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  1. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2018

    go in the panorama room, watch speedway and football as well
  2. Why was the semi final a farce, it was run to the rules, are you saying that Poland should have been allowed to carry on with two men in the race until they managed to gate ahead of the Russians? and I agree that the scores after 42 heats should have been the result, but all seven teams knew the rules when the entered the competition, the time to complain was then not at the end, although I only see fans complaining
  3. The Third Man

    no team

    So you base your opinion that he hasn't improved on one or two away matches per season?
  4. The Third Man

    no team

    take it you see Howarth very often, in the 2 and a bit seasons he has been at Sheffield he has improved massively don't have a problem with Josh either
  5. Slight slip meant Bjerre
  6. wonder if George Wood would be interested, and then whoever fits to replace Bates, but put him at 2 with Berge at 4 and Kurtz at 3
  7. Wasnt it only a 28 day facility for Bates?, so rr not an option
  8. Big no to that one, might work as a reserve but not in the top 5
  9. only lost two, still get three for last night
  10. Me too, leaving Jan at 4 weakens us at the end of the match so we need to build up a big lead which I don't think we are capable of at the moment we need both reserves to go well to stand a chance, and I don't think they will
  11. The Third Man

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Because they don't run in the first division and would have problems swapping nights, and lose money by doing so, do you expect turkeys to vote for Christmas?
  12. The Third Man

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    So lets stuff three CL teams to suit the PL, nothing changes does it don't you think if these three teams thought they could make more money running at weekends they would?
  13. Should have supported the winning team then
  14. The Third Man

    Charlie Webster - Malaria

    so I take you weren't there then so you don't know the facts, OK
  15. The Third Man

    Charlie Webster - Malaria

    But one jury didn't you seem to know a lot about the evidence were you in court on both occasions listening to it all?

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