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  1. Thanks for the replies- definitely Geoff Pymar and Dent Oliver (I should have known about Dent)- Bob Andrews doesn't qualify as noted and also Ron Johnson as -non-riding reserve (good tries though). I will pass the Dent and Pymar names on to Reg -particularly since Geoff rode for him!!. Thanks all for your responses, I certainly learned something
  2. As many of you know , the Prov. League (60-64) was started to give chances to younger riders and guys who couldn' be top heat leaders in the old National League. It got me thinking of how many former World Finalists pre 1960 appeared in the Prov. League. I came up with three- Eric Boothroyd, Trevor Redmond and Graham Warren, to which Reg Fearman has added another two-Danny Dunton and Dick Bradley. So five altogether-am I missing anyone? I reckon that's about it.

    Riders and Closed Tracks

    Glad to see a mention of Geoff Penniket (Plunket as we used to call him). Key part of Newport in mid sixties-think he went to Poole after that. I recall him getting his first max in the BL. Great character-armchair style of riding, think he lost a finger in a racing accident. Anyone know if "Plunket" is still with us?

    Riders and Closed Tracks

    I think the champ looks like Stan Stevens (great guy).

    Oxford 1964

    Good on you Norbold-what is the oldest programme (your first meeting) and what season do you have the most programmes from? Nothing the matter with anoraks either.

    Oxford 1964

    Yup, this a great forum-particularly glad for stuff on sixties (my era)- I still have the programmes of every meeting I ever attended.!! I must be what you Brits used to call an "anorak"!!!!

    Fathers and Sons

    I also remember this- I think Wilf was in his fifties and got drafted in because there was a regular unavailable (I could be wrong though)

    Oxford 1964

    BL65, agree with Sidney- I learn so much from your posts ,many thanks and keep 'em coming!!

    Oxford 1964

    BL65 you have excelled yourself!!! thanx for all the work you have put in. Not surprised that Long Eaton would have climbed up the table-as you say they had won some away fixtures but were sadly decimated by injuries. Sad to see Newport drop from 6th to 13th-should have kept my big trap shut!!. Seriously thank you for all the effort this must have taken-it is always a pleasure to read your posts- if I ever get back to the UK will buy you and compost a beer(Plus for you Norbold an orange juice-since you have foresworn the evil grape). Cheers to all..


    BL 65 -you are amazing-I lived in Cardiff in 1962 and I recall lining up for my smallpox vaccination-how do you know all this-you must be a genius or a time traveller!!

    Hastings Saxons site updated

    Thank you for keeping the Saxons history alive- keep up the good work.

    Oxford 1964

    Say there had been no injuries to anybody in 1965- How, Mauger (I guess they wouldn't have got Brett in that case) Sharples etc etc -who do you think would have ended up Champs-still WH or maybe someone else- Halifax would be pretty good as I recall-they lost Brien Elliott. What about Wolves??

    Oxford 1964

    Blimey BL65-you and your posts - I reluctantly have to agree that though Dick Bradley is one of my heroes if he hadn't been injured it would not have made that much difference to the Wasps final position!! BTW what was the team you followed the most- West Ham maybe?? Thanks for all the info you share with us, I think I speak for all forumlanders when I say how much I enjoy your posts and how much I learn from them. Keep up the good work mate!!

    Oxford 1964

    I agree BL65, How was great-I was privileged to see Ron before his career ending accident. I reckon with How Oxford would have been champs. If the boot had been on the other foot it would have been like Harrfeldt was injured for West Ham. They would have had no chance. BTW a sore point with me is that Dick Bradley was injured and not replaced for the Wasps. Even without Dick, the Wasps finished the highest among the 1964 Prov. League tracks

    Oxford 1964

    Never a top track- always middle or bottom of the NL table, the Cheetahs swept the board and won the last ever NL Championship in 1964. They seemed unstoppable-there was an article in the Speedway Star about their "G" men- Genz, Geran, Goody, Gooch,.. I am trying to recall the others -one was Arne Pander another was Ron How and John Bishop. If they had been left intact I reckon they would have run away with the title in the first BL season of 1965. Any 1964 Oxford supporters out there who can share their memories with us forumlanders.

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