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  1. The Third Man

    2m rule scrapped from july 4th to 1m

    After July 4th social distancing is over, most people seem to think that 2m is 1m so 1m will be stood next to each other
  2. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2020

    Will be a shame was hoping to see Josh at Sheffield again, hopefully next season if this isn't possible
  3. The Third Man

    2m rule scrapped from july 4th to 1m

    Stadiums will be open from September at the latest, or else leagues 1 and 2 in football wont exist
  4. The Third Man

    Wayne Jackson R.I.P.

    Remember him riding for Castleford in 1979, before he went to Workington the year after RIP Wayne
  5. The Third Man

    Sheffield 2020

    From the Sheffield Web Site SHEFFIELD co-promoter Peter Mole insists plans are going ahead for the reintroduction of speedway at Owlerton in August. But Mole, a West Midlands-based businessman, also says there is a lot of work to do to ensure spectators can safely enjoy the racing once the green light is given by the government. Most club bosses throughout the UK believe social distance measures are possible in their venue and signage has already been put up at Scunthorpe including restricted numbers in the paddock. Mole said: “The stadium are confident it could be made a COVID-19 friendly venue; it’s got so much open space and it would be a case of working out the safely designated standing areas per group of supporters who entered. “The pits aren’t the biggest at Sheffield but we could find a way around that by extending them temporarily like we do on the bigger events and also by restricting the amount of people who can be in there at any one time. “Then there’s other things like one way entrances, exits and walkways and a list of other things we’d need to ensure were in place as well; not necessarily insurmountable but there’s so much which would require a lot of close consideration. “We have a great relationship with our landlords at Owlerton and we will work closely with them to ensure the sport can restart at the appropriate time – but we don’t want to fill fans with over the top enthusiasm because there is work to do.”
  6. The Third Man

    One Club Servants

    Bob Paulson - Sheffield Just seen someone beat me to it
  7. The Third Man

    League to run over two seasons

    You are presuming that all the riders signed this year will ride this year, and then will want to ride for the same teams next year Cant see that happening, signed riders may not want to come here for a short season, and then may be offered better terms by another team next year the basic idea might work, but no way will there be the same team for this year and next
  8. The Third Man

    highest avg rider

    Remember Arnie Haley beating him from the back in the silver sash match race at Hyde Road that year
  9. The Third Man

    Seventies Grand Prix

    Sponsored him for a while
  10. The Third Man

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Sorry I have read this correctly, didn't realise it was meant to have more than rider, thought it was meant to be qualifying for the GP's last season, complete misunderstanding
  11. The Third Man

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Suppose you could have rolling starts to help with this
  12. The Third Man

    Cardiff 2020

    They didn't this year, I booked with a cancellation option as soon as it was announced they tried to charge me up front and when I complained they agreed I had booked before they changed their conditions and I got a refund and I cancel free of charge once it has been cancelled officialy
  13. The Third Man

    Cardiff 2020

    Sure did, just waiting for official confirmation its cancelled so I can cancel my bookings
  14. The Third Man

    Future Format for British Speedway

    Why does PL football need help, the major sport in the country, don't understand that comment at all there are loads of minor sports, including Speedway, who may or may not survive, who would need very small amounts of money to survive, and yes I am a UK tax payer
  15. The Third Man

    Corona virus

    See above post

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