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N Vatcher thanks the NSSC

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Thank you so much for your continued support of the British Youth Riders, and without your support we would not be able to help and assist many of the riders.

You were so kind in 2019 to supply the Young Lions with an amount of £2500.

With this amount we were able to supply the following -
125 Riders:
Luke Harrison
Max James
Max Perry
Ben Trigger
Freddie Fox Baron

With an amount of £150 each towards their travel and accommodation to compete in the FIM European 125 Final which took place at Torun in Poland.
Also each rider was supplied with 2 tyres for the event at a cost of £45 each per tyre x 10 = £450.

At the end of the Youth Championship we were able to supply all the riders who competed in this year's Championship a goody bag, which included a mix of handlebar grips, chain lubrication, WD40, air filter spray, bike wash fluid, cable ties, duck tape and goggles, which came to a cost of £614.

Drew Kemp and Jason Edwards competed in the European Under 19s, which meant they travelled to Germany and Czech Republic respectively, then onto Slovakia, and we were able to supply them with 2 tyres each for the Semi Final and then the Final, so 8 tyres in total, at a cost of £45 each so a total cost of £360.

So currently the amount of £2174 has been spent, meaning we still have £326 remaining which will help towards the cost of paying for the pre season training camp we are planning for February 2020.

Again thank so much for all your hard work and commitment to British Youth Speedway, and hopefully you can see that now getting riders to compete in Europe, we are now able to compete against the best in the World and we are now winning medals at European and World levels.
2019 Successes:
FIM World Under 21 Team - Silver Medal

FIM World 125 Track Racing:
World Champion - Max Perry
Runner Up - Luke Harrison

FIM European 125cc Final:
Third Place - Luke Harrison

European Under 19 Semi Final Winner:
Drew Kemp
European Under 19 Finalists:
Drew Kemp and Jason Edwards

European 250cc Finalist: 
Sam Hagon and Sam McGurk

Young Lions Management 2019
Under 21 speedway
Under 19 Speedway
British Youth Speedway

Neil Vatcher

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