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  1. Have just watch this match on You Tube ,that was a superb match what a track NSS is.
  2. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2019

    Doing the job he was retained for though.
  3. Duns maybe, probably heard there was a track there
  4. Will the target be placed on your forehead or your back
  5. Decent meeting some of the lesser light put in a lot of effort every race and some good scraps, thought Nicol was impressive as was Covatti. Smektala obviously had wrong set up and was really poor in 1st 2 races and probably found the track a bit technical compared to what he is generally used too.. Aspgren went really well and looked good.Holder was ok but never looked that fast. Well done to Cook. I would give Nicol most entertainer on the night.Some tremendous outside lines he was riding.
  6. Fromafar

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Yip, on the entrance to 3rd bend
  7. Fromafar

    Ipswich 2019

    Harris is well past his best ,happy to pick points without to much risk these days ,plenty Teams and Long Track stuff to bring in the cash, and make the sport pay ,which he said he was struggling to do in recent seasons.
  8. Good gesture by Promotion, if it is a success the only answer is to continue it for the rest of the season.I personally think it was a mistake to up the admission at the start of the season and also charge kids ,but appreciate they were trying to balance the books and be financially viable.Tough times in the sport.
  9. Tai having a little moan about lack of practice for this meeting,did Zmarslik not miss practice too.They knew the rules before season started so should have told their clubs where to go but money rules even for aWorld Champion.Poles have the sport by the “short and curlies”.
  10. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2019

    Sad day,Jim was a gentleman and a fabulous servant to the Bandits over many many years.He did a lot or work getting Berrington Lough built and at Shielfield.Had many great bus tours with Jim and Geoff at wheel, great days and memories.Condolences to Lacey, and RIP Jim.
  11. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2019

    Really meaning you don’t know,why don’t you ask the Club
  12. Is there tickets available for this event yet?
  13. While France is definitely the easier round not convinced that Harris will be in top 4.You would think Cook or Lambert should have been split up.

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