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  1. The Third Man

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Sheffield are trying by getting involved with the ice hockey team, money off for their season ticket holders and the team attending a hockey match
  2. The Third Man

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    Not a star rider, but Bob Paulson at Halifax in 68, riding round the boards in heat 13 to beat Boothroyd and Boocock to get a 39-39 draw for Sheffield and Arnie Haley coming from the back in, 69 in think, to beat Mauger in the silver sash match race at Belle Vue Andre Compton team riding Benji at Sheffield, he has to just about stop the bike on numerous occasions to get a 5-1, maybe against Stancl, cant remember the year. best team riding I have ever seen
  3. The Third Man

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    No idea, but I don't think its the standard of racing, I cant see a major difference between now and 50 years ago
  4. The Third Man

    Workington 2019

    This always used to be the case. no 6 man teams riding against 6 man teams, one injured in each team, bring in the number 8s don't why this cant still be done
  5. The Third Man

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    If the track is prepared correctly, Sheffield can be as good as it has ever been. I think there is no difference in the standard of racing over the years,
  6. The Third Man

    Play off contenders

    Kurtz has come from the back loads of times at Sheffield, not giving him credit there
  7. The Third Man

    riders not signed

    There is more than one league
  8. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    and Howarth's average fitted
  9. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    He will put at least two points on his average after his first away match, when he will get an average
  10. The Third Man

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Good luck Joe, couldn't fit you in this season, maybe next
  11. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Nichol & Howarth
  12. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Howarth & Nichol to complete, thought it was Howarth & King last night, but I suppose they went with the two new signings first Good team, lets hope it works out next year
  13. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Howarth & King, Proctor & Nichol to follow
  14. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    He has got mixed up as to the day when Proctor is riding
  15. The Third Man

    2019 team building averages

    If Cooke signs for Glasgow will he come in on his PL converted average because he only rode 8 CL matches last season?

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