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  1. Midland Red

    Split Waterman

    You missed this thread then
  2. Charlie and Kenny McKinna - Scotland Ah, sorry Already listed
  3. Midland Red

    The first race you saw

    29 June 1963 - Speedway Championship of the World, "Sunday Mirror" Round Two (Great Britain) Meeting, Brandon Stadium Heat 1. Bryan Elliott (R), Eric Boothroyd (B), Jack Biggs (W), Terry Betts (Y&B) Result : Biggs, Betts, Elliott, Boothroyd. 67.8 secs Meeting result: Ron Mountford 13pts, Doug Templeton 12, Jack Geran 10, Jim Lightfoot 9, Peter Moore 9, Ken McKinlay 9, Barry Briggs 8, Gordon McGregor 8, Len Silver 6, Jack Biggs 5, Terry Betts 5, Ronnie Genz 5, Bryan Elliott 5, Peter Vandenberg 4, Eric Boothroyd 3, Les Owen (res) 3, Pete Brough (res) 3, Cyril Roger 0. In heat 2, Ron Mountford equalled the track record of 65.8 secs held by Ronnie Moore (1960) and Barry Briggs (1962) - several other riders went on to equal this time, until on 14 June 1969 Conny Samuelsson (heat 5) and Nigel Boocock (heat 7) set a new record of 65.6 secs when Bees beat Oxford 46-32 in a Knock-out Cup fixture.
  4. Barry and Wayne Briggs - NZ
  5. Midland Red

    TV new deal?

    Eurosport has been deemed good enough for snooker - that’s the sport overseen by Barry Hearn, often mentioned as the desired saviour of speedway
  6. Midland Red

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    I’m sure you know who Maurice Jones was. His comment would not have come as a team supporter, which your post above suggests.
  7. Midland Red

    Grand Prix changes

    Great idea - the winner being the World Champion Run a GP series as well, if you must, the winner being the GP Champion
  8. Midland Red

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    I am quoting someone else’s comment to me
  9. Midland Red

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    The late Maurice Jones told me that Semmens was the dirtiest rider of all
  10. Midland Red

    Ted Hubbard RIP

    RIP Hurricane
  11. Midland Red

    TV new deal?

    So have I - live speedway only keeps spectators away
  12. I used to subscribe to Backtrack; I have always subscribed to Classic, and Vintage before that I’m afraid funds no longer allow both, and I prefer the older magazine I was hoping to purchase this edition, with postage costs, as a one-off
  13. Can one purchase it online? I can only see subscriptions
  14. Midland Red

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    At 10, you were probably taller than Chris Bass
  15. Midland Red

    Poole 2020

    When they’re a Shoveller by name . . . .
  16. Midland Red

    Poole 2020

    Steve Shoveller - do you wonder what fans of Coventry, Lakeside, Oxford, Wimbledon, Crawley Heath, etc etc etc think when they read that you’d turn your back on your local track even though it would still be operating - the chance to watch regular (almost!) live speedway - when so many others have had it taken away from them You really are the pits - or should that be the back straight bog?
  17. Midland Red

    Split Waterman RIP

    As a youngster I never had the opportunity to go to speedway, but I can remember the name Split Waterman being probably the first I ever knew of a speedway rider
  18. Midland Red

    All 4 back question

    The rider excluded was the one who fell, not the one who caused him to fall It wasn’t the referee’s best ever decision
  19. They put sawdust on the track first, and riders donned overalls to protect their leathers
  20. Televised league speedway, live in the UK, is bad for the sport - for the promoters, the riders, the fans Get rid - asap
  21. Midland Red

    Grand Prix changes

    How do you come to the opinion that it “is perfect”?

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