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  1. bendover

    Speedway Music

    "Bring on the clowns" for the BSPA
  2. bendover

    Sheffield 2018

    Possibly down to Nicholls not being allowed to ride in the championship?
  3. But how hard is it to issue a press release along the lines of; Submissions from all parties involved have been heard and the adjudicating panel has retired to examine the statements. A statement/verdict will be released within xx days.
  4. Was going to say that about Zagar.
  5. bendover

    Time For Nicknames?

    I remember being at Owlerton and watching Paul "that Count" Thorpe..... At least I think that was what the locals were shouting.
  6. and I was stood at the bar with a pint in one hand scratching my bolloxs with the other hand, but I have been on holiday to aus, so I must be one too
  7. bendover

    Rye House 2016

    Ah, apologies.. missed that one
  8. bendover

    Rye House 2016

    Would Proctor fit ?
  9. Rugby League as well: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2015/apr/23/rugby-league-super-championship-confusing-dual-registration-loan-system
  10. bendover

    Best Car Parking / Security Teams

    At Sheffield they subcon to the local institute of thugs, morons and apes.
  11. If we are,the way things are going, we'll probably turn up with a guest and RR
  12. bendover

    Sheffield 2015

    Oilyrags problem with Sissis is that his love child Ben Wilson has been overlooked by the Sheffield promotion
  13. No need for humble pie, well done to the lad. I'm not going to deny I would have preferred someone new to Owlerton. But, If you read my post again, my main gripe was the number of fans on here criticising the possibility of re-signing R. Hall using the "been there, seen it, time for something new" catchphrase then the same fans welcoming the re-signing of B. Wilson, who, has also "been there, seen it". p.s. it didn't stop me attending or cheering him on. p.p.s. haven't done the lottery in years
  14. Sorry, have to disagree. Been there seen it failed. People were slating the possible re-signing of Richard Hall who is a far better rider yet are happy to see a gating tart re-signed.Unbelievable

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