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  1. Great Central

    IOW 2020

    There is posting from him on Facebook. No he hasn't retired from speedway but last season took it's toll on him trying to run his butchers shop and being a speedway rider as well, particularly riding for the Warriors with a full on programme meaning quite a bit of time away from the shop. Life running a shop on the high street has proved to be a bit more challenging than was anticipated due to various problems, but he has definitely not retired. I am sure he will appreciate your comments.
  2. Great Central

    IOW 2020

    It is tough but that is how it works until somebody comes up with another way of team building from year to year.
  3. Great Central

    2020 NL Season

    Thank you Richard for your words of support. The handicap and the gate change rules only apply to the NT competition, not the league, and were agreed by all three participating clubs as a way of creating something a little different. No rider will be left out of his/her nominated race, it is not a tactical substitution but a means of trying to do things differently. As you may know the IOW have held handicap races for a number of years and this season we tried 6 riders in the final for the first time so we keep innovating. Some things work and some don't but unless you try, you will never know.
  4. Great Central

    Armadale Devils 2020

    They will only have 6 away meetings so it shouldn't be a major problem. I think Ryan Mc did his fair share this season without too many hiccups although he did suffer some cruel rain offs.
  5. Great Central

    2020 NL Season

    It is still there and is used every weekend for speedway and flat track and sometimes in the week as well. Track is good now.
  6. Great Central

    2020 NL Season

    Are you sure it was 29 and not 28!!!
  7. Great Central

    Stoke closing down

    There is also on top of your list BSPA admin fees, SCB track and official fees. You are right, not much change on gates of 150 and just in case anyone is wondering about your 90 points, you have to pay your riders for the equivalent away fixture and of course travel to both.
  8. Great Central

    Stoke closing down

    Former Potter Chris Widman was there in the crowd.
  9. Great Central

    Stoke closing down

    False dawn that is spot on, and you can understand in a way why so little was spent on the stadium if the lease they had allowed the owners to do this. Not much incentive to spend any money knowing that it could be snatched away at short notice.
  10. Great work again Mike. Thank you so much for doing it so well from often scant information. It is much appreciated.
  11. Great Central

    Mildenhall v Plymouth

    Looks like a forgone conclusion. Plymouth woefully weak due to injuries obviously beyond their control.
  12. Great Central

    Stoke v isle of wight

    Yes Ben did a great captains job leading from the front, and it was nice to hear absolutely no complaints about the track. A bit slick but very smooth.
  13. What has happened to the KL track? Not been for a few years but has generally produced good racing in the past.
  14. Great Central


    Looking at the webcams down there it looks like a good call by the Plymouth promotion.
  15. Great Central

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    Not sure your list of riders in the same boat as David is very accurate. Mark Baseby has retired, Taylor Hampshire is taking time out and I am sure Adam Roynan isn't fit yet.

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