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  1. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/18185364.speedway-stock-cars-return-unused-odsal-stadium/ Saw this linked from a banger forum,could be good news!
  2. Maybe Dean Wood will step in and run it under the spedeworth banner,same as he does at Mildenhall. I hope so i have a lot of good memories of arena when i raced in the bangers there. Martin. (also of Herne Bay)
  3. martin297

    Jhr frame ( diamond ) wanted

    Hi Mate, i have an early laydown jhr diamond. Open to offers only thing is im in kent.
  4. martin297

    Niche Sports TV - Promoting Speedway

    Good luck to you Nick, Anyone sticking their neck out to give more coverage to speedway in general deseves to be congratulated.
  5. Wooohoo! I made the pages of the British speedway forum! Thanks for putting that up.
  6. martin297

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    One of the greats, and it doesn't get one line in the sports section of the BBC news. RIP.
  7. martin297

    SCB and amatuer racing.

    Track has air fence and every meeting will have medics in attendance.
  8. martin297

    SCB and amatuer racing.

    Hi mate it's teams made up of novices intermediates and juniors.
  9. martin297

    SCB and amatuer racing.

    Hi mate, thanks for the reply, I know about liecester and scunny, But I am nearer to France that scunny! So maybe the track is the issue.
  10. Quick question, can the SCB take action on riders competing in amatuer leagues? Myself and a few other amatuers have signed up to an amatuer league and it would appear that SCB wouldnt be impressed if youngsters (not us middle aged deluded wobblers) were to compete ( a few riders have had a reserve spot here and there in league meetings)? Surely the next generation need more track time and amatuer racing is a way of acheiving this, why would the SCB be against this, im not throwing wild accusations around, i just struggle to understand the logic.
  11. martin297

    Training Dates Half Term

    Iwade are running a practice day on the 22nd as far as i know.
  12. Iwade are running another ladies day on sept 9th as far as i know. Those of you with facebook will have to check. Last one was a success. I will be going along to help out.
  13. Never mind, i was looking forward to racing at lynn, you cant beat the weather unfortunatley, thanks for your efforts over the past year and thanks to yourselves and John Carpenter for making my speedway debut possible.
  14. martin297

    Fuel And Oil

    HI mate, im buying r40 from m+p on ebay for £10.49 a litre delivered and i believe you can buy methanol in a 25lt drum from jennychem( dont tell them its for fuel,tell them its a cleaning agent) Hope this helps.

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