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    Mark Jenkinson's post from Friday incase anyone missed it...
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    Best of luck in all your endeavours this season Barry. I am sure a good many on here appreciate your updates and honesty, not to mention the way you and the team down there actually go about promoting your sport and business.. Many could do a lot worse than learning from what you all do down there..
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    Honestly Geoff, just STFU you are getting worse and im embarrassed to be associated with you at belle vue whats strange is your actually a decent guy so not sure what makes you turn into a right little weasle on a forum. can you remember the last time we won a league trophy........... 1993, yes 1993 so we are the last bunch of fans that should be revelling in another clubs troubles so pipe down and become the man you are that we see at the track
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    The Wightlink Warriors Shale Track Racing Club have announced their NORA Motorsport race programme for 2021 and what a bumper action-packed season it promises to be with eleven consecutive weekly meetings from late June featuring something for every shale track racing follower. Co-owner Martin Widman said, “Barry (Bishop) and I have worked really hard trying to develop what we think will be the most entertaining night out we possibly can. We have listed what we plan to run right now but we are also working to include more Formula 2 speedway, fun and games with the ‘Chicken Chasers’ and hopefully riders demonstrating the well-established Flat Track racing discipline. Spectators can be sure that every night will be packed with family entertainment from start to finish. We will be unveiling our Warrior team members shortly. They will be operating at a level slightly above the 2019 National League standard. The Warrior riders that have been chosen can’t wait to get started. Our attention now turns to the Wizards team and we fully expect to name some familiar and popular faces that we will coach, guide and provide with plenty of track time to aid with their racing technique. We also can’t wait to welcome our Smallbrook regulars as well as the many visitors from around the country who have been so encouraging and supportive of our new venture. Our media colleagues, social media platforms and website will be updated with all the breaking news as it happens and so I would ask all supporters to keep a close eye out for the latest information and as always we will be happy to hear from those with any questions via email to speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk ”. Fixtures: 24th June Island Master Round 1 (Individual Meeting) Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 1st July Warriors Team Challenge v Reading Plus Motors Challenge (Jawa v GM) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 8th July US Style ‘Handicap’ Individual Meeting Plus Sidecars and Formula 2 speedway Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 15th July Best Pairs Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Formula 2 speedway Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 22nd July Warriors Team Challenge v Weymouth Plus Motors Challenge (GM v Weslake) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to160 cc) 29th July Warriors Team Challenge v Oxford Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 5th Aug Island Master Round 2 (Individual Meeting) Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Pee Wee bike and YouthDevelopment races (bikes up to 160 cc) 12th Aug Warrior Team Challenge v Cradley Plus Motors Challenge (Jawa v Weslake) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development (bikes up to 160 cc) 19th Aug US Style ‘Handicap’ Individual Meeting Plus ‘Yesteryears’ On Track Plus Formula 2 speedway Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 24th Aug Warriors Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160cc) 2nd Sept Island Master Round 3 (Individual Meeting) Plus Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Plus Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc)
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    I have a few queries that I hope you may clear up for me. I can’t find any reassurance from any of the medical data available. I will take the jab if you can assuage my fears, Is there any safety data that vaccine provoked antibody to the spike protein syncytial-1 homologous protein will not impair placental adherence and thus fertility? SARS1 experimental “ vaccines” back in 2000,2003 seemed to lead to antibody dependent enhancement, ADE. This made the clinical outcome worse if the recipient went on to meet the circulating wild virus. Might that happen with the current experimental “ vaccines” ? Evidence from Israel did point to a modest increase in deaths 2-3 weeks after vaccination, in vulnerable groups. Products containing polysorbate 80 ( blood clots) and lipid nanoparticlesLNPs ( neurological effects/ neuropathies) have well recognised side effects. What is the long term risk profile with these products? There is no data yet that says these products prevent infection, transmission or promote lasting immunity, unless it’s being hidden ( in case results are disappointing, but that would be too cynical ) why then roll it out to all? Why should children be exposed to these products for no benefit to them, potential serious risk, when we have no idea if this prevents spread? Apologies for the rant, and my stupidity, I am sure the answers are simple and I just can’t see the “sense” in what is being increasingly mandated by our tyrannical leaders. Like Gemini, it’s too early to roll up my sleeve.
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    How does this case lend weight to the argument that black people are disproportionately targeted by the police. Perhaps they are but this isn't the one to showcase it is it? He wasn't targeted was he? He was reported for a crime so the police responded. That's not targeting. The reports would have you believe that the police were heavy handed by drawing guns for a minor offence, but the body cam footage shows that guns were only drawn until he complied with the instruction to show his hands and then they were withdrawn. It's also reasonable for a visibly intoxicated person to be forcibly removed from the drivers seat of a car if they refuse to comply. Do you think that would have played out differently if he was white? Nobody has said that Chauvin is innocent of ultimately causing his death and as you say, he's been found guilty but to say that that it's racist police unjustly picking on a defenceless black man is just not true. He played a major part in his own demise and whatever you, I, or anyone else thinks, nobody can prove that racism was a factor. You say that the jury has ruled so it's all proven but they found him guilty of 2nd degree murder not racism. The global protests were about racism, not police brutality and that is perceived not proven. Nobody protested when Tony Timpa's life was ended in the same fashion by police but this has been politicised because the victim was black.
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    After a bit of research it appears that full capacity is 100%.
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    'A very significant problem': Fears that patient backlog in some hospitals may last for years (msn.com) That's a real surprise! The path chosen to deal with the virus will knock the death toll from covid into insignificance in a couple of years time.
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    Rebellious..... interesting.... Very hard to rebel against an organisation that dictates and doesnt communicate or even want to communicate with clubs that their decisions directly affect while having little or no consequence on their own business.... perhaps you meant standing up for ourselves and not allowing ourselves to be bullied in to joining something imposed upon us? We will see what happens in the future then we can look back and see. As a side note, none of our meetings planned on the IOW in 2021 will involve "league" racing.
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    BLM campaign is certainly making me uncomfortable, the divisions and racism they are accelerating at an alarming pace is certainly not good for anyone
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    You can put your own lefty spin on it but the points raised by Wildcat are valid points for discussion . Second degree murder in America is more akin to what we call manslaughter over here. It is not an exact comparison but it means the intention was to cause physical harm not to kill . Nobody is excusing Derek Chauvins actions, nobody is saying George Floyd deserved to die, but the event is a sad commentary on George Floyd, Derek Chauvin , and the Minneapolis Police Department that are now being investigated. In addition the whole thing is being politicised, first by Joe Biden getting involved in the jury’s job and secondly by Nancy Pelosi saying George Floyd sacrificed his life as if he had a choice in the matter. But of course the blinkered pseudo left, as always want to shut the matter down , under a suitable label be it murder , racism or anything else instead of seeing what can be learnt by it. Not that any of us have informed opinions, apart from being glad we don’t live there.
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    Good grief! The jury was only ever going to rule one way so the whole charade was a waste of time and money. Imagine the carnage if the verdict had gone any other way. Even if there had been evidence he'd died of intoxication (and I'm not suggesting there was) it wouldn't have been accepted. It would have been a cover up and the riots would have ensued. I'm not making excuses for anyone, just pointing out the hypocrisy of all the candles, vigils & knee bending for someone who but for the grace of God could have taken out a few innocent lives himself that day by his reckless actions and if he'd been any other colour or race no one would have given a toss.
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    Yes, I've been called a bloody idiot by my nephew. Good job he lives in Stoke-On-Trent. I will just carry on as I am and do a test once a week, which so far has been negative. Strange that all these people who have been vaccinated have still got to carry on wearing a mask in designated places, can still get the virus and pass it on and will still have to do a test before they can go in some places so what is the point, apart from the fact a lot of them seem to like to brag that they have had the vaccination?
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    Oh my gawd. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-56766202
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    Like I say, come have a go! Anyone willing to volunteer 6 hours on a Saturday to go out publicly and try keep people entertained gets praise in my book. They always be doyles like you wanting to slate them but never step up and volunteer your own expertise. Personally think that talking for 3.5 hours to a microphone connected to the entire internet with no previous experience is some good going! Talking over extended breaks when absolutely nothing is happening for half an hour. Drop me a message and we'll get you lined up for the next one and see if you get as much praise as they have
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    Sky can go forth and multiply with their faux outrage at the prospect of a ESL damaging the game for clubs and fans. It was their money that established the Premier League in 1992 without thought for clubs and fans then. Sodding hypocrites.
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    Honestly Various promoters of Newcastle have had (or still have) accounts on here and at times it has caused them nothing but grief on the whole once people knew who they were... Dave Rowland who is an ex-promoter of Newcastle from 1996 to 2000 has had an account since 2003 and has always defended the clubs honour and tried to give honest opinions; guidance or information from his former role as a promoter but he has taken some stick for it over the years especially when what he was saying didn't suit the posters agenda and the clashes have become rather heated and personal; but Dave always gives as good as he gets and can defend his own corner as well to be fair... Darryl Illingworth was another promoter who had an account on here; however someone got rather personal and libellous about Darryl; the club and his role and Darryl found out who it was and dragged them around the back of the pits to explain the errors of their ways in words of one syllable (I would imagine) and once that was over Darryl went into self exile from the forum... and who could blame him... One of the issues is that some people hide behind a nom-de-plume and Avatar and think they can say what they like without any recourse of action and these promoters are not as thick skinned as you may think... Although they won't admit to it; they do drop into here to take a look at the comments being made now and then; you will find that very few will engage due to the nature of the beast they are dealing with. It would not matter how many times they explained a situation or the reasons behind it; if its not the required response things tend to turn nasty and no promoter wants self inflicted negative publicity about their club... Keith Denham was pilloried on this forum by his own fans and on the Workington Fans Forum and it was totally unwarranted and it got very personal against him and his family and for no valid reason whatsoever and it was the same for Laura Morgan who actually shut down the Workington Fans Forum because of personal attacks; abuse and negative comments from so called fans; so there isn't much benefit for promoters to engage (on any forum) when all they get is personal attacks and abuse and when it came to Keith Denham he said it was "water of a ducks back" to him to be fair but when these morons turned their attention to his family and made threats against them that's when he started to have second thoughts about what he was doing and trying to achieve. A couple of decent people trying to give the local area something to cheer about and they are castigated for trying to run a business... To be fair all of the people mentioned are/were reasonable individuals and were always approachable; if the people with the grievances had of went and spoke to any of them their questions and concerns would have been addressed (or at least listened to) however the posters felt that they could better their complaint or grievance by anonymously posting some pretty disgusting stuff that they would know would have a negative impact against the businesses... and the question is would they post the same comments if everyone knew who it was making those comments... Newcastle did have two members of the team (until recently) who do post on here (one now) and I will not give out any names or what their nom-de-plumes are other than to say they post and try and give the correct version of whatever rumour or crass comment is doing the rounds but again I have seen people putting negative posts up against the content they put out not realising that they are part of the promotional team. Furthermore the NSSC (Newcastle Speedway Supporters Club) post on here and they have strong links with the promotion and I agree the NSSC do tend to use Facebook as their preferred method of contact however Steve Park is always on the ball and he gets the relevant information out pretty soon after it has been released. So although I agree with much of what you say I also fully understand why the promotion wouldn't want to associate with the forum and leave themselves exposed to potentially a lot of (perceived) angry and aggrieved anonymous people who wouldn't say "boo to a goose" face to face but under the cloak of anonymity feel they can say or make any ridiculous or obnoxious comment they like with impunity... I fancied the job at one time but seeing what they have to put up with (and being a cantankerous and bad tempered old curmudgeon whose to old to go to gaol now) promoters should be lauded on here not put up like lambs to the slaughter... if needs must have a pop; make a comment; hold them to task by all means but take the personal out of it and do my preferred "social media" medium go talk to them as they all listen... they might not agree but they will listen... Regards THJ
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    You`re in the Minority, most people are sensible.
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    I gave up on professional football years ago when big money was being circulated and ridiculous transfer fees and salaries were being paid. The game became elitist and those not within that group (owned by rich foreign 'fat cats') were having to pay money they didn't have just to keep up hence why so many clubs are struggling with debt....and never mind the extortionate ticket pricing fans were expected to pay. I find it unacceptable that even when playing in front of empty stands due to the pandemic footballers are still being paid vast salaries and I'm not personally prepared to endorse the game at that level.
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    Been fun to listen to all these hypocrites who have had their snout in the trough, many hiding in the background, for the past 20 years, having their piss boiled by even greedier hypocrites who don't care who knows what they are about.... UEFA say it's a "spit in the face" for the fans... So they too are pissed off because that is their role in football to do that.... Hypocrites being challenged by richer hypocrites... 39th game anyone? Semi Finals played at Wembley anyone? Three lots of TV subscriptions to watch every game anyone? If only the fit and proper owners test existed...
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    Hard to argue with some of the landlord's sentiments. Labour have allowed Boris's incompetent and totalitarian government to go completely unchallenged.
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