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  1. Essex

    Poole 2024

    It may as well be Japanese as I didn't I understand a word of it
  2. Essex

    Poole 2024

    Hgbmkolm gftrdcs bhjj nn fs bujmb hgftffdddsa hjui bgjop!mj BENA COOKA
  3. I used to go to Hackney whenever Poole were riding and their car park was always free probably it was the norm at that time so and never been to Berwick just wondering why is it free when they could make a bit of money from it however it's excellent, unlike Poole who charge assume they don't own the car park.
  4. Mike was there no guest available ?
  5. Essex

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Speedway isn't football where supporters of certain clubs dislike certain teams so much so it's a punch up when they come to town, this is speedway and the more clubs the better no one well certainly me doesn't want any club to fold and am not unlike some on here against any club.These people are not true fans of speedway doubt if they remember Wimbledon,White City,Hackney, maybe Exeter and Cradley Heath but my point is then everyone loved the competition and seeing certain teams visit their track with their star No 1 rider because unlike today your No 1 was that.Here's hoping Plymouth do well no better fan than mike 0310 but have to say their team looks weak where's the rider control board I think that's what it was called ( what's that I hear some ask ) who decided where a top rider must ride.Rambling now so time to go ........
  6. Essex

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Probably a cheaper time it's more commercial now and more costs involved in running a team,the racing is still the same maybe a few seconds faster but your Ivan Maugers,Super Simmo,Barry Briggs etc are your Doyle's janowski and Zmarzlik of today.
  7. Essex

    Redcar 2024

    Got to say it only seems like yesterday as I recall that he was brought to Poole as young rider at reserve and did so well he was getting guest rides at other clubs how has time moved so fast just enjoy speedway whoever you support
  8. Essex

    Workington 2024

    Just seen picture of your track looks an excellent location by the sea like Poole and track looks the same shape as Poole so assuming our star 4 pointer gets off the start and it's a big if going by comments on here he could once he gets dialled into Wimborne Road absolutely fly around your seaside track that would be funny let's hope I'm laughing lots this season.
  9. Essex

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Must say this Thomsen bloke if going by some on here has no hope of getting off the start line he's been completely written off by a few on here, personally I've never heard of him maybe his dad Finn ? but if he does do well a few red faces on here or I told you so would be appropriate
  10. Essex

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Thomson may turn out to be a trump card in this so called weaker league let's give him a chance
  11. Essex

    Poole 2024

    I certainly have now reading the funny comments on here i think lots of riders would pick Poole over Workington wouldn't they ? chance to win things,big crowd and the seaside got to admit where is Workington as for our new marquee signing let's give him a chance as it's a less demanding league this year he could be a trump card if he is rubbish I'm sure he won't last long but give him a chance
  12. Essex

    Poole 2024

    I seem to remember some years ago quite scary how long ago but we had i think 2 unknowns called Hans Anderson and Krystoff Cigielski as reserves and they did pretty well so agree with you Lisa let's see how they get on.
  13. Essex

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    I guess the answer is in the first line of your response " they don't want to spend money " as it's their money they choose what they spend it on.Poole dropped down probably due to money and race nights and have still been pretty successful but if you want to watch better riders ie ex and current GP stars you'll have to travel to places like Sheffield if that's your nearest top league team.I thought as you have mentioned this league is getting weaker with points limit etc but after reading some posts on here I realise that it's a 2nd division of speedway so it will be a weaker product than the " top " league but it's still a sport I've followed and loved since my first visit to Wimborne Road and it is what it is and we've both still got a team to support unlike Exeter,Eastbourne,White City,Cradley Heath, the list is endless.
  14. Essex

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Thanks for the info but was only commenting on is he a good signing for Scunthorpe being the teams will all be weaker this coming season and that's 4 more races than he won at Poole try though that he did.
  15. Essex

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    With my limited knowledge surely Dan Thompson is not a heat leader nothing personal but this doesn't look a very strong team but maybe I'm talking nonsense,Mike 0310 the voice of Plymouth knowledge what do you think ?

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