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  1. T.N.T.

    2019 Predictions

    We would be better without a Premiership and have all clubs running at one level that is achievable by all so the level would be Championship at best and would increase the number of British NL riders in the league. All tracks should vote if they wanted a Premiership but they don't get that option so Buster and one other have taken control regardless of what the others want or even get a say in it
  2. T.N.T.

    2019 Predictions

    Not a real attractive product on offer this year and the strongest looking teams are a shadow of previous years but this is what we have as the.power of the few decide for the masses we need this so called top level instead of variety and affordable teams for all tracks to put on an attractive product for new and old and weekly racing and more opportunities for British riders to progress. Any way not being biased I honestly see Wolverhampton looking the strongest at the moment with a top four all capable of big scores and potential growth in the other three. Belle Vue look a bit off balance but much will depend on how Bjerre goes away and if Dan can get back from injury and thanks to Rybnik that looks a certainty. In Lidsey they have a time bomb waiting to explode so they could be up there . Poole will always be up there challenge for the top and have a solid line up with potential and Swindon look strong but very top heavy reliant and could be inconsistent. Kings Lynn not impressed with and Ipswich look weak while Peterborough could be unbeatable at home but away maybe they will do well at NSS but not sure anywhere else. Wolves, Swindon, Belle Vue and Poole clear top four and in the play offs where anything can happen then
  3. T.N.T.

    Poole 2019

    Not saying thats the team but there is a rider that i wont mention that could be on the move to the coast but will have to wait and see. All quiet on the Woryna front ?
  4. T.N.T.

    Swindon 2019

    Shanes was a reserve, Ash was a second string / heat leader and was 6.7 at one stage but drifted at the end as he was also number two at Wolves. Doyle is good for 12 possibly 13 most meetings but dont expect too much from Lampart he was hit and miss at Lublin but Morris had a tough year but you only have to look back 12 months and you know he is much better than 6,6 and same could be said of Bellego. For me the three in compared to the three out only offer a slight improvement but if Doyke has an off night or injury you lose the one big strength.
  5. T.N.T.

    Belle Vue 2019

    There seems to be a move by Belle Vue to provide a more balanced team and use Fricke 8.20, Bewley 7.13 and Bjerre 7.02 as the main three. Steve Worrall 6.16 is like a part of the family and injuries obviously affected this season but would they look at bringing Richie Worrall 5.46 back ? Those five would leave 8.53 for the last two which could be Berge 4.00 and Etheridge 4.33 and give a solid team even if its not eye catching, its affordable. Are they going to shock us all tonight with a name no one expects ?
  6. T.N.T.

    Swindon 2019

    James is a cracking little rider but Ashley Morris is only on 3.66 because he had to ride at number two for a time and was averaging near seven for Newcastle at one stage and think Ash has an edge over James who was reserve only and hasnt progressed as well as expected so far, especially when you consider how good he is on grass and longtrack. As for Stefan he never has a long rub anywhere to judge him on but while James is better than Smith, is Doyle (12) and Lampart (5) a great improvement on Bellego (6) and Morris (10) ?
  7. T.N.T.

    Poole 2019

    You dont need the big names anymore and they proved team strength pays off and think they could be doing the same next season and have a feeling they are going to name a suprise rider moving south as a heat leader. 1 Jack Holder 7.39 2 Kacper Woryna 6.30 3 NEW SIGNING 4 Nicolai Klindt 6.61 5 Brady Kurtz 7.05 6 NEW SIGNING 3.19 7 Nico Covatti 4.70 10.45 left if these five are in, would they bring back Grajczonek, Worrall or the suprise move ?
  8. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2019

    he rode at number three for a number of matches but in 2017 he was looked after by Freddie quite a few times picking up wins with Freddie getting a paid win Apart from Doyle and now Lambert there are no real big number ones anymore so Masters and Schlein are the quality we have at number one and remember Nick Morris was a number one most of last season like Jacob and now have much reduced averages. Its a bit of a suprise that Jacob wasn,t one of the first announced and has been doing a number of video interviews via facebook etc talking about next year in Swedish and although i dont know what they are saying, nothing seems to mention Britain or Wolves so is he concentrating on Sweden and Poland (Gdansk) and Wolves looking at other avenues like Pawlicki who still only has Leszno next season ?
  9. T.N.T.

    Swindon 2019

    Are Swindon any better than last season ? admitted that the inclusion of Jason Doyle is a great signing but it also puts a great deal of pressure on the number one position which Jason can deal with, but if he is missing there is very little to cover for him as he is by far the best rider left riding here but the best of the rest will most likely be riding the same night. Last year they struggled at reserve and when Bellego was out the reserves were given three extra rides scoring very little. they have slightly improved at reserve with Shanes but unless its on grass, there isnt much there to frighten other teams. Lampart makes a sock return but on a 4.58 average is about his limit, so in Doyle and Lampart have they improved much from Morris and Bellego ? Good looking team at moment but unless Lampart over performs they dont look as strong as they think and can see a change mid season
  10. T.N.T.

    Belle Vue 2019

    So drop Cook and sign Bjerre. Is that a step forward or backwards ? Have to have some good middle order riders in to stand any chance of being up there.
  11. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2019

    Cook joins Peterborough and Bjerre joins Aces so stay cool WOLVES fans
  12. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2019

    Jacob is part of the furniture at Wolves and almost a part of the Adams Family so I would expect him to be back but Pete Adams would know if Jacob needed a change or wanted a change and would advise him which way to go. Think it's almost certainly going to be Jacob next revealed and it would take some going to get Cook accepted at Monmore
  13. T.N.T.

    Wolves 2019

    As I understand it Rory holds his own registration as he bought it when the bspa held it and is in fact a free agent. Since joining Wolves he has been very happy and has said he could finish his career there and CVS has said what a pleasure he has been to deal with and has been a good team man taking over the PK role. Would be suprised if either party wanted to seperate and Parrys International Coaches also personally sponsor him and Jacob Thorssell. in fact with the open day at Parrys scheduled for January then its no suprise these are being kept back to fall in line with the sponsorship deal. Pawlicki would have been (and may still be) a great signing and would have challenged for the top average in the league if he rode here but also is a true racer and great to watch, but yet again we have the situation of trying to persuade a big name to ride here on inferior tracks and lower wages and sponsorships. If he was available I would have gone with him and Thorssell leaving the decision between Masters and Schlein. Whichever way they go they have vastly improved the side with two very good and potential signings replacing Andersen and Greaves who are really both reserve standard and Nathan really needs a full season in the Championship. 1 SAM MASTERS 8.11 2 KYLE HOWARTH 4.84 3 JACOB THORSSELL 7.25 4 RORY SCHLEIN 7.92 5 NICK MORRIS 6.60 6 LUKE BECKER 4.00 7 ASHLEY MORRIS 3.54
  14. T.N.T.

    Swindon 2019

    40 at home from the top four is still a high figure to reach out of a possible 49 and would mean riders like Lambert, Fricke, Masters etc scoring 6-9 points at Swindon from five rides
  15. T.N.T.

    Swindon 2019

    With Doyle and Batchelor at 1 and 5 they can only score a maximum of 28 points so if Doyle drops one point and Batch two, you are saying they will be averaging 11.20 and 10.40 which is a hell of an improvement. Then you have Tobi and Adam scoring 15 between them out of a possible 21 points giving them an average of 7.5 each and only dropping six points between them in five races. In truth you are looking at 22 at most between the top two and 12 between Tobi and Adam if all go well leaving you needing at least 11 between the other three and hope for no falls, no engine failures etc. Very good top three and good backing with Ellis but its a team event and away the bottom three you need the top four to be on form together

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