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  1. The Third Man

    riders not signed

    There is more than one league
  2. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    and Howarth's average fitted
  3. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    He will put at least two points on his average after his first away match, when he will get an average
  4. The Third Man

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Good luck Joe, couldn't fit you in this season, maybe next
  5. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Nichol & Howarth
  6. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Howarth & Nichol to complete, thought it was Howarth & King last night, but I suppose they went with the two new signings first Good team, lets hope it works out next year
  7. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    Howarth & King, Proctor & Nichol to follow
  8. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    He has got mixed up as to the day when Proctor is riding
  9. The Third Man

    2019 team building averages

    If Cooke signs for Glasgow will he come in on his PL converted average because he only rode 8 CL matches last season?
  10. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    The way the averages are made up they only total 42 points for each team if there is a draw
  11. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    So will teams build to 38 all season or will it increase month on month?
  12. The Third Man

    Leicester 2019

    Proctor will be a Tiger, bigger and stronger than Lions
  13. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2019

    I see Howarth, Andersen, Kemp & Nichol upping theirs, the others will maintain theirs in addition to the natural increase because of the 38 point limit Don't forget every team will up their averages from 38 to an average of 42 when the first averages are published anyway, has it been explained anywhere how teams strengthen this year? does the points limit go to 42 when the first averages are published?
  14. The Third Man

    Workington 2019

    They will mean he loves himself and his family more then Workington
  15. The Third Man

    Swedish league

    British clubs don't sign riders that ride for those clubs, then no effect at all

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