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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Only signed up in Poland and the GPs I think this year and certainly appears to be committed to get back on form with fitness and bikes. Still has a house.in Northamptonshire so would be a great signing for club and British Speedway Lambert back but who else as they haven' named much officially yet
  2. Why 2 Leagues

    Many years ago (well over a decade) I came up with the idea that became known by some as the TNT Master plan and that was having one big league at an affordable level. Then the tracks that want to run at a higher level ALSO run a top league on Mondays only meaning the one league can run on any other day they wish so clubs won' have to change race nights apart from Wolverhampton. If Wolves for example had a team in the one league of Thorssell Schlein Howarth Heaps Morris Greaves and Clegg they would use the main five from this team plus two riders taken from a squad of 4 riders they nominate at the start of the season. Wolves could name Lindgren Woffinden Pawlicki and Drabik with two riding in the 14 league meetings during the season on Mondays. Lindgren may do all 14 while Woffinden and Pawlicki could do 7 each and Drabik on standby should he be required and travel over with Woffinden or instead of. This means also Drabik could be used if Thorssell or Schlein are injured while Greaves and Clegg get used if any of the others are missing. The one big league would run pretty freely and the club' not also running a top level team could be put into two groups for the Craven Shield to even up the fixtures and give two local derbies in some cases. Exactly. The mistake before was making the small clubs employ riders they couldn' afford against teams they couldn' beat. If Poole or Wolves or Belle Vue or Swindon etc ran in both leagues the fans would still go to meetings as they still wear their teams colours and five of the seven are the same riders in both teams. Plus Swindon may do poorly in the top league but be top in the lower league and you only have to look at Belle Vue Colts to see the fans support both levels now even though those two leagues were further apart. One big league.is the way forward for the sport like it or not One top league of just 14 meetings can be done as it is in Sweden and Poland and then could attract more riders back and entrance to the two levels would be different at say £12-15 for the big league and £20 for the top level as many would pay the extra to see Sayfutdinov v Woffinden v Doyle v Pedersen etc
  3. Why 2 Leagues

    Quite a few of the riders like Masters Howarth Lawson etc that would be the top riders in one league are owned by Championship teams and with a limit set right the level would be like the current Championship so affordable for Berwick Redcar Workington etc See above. Why does everyone think the little clubs would have to come up in strength when it' the bigger tracks coming down Firstly you promote the National League riders that need track time and revenue to be reserves. This creates more riders coming through 2 The level would be as it is for safety as they would be riding against riders they already are facing and without the pressure of having to meet the big guns. The leagues have been coming closer and closer and personally I think it should have been one big league in 2017 but as it is now they have to do it in 2018 to create a better selling product. CORRECT No find 30 National League or newcomers that would ride for £50 a point and you have the level you need and is affordable It has to be a product that ALL tracks can afford to run and while the big tracks may have better resources it will be more level but most importantly a product that can be made affordable at the turnstiles to not just keep the ever decreasing die hard but also attract new fans, firms and families to come regularly
  4. WHY DO WE HAVE TWO LEAGUES ? We go into the 2018 season still with two leagues which is fine if both leagues were vastly different but now the only difference really is one rider and some Championship teams look almost just as strong as some Premiership teams. Yes having two leagues creates more meetings for riders doubling up which years ago was just the odd rider but now most riders operate in both. But to create more meetings means seeing the same teams twice and sometimes the same team visits just weeks after their first visit. However the real reason we have a Premiership League is to give places for the few top riders that still ride here for one reason or another. In 2018 the only riders that come into this category is Jason Doyle, Jacob Thorssell and Martin Vaculik as the other number ones that have been named already have Championship places and both Vaculik and Thorssell start with averages lower than Nick Morris who is signed up in both leagues so having one league should mean those two could get places in one big league. Morris, Masters, Harris, Cook and Schlein all have Premiership averages higher than that of Nicholls and Kennett yet these two Brits are having to fight for the right to ride in the second tier in their own country wile riders like Ellis Perks, Tom Perry and others are looking to sell their bikes as they can' get team places while riders from other countries can get places on averages they achieved that is short of the average they first came in on and fill up the lower berths in the second tier while National League riders await the chance to ride. If there was one big league featuring the 8 Premiership and 11 Championship tracks it would generate 18 home and 18 away (36 matches) which is just 12 less than running two leagues (28/20) and if the season started with the forgotten Craven Shield or Young Trophy meetings using regional groups then it would be about the same.number.of meetings overall. So basically the only real reason we are still operating a Premiership is to accommodate JASON DOYLE and to satisfy the few clubs that can afford such riders and keep the prices at £18 a meeting for a product that has got weaker and weaker each season and this season doesn't even have a rule in place to ensure tracks use British riders. SO SHOULD WE HAVE GONE ONE LEAGUE ? Well one league would have created a more varied fixture list bringing back the days when you.only had.once chance to see that visiting team and didn' want to miss it. It also creates local derbies such as Belle Vue v Sheffield or Lakeside v Rue House but most.importantly it creates spaces so plenty of places for.not only new riders but.reserve places for National League riders that need track time and revenue to make it pay. So in my opinion we have again missed the chance to rebuild British Speedway at an affordable level and getting teams to be your team once more just to accommodate the World Champion VIEWS
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Polish U21 riders are a gamble especially when they are with the top clubs like Wroclaw and Leszno as they are the vital members of the team. Maybe a rider over 21 could be worth taking on and one Pole that has a low average but cetainly improved vastly last season is Jakub Jamrog at Tarnow who had a brief spell at Coventry but struggled big time.
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Depends where they have been riding and to what standard. If they have ridden in the top leagues in Sweden and Poland then it depends on what average they achieved unless of course he is joining a southern club and has an average when he was just 19 and since improved dramatically then he keeps his old low average.
  7. Wolves 2018

    Called in on Peter Adams the other day and he spoke to CVS on Christmas eve and the operation appears to have gone well but obviously this is the start.of a long fight to get better but hopefully all is going in the bright direction. On previous posts above there is obviously some concern over Jacob taking over as s number one as he has mainly ridden as a secnd string not just this season but for the last few. Yes he has had the easier heat 14 rather than 13 and ridden with Rory Schlein in three of his four programmed rides but he has improved vastly in recent times and his scores away have been much better but despite the league losing more big names there is a small concern he can do the job that Freddie would have done. Maybe he may lose the number one slot to Sam Masters anyway by the first set of averages but he is a rider that loves riding for the club and I'm sure he will do a good job with Sam, Rory and Kyle leading the team. My concern with the team is Cameron Heaps and Ashley Morris but have to admit I'm not that well up on Heaps at first hand and can only go on figures from match reports largely while Morris just seems to have been around for a while without really improving that much to make him the main reserve. With Max Clegg available on a 2.00 average I would have thought he was just as effective as Morris and that would have left enugh to have bought in someone like Ricky Wells in the top five as a few teams are going with two low average reserves. Hopefully the team will prove me wrong and hit the ground running but looking at the possible matches ahead it has to be said that most teams don' look that apealling and think a number of tracks may find attendances down this year ahead.
  8. Belle Vue 2018

    ZAGAR or COOK Seems they are very close to each.other in what they are looking for in wages and whichever one Aces sign then the other could be at Kings Lynn so which one would Aces fans prefer ?
  9. Rye House 2018

    DOYLE FOR ROCKETS World Champion Jason Doyle could be on his way to Rye House as BMR want to get a serious attempt at reaching the play offs with a possible powerful top five and will join Harris, Nicholls, Kasprzak and Wells leaving two reserves on 2.00 averages to complete the team for 2018. Have only heard this could be the case if talks go to plan and the thought is that in 2017 they lacked a true heat winner on a regular basis. Personally I think this would be a good call if that is the way they are going as a strong main body of the team could virtually win a match on their own scoring 45 points from 22 starts as the reserves are sure to score at least one point from 8 starts. If this is their plan then well done as they could be the team to beat.
  10. Wolves 2018

    Must admit the way things are looking at other tracks a more balanced team looks better especially if one is out injured as rider replacement would be the best option most times as four of the 8 teams are likely to be riding the same night. Ricky Wells and Robert Lambert with the three already signed would be a great top five and leave 6.08 for the last two which could be Jack Parkinson Blackburn at seven and Broc Nicol or Luke Becker at six Masters Howarth Wells Schlein Lambert Becker JPB
  11. Wolves 2018

    New promotion so unable to vote even though Mark Lemon was there Poole voted against it with Wolves and Swindon
  12. Wolves 2018

    It was only Premiership clubs that voted on it and 4 voted for it and three against it with Aces unable to vote
  13. Wolves 2018

    Thinking about the situation at number one and how other teams will be affected by the loss of a TV deal there is a third option that may be more beneficial to the club and league. Both Freddie and Jacob are great riders but both have to be flown in and out due to Polish and Sweden fixtures but going with a more balanced team if riders based here could be the way to go and considering how others may line up. So with Sam Masters Rory Schlein Ricky Wells and Kyle Howarth you have four solid scorers and 13.47 left for the last three. This could mean more strength in depth and should rider replacement ever be required less damage obtained. 1 Sam Masters 7.92 2 Kyle Howarth 6.64 3 4 Ricky Wells 6.75 5 Rory Schlein 7.72 6 7 King 6.66 Becker 4.00 Greaves 2.54 Erik Riss 5.75 Starke 5.08 Greaves 2.54 Erik Riss 5.75 Stu Robson 5.72 JPB 2.00
  14. Wolves 2018

    If Piotr Pawlicki can be tempted back now he is put of the GP circus he has to be bought in as he is certainly a rider that can improve and be one off the best in the league. As for Jacob or Freddie it's a tough call but really both are a gamble as they both will be coming back from bad injuries and regardless of anything that they say about being ready to practice, they could take time to comeback to the level they finished on. Fully fit and ready to go both have points that make them the one to fill the number one position but Freddie has to be the one you want to win that vital race as a tactical switch. Disappointed that the switch back to a tactical substitute next season can only be done once. It should be whenever you want after heat 4 and not have to wait for the one race gamble.
  15. Agm

    Rumour is that Glasgow and Ipswich are moving up and tracks will mainly have ho.e race nights but some can switch to the other if required MONDAY'S Belle Vue Wolverhampton Poole Leicester Glasgow THURSDAY'S Kings Lynn Ipswich Somerset Swindon Rye House 41 point limit still seems most likely but will BT still be filming on Mondays ?