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  1. Agreed. Classic Wolves' dive. Didn't gate, slid off. Think Freddie in heat 13 of the 2009 final.
  2. Welcome, back to the CHAMPIONS! The league would just have been a bunch of chokers & also-rans without them.
  3. The glaring omission from the statement is: "We recognise that we have all behaved like children, we sincerely apologise to all fans for the unnecessary anxiety that we have caused them & we pray that Poole don't get humiliated again."
  4. I like you, Alan, so you've got no worries........you just need thicker skin to put up with the truly monotonous posters!
  5. Quite right...........I did point out to Grachan that: 6.17 6.17 6.17 6.17 6.16 6.16 3 ...would beat his team & yours.
  6. ....except Grachan has already proved that in theory it's best to have seven riders of equal ability (i.e. 7 x 5.71).
  7. No knee-jerk reaction to a fantastic 2010 EL victory for Coventry!
  8. WRONG!!! That rule is to stop mid-season cheating like Poole's in 2009. WRONG!!! Each new season there's a new declaration: 17.4 TEAM DECLARATIONS 17.4.1 Teams must declare their Team prior to the start of the Season. Grasping at straws, Steve!
  9. Steve, there's an "r" in surprise just like in Holder, Ward, Ford, Shovlar & losers.
  10. Looks like shrewd team-building by the Bees!!!! Fat Maud out-foxed again!
  11. More fool them: you should never start team-building before ..the last season ends ..the pre-AGM ..the AGM ..the bribes & brown-envelopes ..the legal challenge ..the arbitration ..the reconciliation ..& Shovlar sings (or croaks)!

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