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  1. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    So we could go with the same team and just replace Wright, who I would think will be going back to Somerset, with another approx. 7.50 point rider? Forgot we have signed the Aussie lad already
  2. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Does anyone know what our total averages where for the team at the end of the season?
  3. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    If its Sunday will just pick and choose meetings to fit in with other things unless its a 7:30pm start as normal
  4. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Not Wednesday or that will be me done after 50 years supporting them will save me a lot of money though or maybe we can do a Swindon, not allowed to ride on Thursdays, but did anyhow hope the prices drop to compensate for the lowering of the points limit
  5. Is that why Glasgow swapped to Friday, so they could lose fans and money?
  6. Obviously the supporters in Poland are stupid then, or they don't get as easily bored as they do in England
  7. The Third Man

    AGM November 2018

    Could that head go on an existing engine?
  8. The Third Man

    AGM November 2018

    Sounds like rider control;, which is how things used to be
  9. Thanks for informed reply, does it mean you now understand or not?
  10. The Third Man

    AGM November 2018

    All the things suggested one big league wage caps standardised equipment will work if you don't have one promoter who tries to get round it, and that's the problem, promoters looking after themselves and not the greater good I am afraid there is no solution to the basic problem so there cant be a solution to the other problems
  11. That's not how it works averages are based on each rider having four rides by heat 14 there has been 28 rides, that is 7 riders x 4 rides = 28 rides = 14 heats = 14 x average 3 points per heat = 42 points therefore a combined team average of 42.5 points will win the match hopefully that explains how averages work
  12. The Third Man

    pairs 2019

    If next seasons like this, Sheffield will have completed their matches 3 weeks before the pairs
  13. The Third Man

    Wolves 2019

    So if four clubs want to carry on at PL level, or above, let them, the rest can then ride at what ever level they want no problem with this idea at all
  14. The Third Man

    AGM November 2018

    All I can see if there is a money takes in the PL league is more teams wanting to ride in the CL, which is better for that league if it brings more teams into it. lets see how long the PL lasts in that situation, if they do it for next season we will see how many teams are left to apply to join the CL in 2020
  15. The Third Man

    AGM November 2018

    are they making money at the moment? I doubt it so why spend more than they have to the one thing speedway needs is for all the promoters to agree the set up for next season and stick to it, if riders don't like it they can retire or try and get a team place on the continent as I have said the simplest thing is the promoters to work together for the benefit of the whole, that will then benefit themselves, but as we all know that is also the hardest thing for them all to do, but don't worry because I am sure a four team PL will work

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