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  1. On the topic of Swedes, this is how the averages in the swedish league look: Thorsell 1,758 Nilsson 1,613 Lahti 1,568 Berntzon 1,517 So fairly close between them, of course a big factor being which teams they've faced and so on but Thorsell clearly having a good season. When considering his performance in Poland and that he got a podium in the first SEC meeting I think he is the obvious first choice to pair with Lindgren. Of the guys that got left out I don't really think Hellström-Bängs can complain and Lindback is not doing great in Poland from what I've seen. Lindbäck 1,528 Casper Henriksson 1,346 Hellström Bängs 1,036
  2. Yellow gate look horrible
  3. Heat 3 he just gave them the 5-1, very frustrating
  4. Lorenzo558

    SGP venues for 2024

    Why? Edit: Oops didn't realise it was June not July, yeah that is definitely worse than last year. Although should still be fine, the one time it was in september was really bad
  5. Brilliant ride from Freddie there in heat 19
  6. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    These rules are definitely confusing sometimes
  7. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    Transfer cards doesn't really have anything to do with this, riders that transfers using those have to ride 12 heats to be eligible for playoffs. This Madsen thing is rather a "injury replacement" rule which goes outside that and could have been made even if all transfer cards were already used
  8. Hampels riding the last few weeks is insane, outscoring Zmarlik and Kubera in Lublin, outscoring Zmarzlik and Kubera in Sweden with Lejonen. Crazy form
  9. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    Sorry I don't follow Allsvenskan as close so I'm not as in tune with the rules but I think the average rules are the same although with only a 6 rider per team it's of course very easy to get under that cap. No clue about the guest really I know it's a thing where Swedes ride for a team in "Bauhausligan" and they are then guests for the team in Allsvenskan but in reality I don't actually know what it entails or the benefits of it.
  10. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    The 11,000 is the start of season averages. Otherwise it woudln't work because two good matches and you would have to switch out your entire team However the running average (2,000 in your example) is used to decide who is placed on the reserve spots at 6 and 7. The two lowest in the lineup are placed there
  11. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league 2024 Tues/Wed 16th/17th July

    At least 2 swedes in the lineup. And there is also a max on the allowed average of the team set at 11,0
  12. Lorenzo558

    Speedway Betting 2023

    Interesting that bet365 make Lejonen 4/7 today. Other bookies available to me in Sweden are mostly around 4/5. One even has the Lejonen win at 23/20
  13. So Wroclaw - Torun and Czestochowa - Lublin?
  14. After 10 heats, most likely Lublin and Torun are going to semis together with Czestochowa and Wroclaw. Very dramatic and lots left to decide tho

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