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  1. Hopefully I'm not duplicating what someone has posted elsewhere, but I think it's time to get this thread up and running for all news and results as the season starts properly next weekend! Calendar so far: World Championship 27/01/24 QR1 Ornskoldsvik 23/03/24 - World Final 1 – Inzell 24/03/24 – World Final 2 – Inzell 06/04/24 – World Final 3 – Heerenveen 07/04/24 – World Final 4 - Heerenveen European Championship 24-25/02/2024 - Sanok Sweden 05/01/24 Swedish Superligan RD1 Östersund 06/01/24 Swedish Superligan RD2 Strömsund 07/01/24 Swedish Superligan RD3 Örnsköldsvik 13/01/24 Swedish Superligan RD4 Gävle 14/01/24 Swedish Superligan RD5 Bollnäs 20/01/24 Swedish Allsvenskan RD1 Gävle 21/01/24 Swedish Allsvenskan RD2 Bollnäs 03/02/24 Swedish Allsvenskan RD3 Strömsund 04/02/24 Swedish Allsvenskan RD4 Örnsköldsvik 10/02/24 Swedish Final Gävle 17/02/24 Nordic Final Östersund Other 10/02/24 Finnish Championship Messilä Russian Championship 09/12/23 - Russian Super League - RD1 Kamensk-Uralsky 10/12/23 – Russian Super League - RD2 Kamensk-Uralsky 16-17/12/23 Russian Championship - Semi Final 1 Ufa 16-17/12/23 Russian Championship - Semi Final 2 Shadrinsk 23-24/12/23 Russian Championship - RD1 Togliatti 29/12/23 Russian Junior Team Championship – Shadrinsk 6-7/1/24 Russian Championship - RD2 Kamensk-Uralsky 6-7/1/24 Russian Cup – Izhevsk 13-14/1/24 Russian Championship – RD3 Shadrinsk 13-14/1/24 Russian Cup – Saransk 20-21/01/24 Russian Championship – RD4 Saransk 27/01/24 – Russian Major League – RD1 Izhevsk 27/01/24 – Russian Super League – RD3 Togliatti 28/01/24 – Russian Super League – RD4 Togliatti 28/01/24 – Russian Major League – RD2 Izhevsk 03-04/02/24 – Russian Championship – RD5 Vyatskie Polyany 10/02/24 – Russian Major League – RD3 Saransk 10/02/24 - Russian Super League – RD5 Ufa 11/02/24 - Russian Super League – RD6 Ufa 10/02/24 – Russian Major League – RD4 Saransk 17-18/02/24 – Russian Championship – RD6 Krasnogorsk 24-25/02/24 Russian Cup – Final Ufa 02/03/24 – Russian Team Cup – RD1 Togliatti 03/03/24 – Russian Team Cup – RD2 Togliatti 09-10/03/24 – Russian Junior Championship - Shadrinsk
  2. Does anybody by any chance have results from Marmande for the years that its annual 13th July fixture was held as a non-Championship international meeting? I believe the following years: 2000-2002, 2008, 2015-2020. Thanks! 2019: Bergé, Trésarrieu, Franc 2018: Bergé, Harris, Hall 2017: Riss, Bergé, Pijper 2016: De Jong, Riss, Trésarrieu
  3. tapesuptv

    2023 FIM Long Track

    Tapes Up TV It's the big one, the 2023 FIM Long Track World Championship title decider. Just a point separates former Speedway Grand Prix winners Chris Harris and Martin Smolinski, the only two remaining contenders. We will be live on Tapes Up TV from 13:30 local time. LAST ROUND DECIDER Both Harris and Smolinski have made every Grand Final since Ostrów in June, delivering in the process one of the most enthralling title fights in years, with never more than three points between the top two. For Smolinski this is familiar territory, because he won the 2018 title by just a point over Dimitri Bergé in the Final at Muhdlorf. The German has since been unable to regain the crown, after a collarbone injury ended his 2019 challenge, then he lost the 2020 and 2022 seasons altogether due to a hip injury. Harris, meanwhile, transitioned in to FIM Long Track after his final Speedway Grand Prix season in 2016 and has made steady progress, claiming his first podium at La Réole in 2019, two further trips to the rostrum leaving him world number three in 2022, while his first victories - back-to-back at Ostrów and Marmande - have been the basis for his title challenge in 2023. FORM GUIDE It is Harris who leads the Standings, despite defeat at the hands of Smolinski in Morizes two weeks ago, with Smolinski yet to win a Round this season. But the home favourite was the winner at Muhldorf in 2018 and 2019, and had previously been on the podium there in 2014 and 2016. Harris finished second to Mathieu Trésarrieu in Muhldorf in our first visit since the global pandemic last year.
  4. Does anybody by any chance have the full results for this? Thanks.
  5. tapesuptv

    2023 FIM Long Track

    Thanks Dave, looking forward to having you on the mic as always. For those who are interested, Long Track season pass available here: https://www.tapesup.tv/pages/fixture-schedule
  6. tapesuptv


    www.tapesup.tv Our next broascast will be the Ice Speedway Legends Race from Inzell on Friday 17th March. If you can't get to the track in person then follow all of the action live on Tapes Up TV. We really can't wait to see our childhood heroes back on track! We are offering a special discount until 48 hours before the event so please get your ticket in advance; as always you will be able to re-watch for a minimum of 30 days after the chequered flag. Please note a totally separate stream from a different provider will go out for the World Championship competition. Our thanks to the club at Inzell and to the track legend Günther Bauer for accommodating us at his Farewell meeting.
  7. tapesuptv


    I'm afraid not, but I am sure we will be back for more Ice Speedway in the future so watch this space!
  8. tapesuptv


    https://www.tapesup.tv/pages/2023-european-ice-speedway-championship LIVE ICE SPEEDWAY COMES TO TAPES UP TV We are delighted to announce that we will provide live stream coverage of the 2023 European Ice Speedway Championship on 25th and 26th February from Sanok. In partnership with Polish host broadcasters Wizja TV our friends and partners at Sabmar TV plus promoters Speedway Events, we look forward to bringing Ice Speedway onto your screens live at home. Tapes Up TV's Dave Goddard will provide English language commentary, with additional features and video content shown during grading breaks at the track. The stream is priced at £12 for both days. And as a special treat for our Ice Speedway fans, we have included a free pass to re-watch the 2022 European Championship in the preceding days to put you in the mood. So that means 88 races for just £12 - a real winter warmer. The event will also be used as a gauge for the viability of future Ice Speedway productions, so please do support our stream as we would like to bring you more both this season and in the future.
  9. Obviously a difficult year to get hold of these. Is there anybody who has spares from any of the 2020 Rounds they are willing to sell?
  10. tapesuptv

    WANTED: Ice Speedway Programmes

    I don't suppose that any of the 22 meetings listed above are hanging around anyone's loft unwanted? Thanks again.
  11. Link for anyone who wasn't sure where to find tonight's coverage.
  12. tapesuptv

    WANTED: Ice Speedway Programmes

    Just 22 to go. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.
  13. tapesuptv

    SON 2020

    2020 Speedway of Nations regulations
  14. I am looking for the following to complete my collection: WORLD FINALS 1966: RD2 Moscow 1967: RD1 Ufa, RD3 Leningrad 1968: RD1 Salavat 1972: Nassjo 1975: Moscow GRAND PRIX 1998: RD1 Krasnogorsk, RD2 Saransk 1999: RD2 Saransk 2001: RD2 Saransk 2002: RD4 Inzell 2003: RD1 Saransk 2004: RD1 Krasnogorsk, RD2 Ufa 2006: RD1 Saransk 2009: RD1 Krasnogorsk, RD2 Ufa 2012: RD2 Ufa 2014: RD2 Blagoveshchensk 2016: RD2 Almaty Happy to buy or swap for my spares. I would also be interested to know if there is anyone out there with a complete collection...predominantly to know which meetings didn't have a programme, particularly earlier fixtures, to avoid searching in vain. Sorry for the long post.
  15. tapesuptv

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    Thank you for your contributions. I have updated my initial post for ease of reference.

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