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  1. bendover

    BSI lose GPs

    Not at all, my point is we pay over the odds for tickets in this country. We as a nation are too gullible when it comes to ticket prices for all sporting events. For example, People constantly complain about prices to watch Premiership football yet all the stadia are full with waiting lists for season tickets at many clubs. In fact, if you read through the Cardiff GP threads on here people are always moaning about the price of a ticket but still go.
  2. bendover

    BSI lose GPs

    In other words, we can't rip the polish people off like the mugs in the UK.
  3. bendover

    2020 teams

    To the F.I.M. the BSPA have nothing to do with the GP series (Financially).
  4. bendover

    Sheffield 2020

    I agree, can only assume at one point during his tenure regulations were changed.
  5. bendover

    Sheffield 2020

    Indeed, if you noted a post from RS50 on page 7. He alludes to Neil Machin being refused permission by the stadium owners to cut into the centre green. Although I always thought it was Neil Machin who refused to alter the track citing its uniqueness...
  6. Never liked topics, marathons were better
  7. bendover

    Sheffield 2020

    According to Google, Shay stadium to Hyde Rd is 38.4 miles (using motorways)
  8. bendover

    Sheffield 2020

    Track curators now doubling up
  9. bendover

    Sheffield 2020

    Only if we stay Championship. If we move to Premiership he's eligible.
  10. bendover

    Sheffield 2019

    The promotion rights and the assets I guess...
  11. Apologies, meant to quote the previous post from Screm that mentioned members of the BSPA been present to hold the appeal on Sunday.
  12. Would you want to pay for legal representation on a Sunday !!
  13. bendover

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Apparently it's not just fans who enjoy a punch up at football in Sheffield... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49180974
  14. bendover

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Sadly, 4thbender is correct about hooliganism at the Sheffield derby. Due to good policing/stewarding at the grounds the battles take place all over the city instead, trams have been smashed, shopping centres becoming a battlefield and so on.
  15. bendover

    Sheffield 2019

    discretion /dɪˈskrɛʃ(ə)n/ noun 1. the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence or revealing confidential information. "she knew she could rely on his discretion" synonyms: circumspection, care, carefulness, caution, wariness, chariness, guardedness; More 2. the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation. "local authorities should use their discretion in setting the charges" your spelling is being called into question, not your views

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