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  1. Great Central

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    Not sure your list of riders in the same boat as David is very accurate. Mark Baseby has retired, Taylor Hampshire is taking time out and I am sure Adam Roynan isn't fit yet.
  2. Great Central

    IOW vPlymouth tue 11th june

    Glorious sunshine in the late morning/afternoon meant constant watering but it got quite cold later and the Warriors blankets were on show yet again. Flaming June!!
  3. Great Central


    Many thanks Rob.
  4. Great Central


    Rob has promised that they will be in this afternoon.
  5. Great Central


    I have just sent a message to Rob Dyer to see if he can post them as my programme was incomplete. What I can tell you is the track was much improved this week and enabled Georgie Wood to record the fastest time of the season.
  6. Kelvin it is very interesting to read your summary of that year . Heady days indeed. Thank you for everything you did in running and promoting it.
  7. Great Central

    NL AGM 2018

    Chris, In a NL meeting, the host club only pays for the home riders but obviously has to pay for their away meeting costs out of the income.
  8. Great Central


    The "regular guy" is now Graham Trollope and he prepared it yesterday.
  9. Great Central


    From memory, Drew Kemp fell, and Jon Armstrong fell after being pushed to the limit by Mark Baseby. Alfie Bowtell fell in the run off. Unless I missed some falls this is hardly "Falls in most races".
  10. Great Central

    Iow V Belle Vue Colts 6 June. Postponed

    The decision was taken by the club promotion only. Both Barry Bishop and I had been in regular communication about the weather from Sunday morning and following a review of 5 forecasts, decided at lunchtime today with Barry down there, that the prospect of being able to run was very remote as the showers predicted for tomorrow seemed to be more frequent and often thundery in nature adding to the problems caused by the heavy rain forecast for this afternoon and tonight. This was not a decision taken lightly since we do know of holiday makers who are on the island and were planning to attend what looked to be a tasty meeting. One of our supporters has since reported torrential rain and flooding of roads in the south of the island and with the early call off, it meant that we at least saved Kyle Bickley a wasted journey since he was planning to leave Cumbria tonight. Martin Widman Co-Promoter.
  11. Sincere apologies to all those spectators and supporters who thought the meeting took too long to run last night. Yes there were incidents which caused us delays and of course the accident which Benji Compton had, proved to be more serious than at first thought creating a delay at the wrong time. Yes, Barry Bishop wasn't there which meant his normal duties had to be shared around the rest of the staff and whilst I personally monitor the time, it was one aspect that got away from me last night. We do pride ourselves on running slick meetings and sometimes without trying they are done and dusted in less than 90 minutes even with an interval, mascot rides and the Mini Warrior cycle rides so again apologies for any disappointment. Martin Widman CoPromoter.
  12. Great Central

    The Laurels?

    I don't often post on here but I cannot understand why the referee was so lenient on some riders at the gate. We all know there is a tight curfew at CP and the meeting was not without incidents but one rider in particular seemed to exit the pits with 60 seconds or less of the 2 minute warning remaining and then proceeded to do his gardening, and only cap it off spending more time faffing with his machine and equipment. The rules state that Riders must be “ready to race” or be “under the control of the Start Marshal” in the correct Gate position within the permitted Time Allowance. It is about time the referees clamped own on these delaying tactics and 1st bend bunching shouldn't include incidents on bend 2!!
  13. Great Central

    Mdl Averages To 30.6.15

    Thanks Mike for continuing with this labour of love but more importantly keeping us up to date with all the facts and figures in this league. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.
  14. Great Central

    Islanders Fans Forum This Thursday...

    I can assure you that PL will not be considered unless it works at NL level and there is definitely nobody with deep pockets bankrolling this project. This has to run as a profitable business.
  15. Great Central

    Islanders Fans Forum This Thursday...

    Currently the planning permission doesn't allow speedway to run on a weekend. Hopefully an application will be submitted to the IOW Council to extend the "opening hours".

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