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    Eh? He was a SPEEDWAY rider. Committed s crime and was released on license. Was back riding SPEEDWAY at Scunthorpe in amateur meetings. How is that not relevant to a SPEEDWAY discussion?
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    Think he is getting married the weekend we are at Edinburgh. So I’ve heard.
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    Tate has released the following statement from his hospital bed:- Tate Zischke 1h · Hello everyone just want to jump on and thank everyone for all the messages and hospital visits this means a lot I haven't been able to get back to everyone but thanks everyone. It's going to be a long bumpy road to recovery I will spend the coming weeks in hospital fighting to get better each day. It has been a rough few days so far but we will keep flighting. So far I can let you all know I have fractured 7 vertebrae and 5 ribs and have a nasty entry and exit hole in my left bum cheek where I was penetrated by my bike when I followed by bike into the fence. I have so far had 1 surgery on my ass cheek and have been told I will need a couple more in the coming days. I want to let everyone know this crash was 100% a racing incident and nobody is at fault. I will keep everyone updated on what is happening next Good to read that he doesn't blame Keynan Rew in any way for the accident. Wish him well.
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    Whatever individual track loyalties are, I cannot believe that any true speedway fans on here are not 100% supportive of what the Panthers Consortium are trying so hard to achieve!
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    That’s because Poole only see a race like that once a season we see it every meeting
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    Belle Vue Speedway Trust Announcement. Following the events of Monday evening, the Trust has been in discussion with the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund and has agreed to provide Tate's mother with the air fare to travel to the UK, from Australia, to be with her son. The Trust will also contribute to any additional welfare that is required during her stay, over and above that which the SRBF will provide. Whilst it is too early to be precise, the Trust intends to provide further assistance to Tate during his period of rehabilitation, be it in the UK, or back in Australia. All this would not be possible without the tremendous support we receive week in week out from the Supporters of Belle Vue and the unfailing efforts of David Burroughs and his team from the BVSSC. A huge thank you to you all. Philip Gunning Chair of Trustees. The trust money comes from fans doing 50/50 draws, interval ball game etc.
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    The Ben Fund collection from last night has raised the incredible sum of £2168.
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    He'll fit right in at Glasgow then, we barely have a meeting from one week to the next. Its becoming ever harder to maintain enthusiasm for a sport thats become so infrequent and dragged out over 6 months when it could be done in 3 - 4 including rain offs and play offs.
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    I do enjoy these qualifiers, it’s riders we don’t get to see a lot of,although there were no surprises it was I thought an enjoyable meeting I just wish they could get a crowd in to see it
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    Glad it’s hammering down. If any club should be afforded some leeway its Workington. First year in the second league, had their star rider injured in horrific circumstances earlier this week and clearly the place to be for up and coming youngsters. were they not also running speedway/sport evenings in the gazebo before they were burgled by the lovely caravan folk. this forum is mental, club does all the right things and gets hammered for rightly calling a meeting that probably would have cost them thousands, early, and everyone’s ready to stick the knife in.
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    You are really quite vile aren’t you Rew is not a dirty rider not by any stretch of the imagination Clearly he was at fault but not everytime another rider takes someone else off is it dangerous riding …. A rider can simply make a misjudgement it happens ….. I remember in a GP Mark Loram coming under Rickardsson and taking his front wheel away … was Mark dirty? No he just got it wrong Keynan will be devastated about what’s happened … it didn’t need forum idiots like you running their mouth off. Belle Vue fans on here and on social media are attaching no blame to Rew and rightly so as they are speedway fans We should all be wishing Tate the best and every Ipswich fan will do ….. so wind your neck in on here
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    100% on this. In the past speedway was my no.1 priority on Friday nights, missed more meetings last 2 seasons than have in the previous 15. And it's all down to not having the constant weekly fix, if I'm finding something else to do with my Friday nights you can bet the casual supporter most definitely has. Sport has to have a long hard think about where it's going because champ in particular has been run into the crapper last 3/4 years. Also having a TV advert running saying speedway every Friday night when there's no match for 3 weeks seems bit daft too!!
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    Whether we get pumped or not ,I'm on my way to support my team . C'mon the Stripes
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    3500+ local residents who don’t want 12 years of upheaval.
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    With the apathy shown by the British Speedway Supporters, just thought I would give the Women a well deserved mention. Well done Rachel and Katie, superb effort.
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    All the moaning,we all have seen “crap” speedway meetings,poor track prep and electrical problems maybe uncommon but I would bet we have all suffered it at sometime.I certainly seen worse racing.Need to take a leaf out of the Josh Pickering book and just get on with it.
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    Not seen the accident and I don't have any desire to. But I find it hard to believe that any rider would go out of their way to deliberately injure another rider and serious one at that. It is said that Tate and Keynan are close friends, so it is even harder to believe it was deliberate. As I have already posted best wishes to Tate, lets hope he makes a full recovery from what appears to be a nasty crash. Also lets hope that this does not have an effect on Keynan mentally as I am sure he will be upset that a friend has suffered and injury.
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    So Antti Vuolas wins a race, gets back to his pit bay….. and puts his glasses on!
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    Let’s not start the political b0llocks on here as well ffs I’ve had a gutful of that on just about everything else
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    Message to racegoers from the Belle Vue Charitable Trust For those racegoers unaware, Belle Vue has a Trust which was set up to support our riders and other charitable initiatives, supporting those in need of help. For those who contribute regularly to the 50:50 draw and Chase's White Line Challenge, those proceeds go into the trust to raise funds for these causes. Following Tate's crash on Monday, the Trust has got to action and kindly agreed to pay for Tate's Mum's flight to the UK from Australia so she can be with him as he enters his next stage of recovery. The trust has also been liaising with the team at the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund who will support with expenses whilst here in the UK and we're sure the other crowd funding / fundraising initiatives will help him get back on his feet, replace damaged equipment and cover expenses in the months to come. All of this would not be possible without the tremendous support we receive week in week out from the supporters of Belle Vue Speedway and the unfailing efforts of David Burroughs and his Belle Vue Speedway Supporters Club (BVSSC) team. And not forgetting, the great support shown at tracks across the country for Benevolent Fund track collections. A huge thank you to you all and a huge personal thank you. Philip Gunning, Chair of Trustees.
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    Instead of having a dig at Rew, Fans should be wishing the best for him as well as Tate. Horrible accidents happen in our sport and tonight was one of those occasions. Rew's mental state can't be good tonight and Tate's physical state isn't good period so just keep both riders in your thoughts.
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    For someone whose team closed down after buying the league and now is very fortunate to now have northside your comments are truly concieted and ignorant, you're constantly slagging Plymouth off,sniping at Glasgow and Poole, envious obviously and when I introduced myself to you at Plymouth the first thing you said was it's only banter to which I replied no problem and offered to buy you a drink, you're obviously happy to give it the big one on here and yes you won cookie maxed out and troy has guested for us twice so I suggest get back in your box until you can come up with some decent banter.
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    Anyone who says they wouldn't swap out a perfectly pleasant, 26-year-old, reserve journeyman, for an 18-year-old, next-big-thing, exciting talent, is either lying or foolish.
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    Only if you're a tory
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    Possibly we didn't need a no1 to beat Edinburgh on their own track

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