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  1. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    Thats no problem nobody gets my last Rolo
  2. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2020

    its about as realistic as anyone winning the PL after 38 matches have been played this season
  3. The Third Man

    Will the premiership start on time?

    The problem with it only being for a month or two at most would be if it was worth while preparing tracks and spending money on preparation etc hopefully if we do manage to get a couple of months in, the supporters will go out and support the meetings in great numbers Would imagine Australia and New Zealand might have a few more riders next winter so riders can get the practice
  4. The Third Man

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The tracks that teams rent would be available, if they survive the tracks that are owned would still be there but the owners may have gone bust so I suppose most of the tracks would be available, depending on people with money
  5. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    Could you please contact all the leaders from all the countries in the world and share your research with them so we can all get beck to normal, I am sure they would appreciate it I am now sure that you just on a wind up, no one could come out with statements as stupid as yours if it not a wind up. as I keep falling for your wind up I will now stop answering your posts
  6. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    Really, where do you live? Because I have never known anything like this, and maybe you are the only one that has
  7. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    Of course they are, no one alive has had experience of anything like this, the last time it happened was 1918 when the flu killed more people that the war did. they are doing their best, as are the governments in all countries, without the knowledge of what is going to happen next. Therefore they are going to make mistakes, they will make the wrong decisions, they also need all people to buy into what they are telling us in the hope that are correct, and if they are not then so be it
  8. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    And that means what? to have an opinion on any subject, you have to search out any topic on that subject and join in
  9. The Third Man

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I am afraid we will all have to pay eventually and if that's the price to pay to get through it, then so be it
  10. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    The medical cover here is for the riders if a supporter gets ill the racing has to stop while the paramedics deal with it
  11. The Third Man

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    What happens depend on whether the landlords can survive, if they do, speedway could be back for a few months this season and hopefully for a full season in 2021
  12. The Third Man

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Not a chance, even the end of May is very doubtful The government is planning now for three months, so add another month onto that and we might start in August, never know first meeting we can attend might be Cardiff if we are lucky When it does start it will be a very truncated season probably with just league meetings with no play offs
  13. The Third Man

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Thought BT Sport has still got it this season
  14. The Third Man

    Gay Speedway Riders

    Yes the 73 team was the best Sheffield team I have seen, but won nothing Should have had a cup and league double in 74 but ended up just being the cup, unbeaten home and away in the cup to win it was a great achievement
  15. The Third Man

    Gay Speedway Riders

    the best rider I have seen ride for Sheffield, was a major disappointment when he didn't return, and Bob was the best captain I have ever seen at Sheffield as well

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