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  1. Is the meeting on any british tv-channel?
  2. Smederna

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    Pontus Aspgren, Smederna has decided to end his career as a professional speedway-rider due to the neck injury he sustained last season. He has done everything he can to make a comeback, sadly it didn’t work.
  3. Smederna

    Leicester vs pboro 13/4/23

    Is the meeting broadcasted on the tv?
  4. For season 2023, should we start a new thread? This one is getting hard to navigate in since there are several seasons in one thread.
  5. Smederna

    Stars v Panthers 01/09/22

    Is this meeting broadcasted on tv?
  6. Smederna

    Wolves v Kings Lynn 25/7/22

    Does anyone have a link to the scorecard? Can’t find it on britishspeedway.co.uk
  7. Smederna

    Wolves v Kings Lynn 25/7/22

    Is this meeting broadcasted on any channel?
  8. Is Gor - Tor aired on any other channel then Nsport+? Nsport+ is currently down for me.
  9. How do you get Polish Canal + Sport 5 to be able to watch these meetings? Just checked on my tv, i only have Canal + Sport 1 to 4..
  10. I can only agree with you. Do you think that MJJ will extend his contract with us? i have always heard from people around the team that MJJ is highly appreciated as team captain, and that he is a good team mate. Maybe there is something in it since we are axing Gleb and probably keeping MJJ.
  11. @Ghostwalker I truly hope that Woryna will stay at Smederna next season!
  12. Does anybody know why the riders are holding a paper with the name Mati on it?

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