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  1. chrismorton

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    We are pretty stuffed then tbh...at the start of the season most would be happy with BWD or Tungate in for Ully but not for the new 2021 beast he has become..
  2. chrismorton

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    When it comes to replacing Ully the Polish league is coming to an end so I'm sure there will be riders such as Nicki P, Bjerre, Tungate, NKI (could be still injured) looking for extra rides. Going R/R would end a good seasons work and would be suicide.
  3. chrismorton

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    The wounded animals will find their gating gloves and take this one in the last heat after an awful night at the office last night. Let's just hope it's a racers track unlike our one against B.Vue...
  4. chrismorton

    Panthers v Aces II 19/07/21

    Crap race track tonight..no outside line...suits B.Vue who have their gating gloves on tonight.... actually I'd go as far as to say a p** poor performance from our lads..beaten at the gate in nearly every race... hopefully this will give them a kick up the arse for the rest of the season.
  5. chrismorton

    Panthers v Aces II 19/07/21

    Wearing masks has been a token gesture throughout throughout this whole debacle in my opinion anyway...anyway nice weather and no risk of it being off so looking forward to this one...let's hope our 2 Danes can make it here.
  6. chrismorton

    Panthers v Aces II 19/07/21

    Oh that will disappoint the jobsworth steward who marches round like Hitler looking for mask down offenders..
  7. chrismorton


    Thought it was odd that they were showing a Thursday match...
  8. chrismorton

    Belle Vue -V- Wolves (Eurosport)

    On TV?...jeez all this hype about Eurosport and by the end of the season we will have seen only around 8 meetings...and we've not really gained much as we have list the SEC...they skipped the weeks when the weather was good also..
  9. chrismorton

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Anyone know if Palin is ok after his crash at Newcastle?...dont want to be losing him as he is just hitting form.
  10. chrismorton


    What a pointless match to show..not impressed with their coverage..my sky Q box randomly loses its series links which it did this week so thought I'd catch the highlights which only showed 5 races and then 40 mins of waffle and replays...not impressed.
  11. Superb team performance..Jordan Palin take a bow son!
  12. Palin deserves 4 rides tonight..superb effort maxing it in the dirt out wide.
  13. I guess this is the snowflake era we live in now...however it was worth the wait...the track is superb and so is the racing.
  14. Even more boring when u have to get here at 6.30 to get a seat..8'o clock and still havnt seen a race..track looks perfect.
  15. Don't understand what we are waiting for..track was ready and prepped 15mins ago...

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