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  1. Glasgow to win this comfortable, or Simon and his Scorpions to give us a late birthday treat and surprise the world and win there again?
  2. Now our seasons done and dusted, lets look towards 2020, which looks set to be a big year for the club.. Jake Allen - been very consistent over the season, very rarely had a bad meeting and can ride most tracks, has to be a consideration for next year Danny Ayres - signing of the season without a doubt, HAS to be the second name on the team sheet Ben Barker - a mid season addition to the team and has helped us massively more so away from home, would welcome him back if he fancies it Stefan Nielsen - been a season to forget for Stef, although finished on a high note, unfortunatley cant see Stef back in Scunny colours Josh Auty - brilliant at home, woeful away im afraid to say.. Would say pretty much nailed on with his testimonial at Scunny in March Simon Lambert - Super Si has been brilliant since signing for us and has to be in contention for the reserve position alongside JP in 2020 Ryan Kinsley - progressed nicely this year, sadly can't see Ryan back with having Jordan in, but do hope he manages to secure a Championship place in 2020. Do have a feeling Jason Garrity will be back in Scunthorpe colours in 2020... Personally I feel we need some 'new faces' in the Scorpions team next season if we are to challenge for honours... If the average limit is 42.5 which Rob has stated most CL promoters are pushing for I'd go for something like this R Lawson, Ayres, Garrity, Allen/Worrall/Barker, Auty, Lambert, Palin It's a long winter ahead folks, whats your views
  3. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    sorry dude, dunno why i thought of josh then....
  4. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    3 clubs, Leicester, Kent and Newcastle have offered Josh a team spot, he turned all 3 down
  5. ScunnyDan

    Newcastle Dvd

  6. ScunnyDan

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe 24/7

    R/R for Adam James Shanes in for Theo
  7. Hi All I have 4 copies of The Last Lap book, about Coventry speedway for sale £9 each including postage Message me for more details SD
  8. ScunnyDan

    Belle Vue -V- Wolves (Eurosport)

    Wolves won at BV in 2019 https://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/19275/wolves-premiership-19-08-2019
  9. That was one of the better meetings racing wise I've seen at Leicester in a while.. As for Scunny, it was pretty dissapointing.. Kingy, inspired choice of guest, Lambo all effore as per.. Pijper I dont think has had a good meeting there.. Aarnio 2 lasts due to TP getting in his way.. Tommy da gun, all effort, his points doesn't reflect the effort he put in.. Big mac, all effort for little reward and a couple of trips to the bouncy castle.. Palin, one of them nights... It's ok going undefeated in the league at home, but if we keep performing like we are away, quite frankly, we don't deserve the playoffs... Onto Birmingham on Wednesday
  10. Top all round team performance tonight. Was really pleasing to see Josh MacDonald in the points too.. Special shout out to Tero who claimed his first paid maximum in 11 years! Onto Lesta tomorro....
  11. Lions should win this, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Scunny nick a point 47-43
  12. Stevie Worrall guests for Adam Ellis, whos racing in Hungary in a European Pairs meeting
  13. Looking forward to this.. first trip to Newcastle... do you have to wear masks inside the stadium too?
  14. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions v Bandits 02.07.2021

    We was expecting heavy showers around 6-7pm, which we didn't get. The track was prepped so if that rain came, we would still have been ok to run
  15. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    pretty sure we could use a 3* reserve if needed, could we tempt Ryan Kinsley to do it if needed?
  16. ScunnyDan

    Scorpions sign Adam Ellis

    There will be a few people that think this is a bad move (cough Nanna June cough) but personally see this as a really positive move. Josh hasn't really been his usual self at home this season never mind away, and signing Adam we've finally got an out and out number 1, that's capable of scoring away as well as home.. I for one have to admit im quite pleased with the move... We might get 26 points at Edinburgh on Friday now
  17. Adams polish commitments ran out this week, so there shouldn't be any clashes
  18. Could we get another guest in for Tero tomorrow if needed or would it have to be R/R?
  19. Firstly, I sent my best wishes to Josh Auty, and hope any injury sustained isn't major.. Racing got better as the night went on... track prep in hot hot weather must be difficult, well done to the lions track staff... Scorpions did themselfs proud tonight, not many teams will get 40+ at the lions den oh, the chippy was quality too

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