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Warrington Speedway track, can anyone identify these riders.

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Posted (edited)

Just spotted this article in the local rag, they are looking for any clarification  on the location of the picture, ie home or away.  Thought I stick it on here and see if anyone is the wiser, apparently it only ran as a speedway track for 2 years, 1929 to 1930 and then ran into financial trouble, their star rider appears to have been Squib Burton, I've certainly seen mention of him on here before.


Anyway, hope some find it interesting, http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/16284445.When_Warrington_was_home_to_a_speedway_and_greyhound_track/?ref=mrb&lp=10  




edit, on 2nd glance I think that Number 2 could be Greg Hancock, fits the profile:drink:

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Posted (edited)

Burton regularly featured as a star attraction in indvidual events, but was not a member of the Warrington team. In fact he rode for Rochdale in 1929.

Their main men were Charlie Hornby, Tommy Hatch, George Milton & Alec McLachlan. 

Oliver Langton appeared for them latterly in 1930 just before they packed up.

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