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  1. stevebrum

    Apology to starman

    Some people just have to have a dig.
  2. stevebrum

    Leicester Lions 2018

    It’s certainly got to be a key factor I’d say.
  3. stevebrum

    Parking at Wolverhampton

    Get there early enough and you should have no problems getting on main car park.
  4. stevebrum

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Big changes! Seems to have lost it’s starting power packed look and gone down the cheaper British route. The Pole deserved longer imho. Nicholls isn’t a number one anymore but then Bjerre has hardly been riding like one either. Auty for Krystian is an odd one although it can’t be denied that Auty has been having a much improved season in the 2nd tier. But in the main body of the team? Replacing the reserves tho is a no brainier plus Robbo at reserve is an obvious move for any club. Still surprising move tho. i wonder if the 2 maximum changes brigade are going to be as critical on this as they are on Poole?
  5. Of course the changes are fair, it’s within the rules! i think it’s a dangerous precedent to set to limit the amount of maximum changes any team can make, because some teams genuinely have riders with several injury problems, riders out of form and wanting out and several variables including making changes prior to the cut off date for last changes. limiting to just 2 changes maximum is unfair to teams affected by the above reasons.
  6. Worrall the key, I can see the Rebels pulling off a win. 44-46
  7. Wolves out of form but really need to take advantage of a weakened Robins team. A cautious 50-40
  8. Congratulations to Robert. Amazing win in such a tough line. there is a reason people have been raving about him for years . This is why. i hope he doesn’t get the same stick that Woffy does for not singing the National anthem. so Brits CAN win.
  9. stevebrum

    Poole 2018

    Where is this bs?? i don’t think I’ve ever read that Wolves couldn’t afford them. I’d love to read that information.
  10. stevebrum

    Poole 2018

    Nothing wrong with either part. It’s just an opinion. Thought I’d read the 12th also.
  11. stevebrum

    Poole 2018

    Why are you bringing me into anything? my constructive opinion is that I think it’s a backward step. If true that Sundstrom has stood down then Harris is as good as signing as is possible.
  12. He did add the not been paid caveat after that quote! of course speedway is Monday night, it’s been the prominent night for TV which I’m assuming what he means. and I’m sure that’s exactly what he meant.
  13. Tai makes an interesting comment about Monday night speedway in the UK in this weeks SS. ”I’ve said it over and over and over again. Monday night is speedway night, everyone knows it’s on a Monday night. I know there’s different issues with different clubs but if you can’t race on a Monday, then don’t race in the Premiership. Any clubs that want to race on a Monday, come to the Premiership. Make it professional. Sweden works, Poland works.”
  14. stevebrum

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    Agreed, although the increase in Masters and Schlein has helped us to a good start to the season. Morris has proved to be a good signing in reserve. Not in the main team tho.
  15. stevebrum

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    Of course it’s relevant, you keep mentioning that we shouldn’t have signed Thorssell instead of Lindgren. Howarth being injury jinxed and Heeps have been the biggest disappointments this season.

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