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  1. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition 2020

    Yan Bingtao v Elliot Slessor Stephen Maguire v Martin Gould Kyren Wilson v Anthony Hamilton John Higgins v Matthew Stevens David Gilbert v Kurt Maflin Jack Lisowski v Anthony McGill Mark Allen v Jamie Clarke Ronnie O'Sullivan v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh Mark Selby v Jordan Brown Shaun Murphy v Noppon Saengkham Barry Hawkins v Alexander Ursenbacher Neil Robertson v Liang Wenbo Sorry I'm late to the party. I've taken out any matches that have already started, so hope it's alright with you guys if I come in late with the handicap? I was watching the qualifiers last week - really good to see Jimmy White still playing and winning, although I guess his winning streak didn't last all that long.
  2. June01

    highest avg rider

    1969..Belle Vue..37..158..456..5..11.67..22F..3P
  3. Crikey, I thought they had it tough enough already...
  4. Just working through one or two missing bits of website info, and thought I'd see if anyone here could help. I have a few odds and ends, so might post more and turn it into a quiz type thing, if people are receptive. Question for tonight is, which team was Joe Screen representing in the 2003 ELRC, which was won by Lee Richardson at Brandon?
  5. June01

    British League Riders Championship results

    I'm also missing these so would, too, be grateful for help.
  6. June01

    Random question (s)?

    It was Eastbourne or Belle Vue.
  7. June01

    German Bundesliga fixtures 2020

    There won't be finals in the Bundesliga this year - it'll be the team which tops the table which will be crowned champions.
  8. June01

    Mental Health

    Continued from another thread, which I didn't deem this discussion appropriate to quote on, but in light of various recent events, why not discuss mental health? I saw a comment on that other thread along the lines of "ask someone if they are okay and you will usually get a yes answer, but ask them twice you might get another". To that I'd say, you will often get no answer at all. I have also tried to communicate with someone I know to be suffering at this moment in time, but have had no response. We ask why we don't talk about it, but someone who is feeling low will often ignore any offer of help or conversation, for whatever reason. There is no blanket answer. All you can do is try. The case of Caroline Flack I find particularly tragic, not only because it was a young person who felt it was her only way out, but because of the way humanity is turning to be so nasty, vocal and judgemental to people we don't even know. What is wrong with the world when there is only negativity directed at other human beings? Why can't we just be kind?
  9. June01

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Shocking news. Condolences to Danny's friends and family.
  10. Which? And you forgot anticipating the start.
  11. Can anyone tell me why Nicol in heat 3 and Pickering in heat 12 went off 15 metres at this meeting please?
  12. June01

    Sheffield 2020

    Really nice to see Simon Stead so enthusiastic about the season ahead, and it's great to see so much positivity and forward planning where there is normally so much doom and gloom. Great signing as far as I'm concerned. Sheffield are certainly coming to the table all guns blazing, and good luck to them!
  13. June01

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    Could someone who was at this meeting confirm who came last in heat 8 please? Poole and Updates sites (which seems to have come from a live feed) both say Perks replaced Newman but the official scorecard says he didn't?
  14. June01

    Canterbury Crusaders

    No, opposite. The old track is now a housing estate. Closed in 1987.
  15. Dudek and Laguta 100 more each please
  16. Thomsen 100 more please
  17. June01

    Danish league 2019

    Have they stopped sharing out the remaining points from any unraced heats when a meeting is abandoned due to rain now?
  18. Can someone who was at this meeting confirm the result of heat 3 from a programme please (not from updates/websites)?
  19. Was the "spraying" of Iversen by Pedersen really worthy of Niels' reaction in the news to it? I couldn't see the actual incident as it was just out of shot. Did see the shale flying, but it seemed a fair way away from Niels.
  20. Dudek £200 more with final spread stretcher please
  21. June01

    Heat Details 1986 and 1987

    What kind of meeting does that programme state it was? It can't have been league or KOC unless my records are way out.
  22. June01

    Formula 1 2019

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48345660 Niki Lauda has passed away.
  23. Can I add the spread stretcher to Dudek please?

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