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  1. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

  2. That’s criminal from Worrall. It’s so poor. Good to see Flint in amongst the points again. Two heat wins at Armadale on Friday night and another two last night shows momentum, so hopefully he can keep that going. What’s happened to Pijper? He seems so far off the pace, it’s scary. I was picking my arse at 17 years-old and he’s a professional speedway rider, so this isn’t an outright attack on the boy, but he’s really struggled this weekend.
  3. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    It’ll be interesting to see how quickly changes are made. Given the investments made by the Facenna family, I can’t imagine they’ll have much appetite for waiting until the season is a write-off. I’m assuming any changes will be influenced by who’s available, but selecting who to drop will be a headache. It’s felt like a collective underperformance as opposed to blatant individual failings. If someone had a gun to my head, I’d say Starke and Worrall had to make way. Credit where it’s due, Flint’s recent form has improved, so I’d save him.
  4. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    Wow. Triggered by a comment that didn’t involve you at 7:30PM on a Saturday evening. Take care.
  5. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    My Top 20 Riders

    You can’t have seen Chris Harris last night have him third…
  6. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    Again, I agree, Glasgow were rubbish, but they had seven heat winners, so your logic must also be applied to Edinburgh on those seven occasions; not fast enough. Regardless, it was a really poor night of speedway. I caught myself a few times thinking, ”I was critical of Plymouth’s track a few weeks ago, but I’ve just paid £21 to watch an expensive, boring game of follow the leader”.
  7. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    Agreed; Glasgow were poor, but your comment implies only one party (us) weren’t trying to make an entertaining evening of it which wasn’t the case. 95% of that meeting was follow the leader with not a single close finish. Very disappointing.
  8. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    I couldn’t agree more; that was a painfully poor evening of ‘racing’. My mate noticed that the first pass took place in heat six and it was Jack Smith passing Fredriksen who had an engine failure. Don’t get me wrong, Cook and Castagna’s dives up the inside in heats 13 and 14 were impressive, but I recall one single pass after the first lap; Fredriksen on Smith in heat 8. Massive congratulations to Edinburgh on a deserved victory and genuinely, all the best for the semi-finals, but Jesus Christ, that was a poor advert for speedway.
  9. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Lee Complin

    Gutted by this. There’s an argument to be made that Complin won that league title for Glasgow last season. No, he didn’t top score, but he went above and beyond what was expected of him. His heat fourteen move and block on Lewis Kerr against Oxford at Ashfield, allowing Brennan to come through the inside, was genuine world class speedway. What was more impressive was his connection with the fans. He almost single handedly had Ashfield rocking. Regardless, he’s f*cked up, big time. I heard he was gifted a very expensive engine which, including the many sponsors who backed him and the multiple fans who bought his merchandise, renders a long list of disappointed and let down parties. What a shame.
  10. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    I’m not vaccinated and I was based in a country in Central Asia largely unaffected by the pandemic. As such, your uneducated assumption is instantly nullified. Well done. In my opinion, there’s a blatant gap here: those of us who wish to discuss genuine Health & Safety matters which, for example, protect riders in the sport of speedway. Then, there’s you and @bellevueace: want to talk about conkers and shopkeepers refusing to blow-up balloons. Toilet bowl conversations.
  11. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    This is literally the equivalent to discussing banking and complaining about the colour of pennies. Or discussing the maritime industry and criticising the quality of blow-up pool toys. The topic of discussion is Health & Safety within a sport which involves four people, travelling between 40MPH and 60MPH around a sphere-shaped track with no brakes, but you’re talking about conkers? Honestly, this place is utterly mental. Throttle cut-outs and folding foot rests, plus dirt deflectors, have significantly increased rider protection. Those are Health & Safety developments within the sport whereby the subject should be applauded. If you want to talk about balloons being inflated, don’t quote me.
  12. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    You’re an expert in utterly ridiculous posts, aren’t you? Here, let me introduce you to something called a sensible opinion:
  13. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    I mean no offence whatsoever @DazS, but that statement is absolutely dripping with ignorance. There isn’t a single more important professional metric on this planet than ensuring people’s safety. I’d be very interested to learn more about your opinion on this as from an employment perspective, it’s a subject I’m exposed to on a daily basis.
  14. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    You’re unnecessarily attempting to romanticise the past. Ivan Mauger, Bruce Penhall, Hans Nielsen, Tony Rickardsson and Derek Sneddon would struggle to pass on Plymouth’s subbuteo track. Social media, 24 hours news and mobile phones have been revolutionary for all sports, including speedway. With those parting comments, you’re at risk of sounding like a deluded old man. Health & safety is a non-negotiable criteria in the modern world and absolutely rightly so, despite the fact that you fantasise about those who ”just got on with it”.
  15. TheWellBehavedWorrall

    Plymouth v worky

    It’s the bikes and the riders’ fault.

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