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  3. Agree with what you say, no one is getting on his back but merely observing. Perhaps its a cultural difference but any meeting against the 0131 especially at home requires full gusto, its not a cosy derby against the team just over the border. I'm sure Leon will come good in time.
  4. Wow... For four of us that is £340.... At least Dick Turpin wore a mask... Curry and beer for four and watching at home? Around £100.... Kerching....
  5. Well we will find out in 13 days if this was a freak result or not. Workington return in the KOC on the 26th April.
  6. Teromaafan

    Lions v tigers 11/4/24

    Joe apparently had a nasty crash last night. If he isn’t fit for the Lions at Brum on Monday, what are the options to cover for an absent RS?
  7. I would just like to say as a Sheffield fan who went because we didn't have a home match on Thursday I was well entertaned. I know the score looks like Plymouth to a beating but that was not the case. There was some good racing, lots of passing. Ben looped at the gate and had to withdraw from the meeting which was a shame as this put Plymouth a a great disadvantage especialy when you loose two heat leaders. The rest of the team didn't throw in the towel the stuck to the task but they were never going to get much against a quality team like Scunthorpe. As for Scunthorpe they are quality from top to bottom. Kyle is a bit of a concen as it seems he's not found his gateing gloves yet but he always gives 110%. The rider who realy stood out for me was Nathan. This is one to watch and if he manages to avoid injury I can see him putting two points on his avaerge this year. Take heart Plymouth fans with a full team and an attitude like that you will be no pushover
  8. Met office says the same. Light rain for a couple of hours. Razor will still have Billy out by heat 9
  9. Nice to know you think about them.
  10. Would any of these helmet complaints made a blind bit of difference to the meeting getting rained off... No. The clerk of course would've asked the ref to cancel 2 minutes this delaying the meeting further. Bomber would probably still got the 5-1 off 15m for that matter. So it's all bluster for the sake of bluster. But given whose leading it should we be surprised
  11. You seem obsessed with men's helmets!
  12. Here is my thoughts for what it’s worth , I was not at Redcar last night for the Worky win but it seems many Redcar fans are jumping the gun already about team changes. I believe this is the teams first home meeting , so very early days to be making changes and it’s not even a League match that was ran last night. I predict a top four finish for Redcar in the League and still stand by this.
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  14. Spiderman1

    12.4.2024 - Scunny vs Plymouth KOC

    Wouldn’t matter who they had,scorpions have a fortress in 24
  15. Weather seems okish for later. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2655819
  16. You wonder just how hard the Plymouth tried though, Berwick lost Lewis Kerr to injury on Thursday night, yet by Friday afternoon they had Richard Lawson booked as a guest.
  17. From what I read somewhere else riders wanted extortionate amounts to guest and guarantees I don’t get that as it’s a short season make your money while you can but it’s done now the result ain’t going to change well done Scunthorpe
  18. Rules went out the window on that one. Helmet wasn’t checked or nothing. Which I believe we did complain about.
  19. Replacing King with Riss doesn’t solve Redcars problems of not having a third rider currently being able to be a consistent heat leader. Losing TJ so late gave the promotion limited options with who they could replace him with. It’s also very early days, I’m sure of riders aren’t performing as the season progresses, changes will happen.
  20. Anyone got the heat times from last night
  21. I am more than worried with the Redcar side , to throw away a match like that is not going to help with keeping the crowds at the current levels . We are basically riding at the moment with 1 heat leader , none of the others are performing, very disappointing is Danny King, as a previous writer has already said , Hello Erik can you help ….
  22. arnieg

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Looks like Covatti is planning to ride on Sunday in the Itallian Championship round, so may be back sooner than expected.
  23. Arch Stanton

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    It cost 20k+ to widen Foxhall but that was 15 years ago now so I’d imagine the costs will have escalated quite a bit since then.
  24. I guess the simple answer is that Vissing has probably peaked and Flint probably hasn't. And that a change of club might see his career move on to the next level. We shall see.
  25. Bagpuss

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    Yep I've mentioned it on here in the past, the scope is there to take the white line in as far as you like.....but I expect the cost would be the issue.
  26. Nope Although I didn't see last night coming at all. As you say, very early days.
  27. castrolargh

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    Weve been saying this for years, it needs to be rounder, but would be a massive job bringing the corners in ,with all that concrete
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