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  1. Iversen 50 less Dudek 100 more Please.
  2. This was the reason I was asking for further evidence. I'm led to believe the SCB do verify the results and will alter them if necessary. Hopefully it will be picked up and rectified. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Could someone who was at this meeting confirm from their programme the result of heat 14 please?
  4. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Once again, thanks for running this, Rob, and congratulations on the win. Some great snooker from Trump - thoroughly deserved. Out of interest, Rob, who would you have gone with had you had first pick?
  5. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Okay I'm going Higgins. Thanks for being such a gent, Rob.
  6. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Haha, in a replay of last year's prediction competition final we will likely have a replay of the 2011 WC final! I'm really torn here. Head says Higgins, heart says Trump.
  7. June01

    Heat Details 1986 and 1987

    I have this meeting on 12.07.86 - BV 49-29 Bradford? Or Bradford 40--37 BV on 01.11.86?
  8. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Semi-final one: David Gilbert v John Higgins Semi-final two: Gary Wilson v Judd Trump
  9. June01

    Formula 1 2019

    Gooo Bottas.
  10. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    David Gilbert (Eng) v Kyren Wilson (Eng) Gary Wilson (Eng) v Ali Carter (Eng) Judd Trump (Eng) v Stephen Maguire (Sco) John Higgins (Sco)/Stuart Bingham (Eng) v Neil Robertson (Aus) I'm working tomorrow so won't be able to update this. If Higgins beats Bingham I'll go for Higgins against Robertson, but if Bingham wins I'm betting on Robertson please (hope that makes sense!)
  11. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Barry Hawkins v Karen Wilson Ali Carter v Zhou Yeulong Edited 7:45 am Saturday 27th as I changed my mind, but before the meeting started.
  12. June01

    2019 Swedish Eliteserien fixtures

    I see the Swedish league is in it's usual logical order - round 1 followed by one from round 10, followed by round 2, followed by one from round 9...
  13. June01

    Danish league 2019

    42 matches last season, not including play-offs, 30 this year. Edit: no they had 6 home matches last year, which is right for the 7 teams that were in the league Also find the new scorecard really hard on the eye. Maybe time to start wearing those glasses.
  14. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Mark Williams v David Gilbert John Higgins v Stuart Bingham Shaun Murphy v Neil Roberston (Murphy will bore him into submission) Mark Selby v Gary Wilson Judd Trump v Ding Junhui Stephen Maguire v James Cahill
  15. BSPA says this was KOC R2. Is that a typo?
  16. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/snooker/47883018 No cheating! 31/42
  17. June01

    Fancy a camper van?

    Sounds like my idea of the perfect working week.
  18. June01

    World Snooker prediction competition

    Mark Williams (Wal) v Martin Gould (Eng) David Gilbert (Eng) v Joe Perry (Eng) Barry Hawkins (Eng) v Li Hang (Chn) Kyren Wilson (Eng) v Scott Donaldson (Sco) John Higgins (Sco) v Mark Davis (Eng) Stuart Bingham (Eng) v Graeme Dott (Sco) Shaun Murphy (Eng) v Luo Honghao (Chn) Neil Robertson (Aus) v Michael Georgiou (Cyp) Mark Selby (Eng) v Zhao Xintong (Chn) Luca Brecel (Bel) v Gary Wilson (Eng) Jack Lisowski (Eng) v Ali Carter (Eng) Mark Allen (NI) v Zhou Yeulong (Chn) Judd Trump (Eng) v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Tha) Ding Junhui (Chn) v Anthony McGill (Sco) Stephen Maguire (Sco) v Tian Pengfei (Chn) Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) v James Cahill (Eng)
  19. June01

    Knife Crime

    Seems to be check number 4 these days...keys, phone, wallet, knife. Friend of mine's son was out recently and saw a guy getting physical with a girl, asked her if she was okay, and got slashed with a knife (80 stitches) by the fella. It's no wonder people turn the other cheek in a society like that. It's the safest option.
  20. June01

    US riders of the 30's

    Just wow.
  21. June01

    lakeside 2019

    Wow. I expected far more reaction to the news about Stuart Douglas. Just goes to show how jaded the fans of the club are, I suppose, and who can blame them? Whilst I think that is the final nail in the coffin, he is right that a Lakeside out of Essex isn't Lakeside at all. I've always had a lot of time for Stuart Douglas. I think when someone stays in the background so much it's easy to forget the input they have in keeping the club going. That he is still talking about pouring heart, soul, and money into getting a new track in Essex after all the trials and tribulations over the years, that his heart is still set on not only chasing, but catching that dream, shows the total dedication and commitment of the man. The class and humility in his statement speak volumes. There aren't enough good words I can say about him, but "gentleman" is one that will suffice for now. Thank you for everything you did for Arena, Stuart.
  22. June01

    Boring formula 1 racing

    He was 2nd anyway. When I posted it was Schumacher (29%), Hamilton (27%), Senna (26%)
  23. June01

    Boring formula 1 racing

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/45934287 Interesting poll on the Beeb for those of us who enjoy F1. You can't see the results unless you vote, but currently people are saying that Hamilton is a better driver than Senna. I'll just leave that here...
  24. June01

    Mac Woolford

  25. June01

    Best Comedian

    Benny Hill?

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