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    Totally disagree, common sense is often lacking in this sport but I think for once it has prevailed. A minor league sport where we should be doing everything we can to preserve and help the clubs within the system survive, I’ve been following the sport since the late 90’s and the amount of teams who have fallen on hard times and disappeared to then never return is staggering, to the point where the bare bones remain. Giving Plymouth no facility and then basically no hope of competing never mind winning would surely turn not only casual fans away but the fantastic loyal support that the club has. The last thing I as a speedway fan want to see is another club fall on hard times through in theory very little/no fault of there own. Why do you want to see Plymouth in a potentially bad situation? Is it so your own club does better? I’m a Berwick fan like yourself and I would much rather have as many competitive teams in the league as possible and teams being sustainable for years to come.
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    NO APPEAL FROM BRANDON ESTATES! As posted by the SCS group. WE have now received official confirmation that stadium owners Brandon Estates have not chosen to pursue a High Court challenge to the outcome of the recent planning inquiry. The appeal against the refusal of planning permission, arising from the November 2022 Planning Committee decision at Rugby Borough Council, was dismissed by inspector Helen Hockenhull in mid-January, after evidence from all parties had been heard last autumn. The remaining option available to the appellants would have been a Judicial Review based on a legal challenge (rather than a challenge to the decision itself). We understand speedway and stock car fans, and local residents, have been eager to know what might happen next, and there has been plenty of speculation; however, we had to wait for a six-week period to expire, which was the window in which the High Court challenge could be submitted. Recent correspondence with the Planning Inspectorate has confirmed there has been no challenge. We are naturally delighted that this marks the end of this particular part of the process, and also that our approach to each stage has been vindicated. We must once again place on record our thanks to everyone from the sporting and local community who stepped up in such spectacular numbers last summer to assist us with the cost of legal representation. Anyone who watched the planning inquiry, and will therefore now understand the way it was conducted, will have seen how being represented in this manner was crucial to our chances of success. Likewise to our witnesses and those who spoke in support of the stadium at the inquiry, your honesty and passion shone through under difficult scrutiny, and it is sincerely appreciated. There is now much for us to consider as a Campaign Group, doubtless with further meetings to be arranged over the coming weeks. At this stage it is too early to give any clear indication over what is to follow, or any timescales, other than to say that at every stage of the planning application we have worked through potential scenarios and considered our strategy under every likely circumstance. We thank everyone for their support – it has been hugely appreciated, and never more so than during the time of the Appeal – and can assure you that with this huge hurdle cleared, we retain an unstinting commitment to get speedway and stock car racing back to their rightful place at Brandon Stadium, and finally bring this saga to an end for the benefit of both the sports and the local community.
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    should go towards a basic literacy programme
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    Well what can I say after that showing I,m not going back to watch the Comets again......... Stopped reading the posts half way through....what do people really want. Here is what I witnessed , great racing , a big crowd and good weather. Some fine prospects who are already showing that in the future are going to be stars in the sport. Celina and Sam along with Antii and Tate are new to the championship will take time to adjust to the tracks, Cookie , Claus and Batch all showed fighting spirit. Berwick have a decent side and may get some silverware this year but I,m more than happy with the Workington side, optimist maybe , realist definitely. Most of well done to the management and all who help putting on the Workington show.
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    Not sure why we need to bother about a superheat now there is an aggregate bonus point... For Brum, that could feel like a defeat, which, considering the challenges they face, gives a negative spin to the night. Which they don't need... After 15 heats the match ends in a draw. What's wrong with that? You may as well run just one heat and end the night, given the match starts nil-nil... Use the superheat for a tie overall maybe over the two legs, but let a draw be a draw... Neither team did enough to win in the meeting itself, team v team, so let that be the result...
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    The track was very wet from overnight and morning rain, and although I was there before 4pm, I didn't see any water being added. It did seem a bit greasy and this probably made passing more difficult. I thought we caught Sheffield cold in the early stages and were able to twice build up a ten point lead, but Sheffield always looked to be capable of catching us up, and being able to use Tai Woffinden four times in the last six races (including the superheat) was hugely to their advantage - although fair play to their team manager for reading the situation rightly. I didn't think Birmingham's Team Manager made any blunders. He might have made a couple of late changes but these probably wouldn't have affected the final outcome. In my opinion, the superheat spoiled the meeting. What is wrong with a drawn match anyway? Both clubs and their supporters would have gone home happy with a draw, so why ruin things for half of them with a daft rule that very few people ever wanted introduced in the first place? (That's not sour grapes, and I congratulate Sheffield on their win which I think they perhaps just about deserved, but I was delighted with the size of the crowd which was a great relief and was well deserved by a promotion which has worked so hard to keep speedway in Birmingham, and by the enthusiasm displayed - made so much better by Sheffield's happy and noisy contingent. This I think, justifies the gamble to move up to the Premiership, and will hopefully lead to more entertaining meetings like this one.
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    Because the damage has been done to the track. It takes days to prepare a track properly and if it rains as much as it has done this week it will need more than an afternoon to dry out unfortunately. There is no way this was called off lightly, it was going to be the biggest Ben Fund for 10 years, it contributes over 40% of the annual funds. In addition the car park was also flooded. If they went ahead today the track at best would be very heavy, and you’d have people saying this is a farce / dangerous. Promoters can’t win, just trust that the people making this call do actually know what they’re talking about, and the last thing the Ben Fund want is more riders to look after from their own event..!
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    Also what no one is mentioning is that if your whole family are Speedway fans, you are only paying the £15 once for all of you. People are forever moaning about what it costs to take a family, so this is surely a huge saving?
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    So we had two planned meetings on Thursday. One went ahead on a damp track and the other was called off. Some supporters have said that the meeting that went ahead should have been called off and at the same time others have criticised the promotion who called their meeting off for not trying to run. Seems to me that whatever the two promotions had done they would be told they had done the wrong thing! I constantly read that promoters don't have a clue but when there are only two possible actions in a situation both courses of action are criticised. Maybe this shows just how difficult it is to run a speedway track and maybe we should accept that while we all think we understand how things should be run, we are not the ones who can lose a fortune running the sport.
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    Wow, 1st of April and already it’s a disaster according to some. Give the guys a chance, they’ve not riden as a full 1-7 yet, for some of them getting used to different tyres, and engine setups is a bit of a process. You can’t just copy the next guy. Birmingham haven’t taken a hammering so far, Pawlicki starts next meeting, so I’d see how it goes as they get things sorted. Piling on them after 2 home meetings is a bit stupid really, for so called “supporters” . Sam & Chris they’re switched on guys and they want to win as much as anyone else. There’s a loooonnng way to go yet.
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    I don't understand why clubs don't employ people to go around to all fans houses to knock on their door and keep them up-to-date with everything speedway related. It's maybe not as efficient as suggesting fans use the new fangled Internet but it would keep everyone happy unless they were down the shops and missed the visit.
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    Probably still tangled up in the tapes somewhere
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    Total disrespect hahahah come off it. It’s still the close season. As long as there’s 7 riders at the tapes on Good Friday, which I’m certain there will be, then that’s fine. Talk about toys out of the pram, grow up.
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    And Tai's good point, about what gets the most views, is lost because of his delivery. We all know all the key promoters of the past encouraged their riders to put on a show, to encourage apparent controversy. However, in my view, his inability to hardly speak a sentence without swearing has become the talking point - rather than the launch of the season in a more professional way.
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    That was an absolutely brilliant meeting and the Redcar track is awesome. Well done to the Redcar Owners and staff.
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    Christ like a droning stuck record Just shut the idiot up
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    Right here we go here are the unfortunate facts Yes I’m a travelling Workington fan but don’t let this distract you from the fact that this was a horrendous advert for speedway! We need people to want to come back and although I appreciate we have no control over the weather but we do have control over announcements and keeping the fans updated … nobody had a clue what was going on unless the speaker system was gone people on the first bend had no idea what was happening. All appeared very unprofessional and especially as the promoter is part of the bspa we need to do better someone come on the centre and announce what’s going on! On a side note respect to the track staff for the work draining the standing water they did do a good job, my only issue is newbies won’t want to return and you can’t survive on idiots like me. Onto the next one! Up the Comets!!
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    Usual old chestnut about admission charges, Everything else has gone up but for some people speedway promoters are expected to somehow absorb their increased costs.
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    Let's just enjoy this season and don't even think about moving up, as it won't happen, too expensive, no lighting etc. So let's leave it there and enjoy to journey this season win lose or draw UTC
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    Stay real? Have a word with yourself. If that was the case then every Sky Sports interview post match would be full of expletives, especially this season with the state of VAR. There isn't, those professional footballers check themselves in front of the cameras, anybody with any level of common sense would. Swearing is not 'staying real' it's embarrassing in a professional media press day. As others have said, in the heat of the moment after crashing you forgive them to a degree if emotion gets the better of them when a camera is stuck in their face. But, in that setting yesterday no, and with Woffinden I actually get the impression at times he does it deliberately, which is also not 'staying real' it's pathetic. Now don't get me wrong, I swear all the time. especially at the City Ground, but I check myself when appropriate, i.e. kids around or I am doing media interviews (done a few).... it's not rocket science.
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    Doyle's Mrs has had all winter to give birth but had to wait until the season starts............
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    It's probably easier to get from and back to Rawicz than it is trying to navigate the British motorway network after 10pm in 2024!
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    I thought it was quite fair. If you think Leicester are changing £12.99 for a league meeting. £14.99 for an individual meeting with 20 heats and SF and final, is good value imo.
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    It beggars belief how some "fans" think that, just because it's sunny today, they think the meeting should go ahead, despite the fact it's been raining "all week" and "speedway is a farce" because they can't control the weather. Give yourself a shake, man.

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