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  1. stevebrum

    Sheffield vs Wolves 19/05/22 LC

    Don’t give up the day job. Great win for the boys tonight.
  2. stevebrum

    Wolves v Ipswich Monday May 9th

    Spot on, as proved TJ turned in a typical Monmore performance. Different story with Ryan in the team. As proved to be. Good win for the Witches. Missing Dougie made all the difference.
  3. stevebrum

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    Bore fest till late on but at least the Monmore highlights tonight proved it’s a good race track, shame the Stars were rubbish last week. As for tonight, the Panthers look spent. No answers at all. This is one of my favourite tracks to watch racing from so hugely disappointing till late on. The Aces were every bit as good as the Panthers were poor.
  4. stevebrum

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    Well we know the Covid symptoms seem to be everything known to man. Certainly was a cold bug going around the past month. No doubt one of the symptoms affected the lighting in Norfolk as well as certain Kings Lynn riders that’s for sure, probably using the same daft logic.
  5. stevebrum

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Greg Hancock was.
  6. stevebrum

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    Probably so, although I’ve not heard of another rider or team that has been affected by it....
  7. stevebrum

    King's Lynn v Wolves 05/05/22

    Oh dear, if it was known to have been planned a fortnight ago surely cancel any meetings that it might affect if it’s a legit plan of course. Unless you are accusing the club as not having the foresight to postpone a meeting well before this was planned and happy to allow it to look suspicious? If it was planned it was planned very poorly. Either way it all looks very dodgy or unprofessional whichever way you wish to view it.
  8. stevebrum

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 5th May

    He should be, he is in the top 8 riders of the world. Sheffield look the strongest this year.
  9. stevebrum

    King's Lynn v Wolves 05/05/22

    It’s what many predicted and surprise surprise supposed work needs doing to the stadium. Promoters still think supporters are wet behind the ears I see. A very poor excuse of a week for the Stars.
  10. stevebrum

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    To have one rider ill might be a stretch, but 3 illnesses and injuries seems like too many excuses to me. It looked like the majority of the Stars couldn’t be bothered. Just my observation. Like ive stated many times before Monmore hasn’t been the brilliant track it was since we lost Doc. Some would claim they have never seen a good match from there but they clearly haven’t seen the SKY broadcasts over the years.
  11. stevebrum

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    There have been many excellent meetings from Monmore, not every TV meeting can be a classic. Pickering was hopeless in the 2 races he rode. They were stronger when he became ‘Ill’. Pretty much sums it up. Wolves without question was one of the darling tracks of the SKY era. It’s not been the same since Doc left tho. Shameful comment wishing tracks to close. Not a great meeting to watch, mainly due to the Stars ineffectiveness to attack it as a team or use excuses of illness or injury. Wolves were just the better side. Not a classic by any means.
  12. stevebrum

    Belle Vue 2022

    The Aces definitely are stronger with Zagar without question. Etheridge remains the weak link tho.
  13. The 4th bend is always a problem after heavy rain and i expected grading after heat 2 when it was obvious that it was an issue. Quite often it takes an accident before work is done tho.
  14. stevebrum

    Ipswich 2022

    Woffy rides in Poland and Denmark and wouldn’t ride in the UK.
  15. Well the rain before the meeting certainly made the track heavy and tricky, which needed a break before the rerun of heat 3. certainly made it a long night. The Aces always seemed in contention without ever looking like winning. For the Aces..........Dont think Wright has ever looked so good, Brennan was quick, fast trapper and great value. Kurtz had 2 great rides and disappeared in the others. As for the rest.... woeful. Allen scored the same as Fricke without doing anything of note. As for Fricke, plain poor. Blodorn did nothing, Hooefully Etheridge is ok after his heat 1 tumble. Wolves..... Masters and Morris were excellent, Becker and Worrall did ok, Douglas tried hard whilst both reserves took a maximum in heat 2 so job done. The track rode much better after grading.

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