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  1. johno

    Aussie Speedway Season

    No Nick Morris ,Any idea which riders will be the reserves
  2. johno

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Anyone got the line up for the Australian Under 21 Championship on 17 Jan at Kurri
  3. johno

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Darcy hearing is 8 Jan, so he may still get the wildcard at melbourne
  4. johno

    Aussie Speedway Season

    I have heard he is riding in the South Australian Championship at Gillman on 28 December
  5. johno

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Is that date for Mildura comfirmed, ??
  6. What happens if Matej Zagar finishes in the GP Top 8 & in the top 3 in the GP Challenge. Will the GP number 9 or the 4th Rider in the Challenge get the place in next years GP ??
  7. johno

    2015 Sgp & Swc Calendar

  8. johno

    Lakeside V Belle Vue 15/8/14

    Any news on Davey ??,
  9. Any one got any results from this meeting
  10. Any one got the riders for St Johann
  11. johno

    All Time Favourite Tracks?

    West Ham Exeter Hackney
  12. Anyone know the dates and tracks for the 2013 Australian championship, also the under 21's

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