders present too. I have TWO Apartments available in the centre of Torun. All modern style and at present cheaper than usual. Once gone other properties are charging double these. PM with phone number if interested.
  9. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2018

    Pawlicki is 8,00 and Woffinden didn't turn us down as he had Sweden sorted despite leaving one club Not a great signing but at least it keeps Morris at reserve and he comes in trying to prove something and Heeps was doing nothing forward and only decent score was against lower ranked reserves. Shame they didn't look towards Pawlicki Bjerre or Kildemand to give more top end power away or even look at The Etheridge as Wolves still have to go to Belle Vue where he could have been a trump card. Would have been Strange that Aces could replace Etheridge with Riss and we replace the rider that replaced Riss with Etheridge. Five away meetings left and a win needed in two but looking at the tracks we have to go to can't see anything more than two points if lucky
  10. Lambert is a bargain but going to risk it a bit here. Dudek 50 LESS Lambert 100 MORE Pawlicki 50 MORE
  11. Cook 50 more Vaculik 50 more Hancock 50 more Pedersen 30 less Zagar 20 more
  12. They all knew it went to the final race and no one can complain about the format just because GB didn't win. BEST TEAM WON in my.opinion and that takes nothing away from the gallnt efforts of Team GB who gave it everything but as a team Russia were stronger. They gained SIX maximum heat wins and SIX bonus points where as GB gained just two maximums and two bonus points. Tai was unbelievable in the final with 35 from a possible 36 but 11 points only from 12 races backed him up. Look at the rostrum and you have five of the top GP riders up there so to have Lambert at just 20 years of age to be.up there is a credit to British Speedway. With Dan Bewley coming through like a steam train and riders like Leon Flint Drew Kemp and Kyle Bickley coming through we can see Team GB being up there in the SWC in the.futire years and not.all on one riders shoulders. Tai and Rory are running these training schools and this will get them into test matches and more rides abroad and the set up now that Tau wanted is already showing up well and no kebabs and pizzas included. Well Done Russia you deserved it as a team but be warned Emil and Magic we are coming
  13. T.N.T.

    no team

    Auty isn't at the level of Harris or the others you mention and while he shows potential Bewley is also in that bracket. As for Cook and Worrall they are above these and Lambert above all listed but Woffinden is on another planet compared to any other Brit and 35 from 12 rides compared to 11 from Lambert and Cook shows that clearly. Give it three years and I'm sure we will see it as Woffinden still clear but Lambert Bewley Bickley Flint and a few others as the leading Brits

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