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  1. jimmy jimmy

    Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    I think there are some good ideas on this thread, especially Daniel Smith. There needs to be a top league and a second league, but the fixed race night has to include a Friday. Belle Vue and Somerset would be more viable on that night. Rye House and Leicester are never top league circuits, they don’t have the support, whilst Ipswich and Glasgow certainly do. Ipswich on a Thursday and Glasgow on a Friday would work. The fundamental problem though is a lack of UK riders to fill the teams, we need to generate more of them so we are less reliant on riders who will have competing continental fixtures, even the mid range ones. Watering down to one big league only means more and more teams racing to crowds of 500 as their support dwindles due to the lesser and lesser quality on show.
  2. jimmy jimmy

    Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    Have you seen the new No Limits initiative Rory Schlein, Tai and others have put together?? I know a load of the potential talent talked about above have been on that programme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMl-i2otwvk good video this
  3. jimmy jimmy

    Asset Base

    Under the Bosman rule, riders should be able to move around clubs without any loan fee, I guess it hasn't been challenged yet, but it makes the Asset base redundant
  4. jimmy jimmy


    They should allow short term replacements for an injured no 1, the cup final would have been a lot better with Zagar and Woffinden in it, Fricke and Lindgren didn't total themselves for a tactical gain...
  5. jimmy jimmy


    maybe working harder to improve core attendances is a good place to start
  6. jimmy jimmy

    Promoter's Agm!

    Why do you bother on this forum, you come across as someone who hates the sport
  7. jimmy jimmy

    Belle Vue V Somerset - 1/5/17 , 12pm

    We are always going to be fragile at reserve, two 17 year old lads in their second season, they are going to have ups and downs. It might just be a little too much for Smith at the moment, and so he might make way for someone else soon if averages allow, so he can get his confidence in NL and Championship. I thought Payne would do better, looked like he was trying a little too hard, but again riding at number 2 ifor your first match is a hell of an ask. Tungate showed how good he can be round NSS, one of the best I have seen at our track. Starke always does well too, he is an under rated rider.
  8. Kings lynn are looking good too
  9. Didn't know they got another tyre but I guess it makes sense that they should. Poole need to persevere with the young lads, they will do better as the season progresses, KK will always be hit and miss, they do miss Holder though. On another note, it is a tragedy we will never see Darcy Ward around that track, that would have been something worth driving a long way to see!
  10. For Belle Vue Cook Bjerknes and Bewley were magnificent, backed up by Worrall and Sedgeman. Fricke only came to party in his last ride but fantastic race. Smith battled hard and always in his races. Poole disappointing, Kurtz rode his heart out, really impressed with him, Andersen had flashes but KK at his most frustrating tonight. Surprised at Klindt, thought he would do better but if they are having to do 6 or 7 races on one tyre his last race would have been on the rim, I doubt he had any tyre left.
  11. After the first 5,heats Poole were competitive, some great races and close finishes Craig Cook! Superb performance, this has to be his breakthrough year and started really strongly!
  12. Heat 13 a bit special, Fricke Andersen and KK should take a bow!
  13. Max F will be reserve soon at this rate?! Max F will be reserve soon at this rate?!
  14. Andersen getting his mojo back now, looking quick again
  15. Fingers crossed it's getting better now, both sides getting into each other a bit more...

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