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  1. Michael Lee actually turned up for a meeting at Sheffield
  2. The Third Man

    Sheffield v Scunny 02/06/19

    Well not sure how we won that one, but well done in the end However we need changes if we are to get into the play offs, On an even better note we are on the way to getting the track sorted out, passing on the outside and inside tonight, long may it continue Pity Kyle was missing as that track would have sited him, but well don to Todd Kurtz, rode well and got us the points we needed in 13 and 15
  3. If that's the case its up to the riders to say they are going to the practice and not ride in the league match, I cant imagine the PZM will ban a potential Polish world champion if he insists on going to the practice. or does the amount they earn on a Friday night mean they are willing to take the risk?
  4. The way I saw it was, he wants to ride in Poland on a Friday night to get the money and because he doesn't want to practice then no one should be allowed to. However last nights winner didn't practice
  5. The Third Man


    This has now happened two weekends running to Sheffield. Edinburgh last weekend and now this We went to Edinburgh anyway and went to the speedway Friday to meet up with friends and had a great weekend in Edinburgh, wont be going when Sheffield visit though. was also going to go to this one but decided not to because of being so close to the Edinburgh match and a holiday, so this one not affected us but I know it will have some of the Sheffield fans. no good arranging things till the last minute as a speedway supporter it seems
  6. The Third Man

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Another week of little entertainment, three passes I counted if you take away the ones caused by riders making mistakes. I don't think its Sundays that's the problem but the track. however well done for recovering from the bad start and getting a win
  7. The Third Man

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Well one of the reasons to go tomorrow will not be there
  8. The Third Man

    Berwick vs Sheffield... 18th May

    Who could have been replaced by Howarth as a TS ride anyway, so nothing to comment out really
  9. The Third Man

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    More hope than anticipation
  10. The Third Man

    Ivan Mauger. Belle Vue. 1969/72

    Great night with Sheffield winning as well
  11. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Couldn't agree more, this and the visit to Edinburgh being postponed has took even more gloss off the start to the season I wish someone would explain the Edinburgh situation to everyone that had organised themselves to go
  12. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    So you are happy with gate and go racing and only passing when a rider goes off the inside line or makes a mistake. the track is not an excuse for losing, it is a reason for being bored
  13. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    The big change needed is the track, if that doesn't change the stadium may well be empty in the summer when people go out on a Sunday and cant be bothered to rush back to be bored. the only two riders I wouldn't swap at the moment are Kemp and Kennedy, although that may be harsh on some of them who cant gate and because of the track cant pass But Nichol, Andersen and Proctor are definitely underperforming at the moment. Anyway will have to have a hard think about whether or not to bother again until someone tells me the track has improved
  14. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Anybody know why the away match at Edinburgh has been cancelled in two weeks. Time off arranged and hotels for the weekend then it disappears from the fixture list, with as far I can see no explanation. the promoters want more people to attend but how does this encourage away supporters to go to meetings?

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