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  1. If Buster wants big bucks for hire or the stadium and promotion rights to run speedway at KingsLynn. It may put off someone wanting to run there like a previous poster has said it’s not looking good for next season. This may open the door for Swaffham Saxons to run as no speedway at lynn, wouldn’t surprise if Mr Brady is already doing his groundwork. The track would need converting but it could be made to a Belle Vue style track. The track surface at lynn is terrible for speedway.
  2. Started raining in Lynn just after 3pm and carried on in into the night. No way it could of been run in them conditions unless they were going out on jet skis
  3. lynnboy

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    I’m in KingsLynn and it’s still raining, it would have definitely been cancelled. Correct call was made
  4. Knowing KL we will sign Thomas Jorgensen again if he is fit
  5. The first meeting he missed had nothing to do with him. His dad was not very well and had to leave. what is a 15 year old supposed to do ? Stay there by himself at the other end of the country, or get a lift home with his dad ? He was on the track walk so it showed he was going to ride. Secondly he was desperate to ride in the u19’s as he had a good chance of a rostrum place and maybe even a win. Well you will be pleased to know the technician managed after 3 days of trying, he sorted out the issues with the van and managed to get it opened. As I said if you thought you could of done it quicker I’m sure they would of paid for you to fix it, but I think you will find it was nowhere near as easy fix as you made out. Let’s hope he scores maximum hauls in all his matches this weekend as I’m sure you will have something else to write about him. Hopefully something nice for a change.
  6. Don’t you think his dad has tried this ? It’s not like a Vauxhall Astra car you know ! It’s a very high spec Mercedes AB race van with a high security locking system to stop people breaking in. Maybe give him a call if you think it’s easy ? They are speaking directly to Mercedes and locksmith’s to solve the issue. They are having the whole electronic key system replaced today at a considerable expense so hopefully they will be able to race at the weekend. The only other option is to cut the doors off. I don’t know why people like yourself like having little digs at a 16 year old lad ? When you obviously don’t know what extremes they are going to, to get it fixed I just wish people like you would speak to his dad (very nice guy) instead of putting crap on here you know nothing about.
  7. You really are a keyboard numpty ! his equipment is locked in the back of his van has dead locks on it ! What do you want him to do cut the doors off his van ! Why would he want to miss it when he had a bloody good chance of winning it ?
  8. Is the online stream that I paid for first time around still valid as they don’t seem to respond to the emails I have sent them
  9. Any news if this meeting is being re run or not ? as if not I will have to see about getting a re fund for the live stream I paid for.
  10. lynnboy

    Ashton Boughen

    You really don’t know what you’re talking about. he has not got new equipment they are Jordan Jenkins old engines. I guess you are one of the people spreading rumours that he was on GP tuned engines, the boy can ride any bike he was just as good at motorcross. Hence the reason he was racing at world youth level. He is the most laid back kid I know yes his dad has spent money on him but then so has a lot of parents over the years. If your son is talented like Ashton is I’m sure most parents would do the same. Maybe people should get behind him as this boy is certainly special.
  11. lynnboy

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn August 10th

    Hopefully have Rob Lyon back next season
  12. I’m going for Ashton Boughen to be on the rostrum
  13. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2023

    Sad to say it but This may be the end for Lynn speedway. With Buster wanting out, Dale in hospital and now Brady gone. Who is paying the bills ? Will KingsLynn finish the season ? Lynn could end up just being a banger track. Hopefully someone will step in and take it over, but they will need deep pockets with money, as the crowds we are getting won’t pay the wages without someone putting money in. Maybe Jonathan Chapman may take control with his dad in the background ?
  14. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2023

    I have followed Rowes scores this year for Poole and he is doing a great job at no2. I personally don’t think Edwards rides KingsLynn that well he seems to do better away than at KingsLynn. I think a fully fit Pickering is a heat leader which he was providing last year till he got injured. toft was supposed to be a heat leader at KingsLynn but has looked far from it in my book,
  15. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2023

    I would do a major overhaul and get rid of klindt, jorgensen, toft and KK none of them have impressed me I would keep Pickering as when fit he is a heat leader. And if allowed swap edwards for Andres Rowe of allowed, as he use to fly around lynn when with Somerset

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