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  1. I wanted to to ensure my wife and children had the best possible evening doing something that I like and had to persuade them to watch!
  2. I said similar to my wife after going to Kings Lynn on Thursday. It cost us £50 to get in (£20 per adult and £5 per child (mine are 7 and 10 years old)), £8 for 4 seats in the grandstand and £3 for a programme. Add £20 for 2 pints, a wine and couple of soft drinks and that totals £81 for the evening. Ok so that was a one off for us as happened to be in the area, but there’s no way we could spend that out on a weekly basis to attend.
  3. First speedway meeting tonight for me since Lakeside closed. Thoroughly enjoyed cheering on the stars. My wife and kids thoroughly enjoyed the occasion too, after dragging them from our holiday home to come with me to watch. great to see awesome Lawson still the same rider as I fondly remember. Jorgensen a real talent. Good to see Bewley also, great prospect for GB. thanks to the welcoming lynn fans in the grandstand. Hope the lady that fell after heat 15 is ok
  4. TRM

    Andy Fordham.

    RIP Andy
  5. TRM

    Football 2020/21

    Are you Danish by any chance?
  6. TRM

    Football 2020/21

    What made you come to that conclusion?
  7. TRM

    Where's Chunky?

    And football thread yesterday
  8. Not quite true though for the entire country
  9. Or the airports can’t cope with anyone passing through whilst all staff remain furloughed
  10. I have serious doubts it ever will
  11. My sister lives here. They are back in lockdown! Schools closed. vaccine rollout apparantly going well after slow start, now doing over 40’s same as UK. they claimed to be the safest place in the world some time ago
  12. Just wondering if there has been any update on what the government are doing to increase hospital capacity ahead of a potential third wave at some point in the future? I thought this would be number one on the priority list, seeing as hospitals being overran is the main cause of the requirement for lockdowns to keep cases down? Or maybe they are just adopting the strategy of hoping it doesn’t materialise?
  13. TRM

    Covid Vaccine

    I am also way down the list being in my 40’s, but I have resigned myself to the fact that if I want to start reliving my life to how it was before the pandemic then I will have to. My issue however is my children, who are both below the age of 10. I will not feel comfortable giving it to them, they should make their own decision when they turn 16 on whether they wish to have it or not. But where does that leave us for holidays, etc, where you will have to have had the vaccine to enable you to board an aeroplane?
  14. That’s good, we will reach herd immunity in no time, or maybe we are nearly already there

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