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Hi i want to have another play at speedway i use to ride with the southern track riders about 30 years ago but i am strugling to find any info for pratice tracks iwade looks to be closed lydd dont seem to have any changes on there site since 2018 scunthorpe  are a go andposs IOW but the main thing i realy need help with is the bike i have a tight budget aroung the £1200 mark dont want a SCB lience so play only with the odd amerter meeting but what would be the best bike to get upright or laydown  just for use a laydown is the cheapest by far but dont want to go dirt deflector unless i have to or restore an upright

its mainly making sure i get the right bike to have as many rides as possible the upright will do that but with  the laydown would i find myself with youngsters as above im 60 and wont set the world on fire just want fun

many thanks richard


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Hi Rick,

If you text me on 07832-402167 I'll provide you with any answers you need about the amateur scene.  Speedway Star has amateur fixtures listed but Facebook is where it is at.  99% of amateur riders seem to be on there.  I run the meetings and the Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway Facebook group (Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway | Facebook) but happy to provide info/contacts for all tracks around the country.  A thriving amateur scene is good for all clubs involved.



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Richard will keep you right, he’s the godfather of amateur speedway. Depending where you live makes a big difference to what’s available. Up north you have Scunthorpe , nearly every weekend, Redcar , now closed for the winter , Northside and Duns ( near Berwick ).

Your budget will get you a rough and ready old lay down nothing more , no chance of an upright. You will need an ‘ amateur ‘ licence to race in those meetings ( much cheaper than a full licence ) but not for practices. Loads of mature gentlemen riding lay downs in amateur meetings so no problem there.

Good luck.

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