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  1. Fromafar

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Unfortunately that's what it is all about nowadays with riders,how many meetings can I ride a week ,doesn't matter who for.
  2. Fromafar

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Add riding abroad to some of them and you will see how their performances can vary from week to week.
  3. With the number of Home fixtures Workington still have to run be lucky if they can fit it in this season
  4. While we may have all the cover we need it does not seem to speed things up that much.IMO It is more important for the rider to have the proper attention though.
  5. Fromafar

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Good to see Lambert get this chance he deserves it on this years performances.
  6. Fromafar

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Can see Wright getting fixed up elsewhere.Good entertainer.If you think Wright is bad, Claus can be prone to the odd strop .
  7. That's Speedway for you,nothing simple.
  8. Do we not have to call the County Ambulance at times which causes a delay when transferring patients.?
  9. Fromafar

    Somerset 2018

    Hard to believe that either Covetti or Vissing will put in the effort that Wright does espiecially Vissing.
  10. and that's where the similarity ends.
  11. We looks like this Kus lad could be a good signing
  12. You have to wonder where a lot of riders keep their best Machinary these days.How riders are still trying to sort out bikes makes you doubt it's over here.

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