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  1. Fromafar

    bandits 2020

    Is this on top of announcement on 16th about Mike Hope backing of Bandits?
  2. Jack Smiths career is going nowhere fast. IMO
  3. Fromafar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Wonder if his dispute with Berwick Promotion was ever resolved.?
  4. Fromafar

    bandits 2020

    Useful reserve for Berwick maybe ,need to get Dick to put a word in
  5. Fromafar

    bandits 2020

    Leon Flint going up against no less than a 44 year old ex rider.
  6. Fromafar

    Dougie Templeton.

    Well done to SS a very fitting tribute in depth to Doug.
  7. Thanks, it appears to be the 1965 badge.
  8. I have aTamworth Hounds enamel badge ,it has makers as W Reeves on back,I am assuming it is not an original.?
  9. Fromafar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Where does Martin Willis come into this
  10. Fromafar

    Adam Roynon

    For his own safety should stay retired.IMO
  11. Fromafar

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Elkins probably had an EF.
  12. Fromafar

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Think it’s obvious the Top Men don’t want to ride in Britain,it’s the place to wind down their career with some easy money.
  13. Fromafar

    Poole Pirates 2020


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