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  1. They all knew it went to the final race and no one can complain about the format just because GB didn't win. BEST TEAM WON in my.opinion and that takes nothing away from the gallnt efforts of Team GB who gave it everything but as a team Russia were stronger. They gained SIX maximum heat wins and SIX bonus points where as GB gained just two maximums and two bonus points. Tai was unbelievable in the final with 35 from a possible 36 but 11 points only from 12 races backed him up. Look at the rostrum and you have five of the top GP riders up there so to have Lambert at just 20 years of age to be.up there is a credit to British Speedway. With Dan Bewley coming through like a steam train and riders like Leon Flint Drew Kemp and Kyle Bickley coming through we can see Team GB being up there in the SWC in the.futire years and not.all on one riders shoulders. Tai and Rory are running these training schools and this will get them into test matches and more rides abroad and the set up now that Tau wanted is already showing up well and no kebabs and pizzas included. Well Done Russia you deserved it as a team but be warned Emil and Magic we are coming
  2. T.N.T.

    no team

    Auty isn't at the level of Harris or the others you mention and while he shows potential Bewley is also in that bracket. As for Cook and Worrall they are above these and Lambert above all listed but Woffinden is on another planet compared to any other Brit and 35 from 12 rides compared to 11 from Lambert and Cook shows that clearly. Give it three years and I'm sure we will see it as Woffinden still clear but Lambert Bewley Bickley Flint and a few others as the leading Brits
  3. T.N.T.

    no team

    I have said for decades that any rider from abroad coming into Britain should keep their assessed average until they reach that standard and never go below that figure. Should they be ruled out of a meeting injured then that team can only cover for his real average not his assessed average. So if he comes in on a 7.00 but is averaging 4.28 then they can.only use upto 4.28 to replace him which is most likely going to be a British rider getting the rides. It also means next season will that track want to bring back a rider still on a 7.00 average when he is no where near that standard. Yet again more chances for home grown riders and most if not all second strings and reserves will be British
  4. Magic 50 more Emil 50 more Milik 100 less
  5. Wolves just don' have the strength away and Rory is the only one in great form but Jacob can spring up with a big display. Sam is struggling with the bigger heats and may not have enough in their bottom three to trouble a strong home team. 53-37 about right but hope Wolves can rise above and grab a point
  6. Freddie Lindgren Jason Doyle Bartosz Zmarzlik Emil Sayfutdinov Tai Woffinden Patryk Dudek Maciej Janowski Matej Zagar Arden Laguta Greg Hancock Nicki Pedersen Martin Vaculik Peez Pawlicki Chris Holder Craig Cook
  7. lindgren 10 - 12 £40 More Holder 7 - 9 £60 Less
  8. This is British Speedway Different year different rules as usual
  9. May have the odd nightmare but overall a nine pointer easily
  10. T.N.T.

    Somerset 2018

    Zagar Woffinden Pawlicki (both) are affected by the rescaling of averages for GP riders and only Holder wasn't so only benefit was for Poole as Tau was highly unlikely on this format but Piotr was a contender to return depending on other riders first. Both Pawlicki brothers were possible signing and only the reassess of 8.00 stopped one of them signing up As for Tau he always said if it went to fixed race nights he may be interested but not doing 28 plus and family is the key this year with new builds and daughter. So can't blame him really
  11. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2018

    Poole do look like they have the advantage early on with some modest averages and potential in the team they have built but it looks quite tight behind these. Kings Lynn and Somerset are both going to rely on bug hitters at 1 in Iversen and Doyle but not a great deal after that in terms of heat winners. Looking at the Predictions Wolves have been written off by many but they have a great top four and the perfect team manager to get the best out of the rest and surrise a few again and may be another play off final
  12. Harris Nicholls and KK are as strong as any top three elsewhere really and in Kennett and Barker they have the two strongest back up riders plus the strongest reserve in Robbo. Think they could be the dark horses Don' under estimate JT as he achievd that average with good scores home and.away and quite.a.few.heat 15s. Would rate him no.weaker than Cook or Kurtz or Harris and in Sam Masters you have two riders going to be swapping and changing as the season goes on.
  13. T.N.T.

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Why didn't Sheffield just bring their top six to Leicester and add Vaculik Can see Leicester facing Wolves and Simon Stead brings out Daniel King to beat Kyle Howarth Then on the Thursday at Owlerton he brings out Kyle to beat King ..... This shows that one league was the way forward
  14. T.N.T.

    Race Nights

    Going to be a rush to do Belle Vue at 12 Then Monmore by 6 as I guess there will be a Cradley meeting after ? Tough start for Wolves with Poole, Aces and Swindon to open
  15. T.N.T.

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Forget Iversen and go for one of the following to get a number that has less commitment. Lindgren Hamper Zagar Pawlicki All have said they would look at riding here and all have good points to make them a better choice.

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