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  1. I do. once he’d been ‘excluded’ , under 2 mins, then allowed to go off 15 m and then further ‘excluded’….the Adrenalin wore off somewhat and he was referred back to the Paramedic due to a shoulder injury and then medically withdrawn. Simple as that.
  2. Just helping out due to availability issues with the now regular Trackman. His advice and guidance is helping out the club but he’s not available on a regular basis as he still does Sheffield .
  3. Your quite right….. Ive got it wrong as I thought it was THE Riders FINAL , sorry…….but the advertising is very, very misleading and I have no idea which other clubs are holding rounds of this competition.
  4. Nice and central for the fans , no time off required for those that work……I typed sarcastically. Even the majority of the competitors will be out of pocket.
  5. KK62

    Redcar 2024

    Most important role in ANY club, more important than riders and it was a tragedy when he left as he was / is one of the very best track curators in the UK.
  6. KK62

    Redcar 2024

    I signed him for that season with all the ‘baggage’ that came with him but the ‘baggage train’ is now bigger than the station and no club with any decent standards will be signing him.
  7. As Middlesbrough only found out Mulford wasn't available two weeks ago thats simply isnt true in their case but I can’t speak for Oxford.
  8. What a sensitive soul you are. I was merely being sarcastic to the comments discussing the validity of the non ‘guests’. As someone involved in the junior side of speedway Im fully aware of the state of the NDL but totally understand why both clubs did what they did. There actually isn't that many unattached juniors of a satisfactory standard that could have filled the spots with another fixture already taking place using up a majority of such riders in Kent.
  9. KK62

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    So did Redcar.
  10. There wasn't any ‘ guests ‘ ! and there actually wasn't as Hutt is an Oxford lad and Mudgway was a Redcar Cub when he started and a Bear when he finished, but….. any comments on the quality of the meeting ? rather than technical points gathering .
  11. Pre Jonny Swales was ‘Terry the Track’ and we won track of the year two years running with him on the tractor.
  12. If people paid attention and knew what they were typing about they would know Danny was NOT riding in the NJL ! He rode in the second half to get bike time and sort an engine out.
  13. There was a couple of individuals who had a go at the track during Havelocks reign, Hainsworth is one of those and he’s still learning the craft.
  14. If you were already trying to get out of the car park during the first junior race then you wouldn’t have seen any lap of honour anyway , but an announcement for impatient people might of helped. Try writing to Redcar council about the car park, see if you have more luck than the club.
  15. Scunthorpe had their ‘lap of honour’ , just after the first junior race, like always happens at Redcar, no matter who wins. Agree about the car park but it’s not the speedways car park , and the council have been asked to do something about it but don’t hold your breath.

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