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  1. Hel'n'Back

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Why change sommat that i'snt broken?
  2. Brilliant result for Sheffield tonight, Broc looks like a great signing and Georgie will only get better...
  3. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2018

    Jan Graversen and Jack Smith out, Broc Nicol and Georgie Wood in!
  4. Hel'n'Back


    Sheffield have 2 young Brits at reserve... other teams may prefer foreign riders, whether it's right or wrong? Personally, would prefer young British riders coming through but it's all about points limits at the end of the day.
  5. Also great to see John McGuinness‏Verified account here tonight.
  6. Don't think I've ever known our top 4 going unbeaten before?
  7. Glad we watched it live then.... No doubt they'll be repeats..
  8. I would stick with Jan Graversen as he is starting to get going. I think we have left it too long waiting on Josh and, without visiting the same teams twice this year due to lack of fixtures, we are up against it...
  9. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield v Redcar 31/5/18

    Hope both Ben and Jack make a speedy recovery.
  10. Hel'n'Back

    Lack of fixtures

    Looking at the fixtures for Sheffield, only just makes it pay for a season ticket, unless things change next year then it isn't worth paying it!
  11. Hel'n'Back

    Lack of fixtures

    Speedway needs to be run every week at home during the season or people tend to find alternative things to do.
  12. Sheffield haven't had enough meetings at home to build up momentum, the fixtures list to blame? Less meetings this year? Hope they can turn it around!
  13. Hel'n'Back

    Wolves 2018

    I think Howarth is still feeling the affects of his injury at the moment and will get better with time... he was scoring big scores before his injury.
  14. Hel'n'Back

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Unfortunately, in the same boat as a Sheffield fan and know what you are saying..
  15. Well done Jason Garrity, Kyle Howarth and Josh Auty.
  16. Still early days for Sheffield, basically we haven't fielded our full 1-7 yet..
  17. Hel'n'Back

    Poole 2018

    So do I! He's doing really well for Sheffield at the moment and it must feel like a kick in the teeth...
  18. I've read somewhere that Ostergaard has been declared fit for tonight.
  19. Well done Sheffield, proud of the lads!
  20. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2018

    Great if you've got an iphone which I haven't!
  21. Hel'n'Back

    Bt Sport Coverage

    I go to see live speedway and also watch on TV but is the Premiership going to be broadcast on BT?
  22. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2018

    Simon Stead confirmed as Team Manager for both Sheffield and Leicester.
  23. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2018

    Well, at least we know who are not riding for Sheffield next year with the recent announcements!
  24. Hel'n'Back

    Sheffield 2018

    Why do we need fixed race nights next year? Why should Sheffield be forced to move to the top league, whatever it's called, because they race on a Thursday night, and may lose out because of the costs involved? Thursday night is Sheffield Speedway night and long it remain!

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