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  1. stevebrum

    Rossiter Stands Down

    Wonder what has prompted this? Pete Adams Hopefully would share Tai’s vision for the future as a possible candidate. With Tai in the team there has never been a better chance to win the SON title.
  2. stevebrum

    Poole 2019

    I pity any club that lets him use British speedway again. probably one of the most overrated riders in recent years. Im assuming he will want to come for an over flatted wage as well.
  3. stevebrum

    Poole 2019

    He has ridden here up to 2 seasons ago with only Doyle and who else as better riders? Yet he was still well done the average list. The last time he was here I think just Doyle, Iversen and Holder were GP standard. He was low 7 so not sure how you reckon he would be 2nd only to Doyle. No evidence, although I agree he SHOULD be 2nd only to Doyle in ability bad standard.
  4. stevebrum

    Poole 2019

    Think he needs British speedway as his career has fallen so far down to what it was.
  5. stevebrum

    Race for the top 4

    Klindt has never been a track specialist despite spending years there. Wells ditto . Scored 6 last time with Belle Vue. Very up and down when visited since left. Not one track specialist in the Poole line up but they have all had good meetings there and bad ones.
  6. stevebrum

    Race for the top 4

    Like who?
  7. We wouldn’t have won if Fricke was there, simples.
  8. stevebrum

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    It’s not fixed, it’s better. Bad ruts and wavey still but at least the boys can race it harder. Tons better tho.
  9. I’m still having to stay sat down.
  10. stevebrum

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    Terrible ruts still on bend 2 and 4 causing riders huge lifts. Track is way better but then it was dangerous before so not hard to improve on that. Ruts still an issue and still a bit wavy but loads better thankfully. An enjoyable match which is probably a Final rehearsal. Poole have all the strength in reserve, Swindon much better top 5. Intriguing final if that’s what it proves to be. Much more enjoyable meeting I’m delighted to say.
  11. Delighted the boys proved me wrong however looking at the performance from the Aces how come we didn’t get all 4 points? Just wasn’t to be for the Aces with Fricke out, NBJ out and Kenny stuck in traffic. A win is still a win tho. Only all wins now would do tho.
  12. stevebrum

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    I hope for your sake the reported track improvements have made a difference otherwise you know exactly what you will get! Fingers crossed its a good track and great meeting.
  13. I’m not convinced we can take chances like this. We have failed at others places and we are abysmal at the NSS. Besides the first month of year season and 2 weeks in Late July/August we have looked anything like a team capable of making the top 4. Not one Wolf, Becker aside, has shown anything like true potential this year. If Douglas has a good one then maybe we might do better than most of us Wolves fans expect. Im more than happy to be proved wrong of course.
  14. Another ‘golden opportunity’ gifted for Wolves tonight. Anyone think we can get a result?
  15. stevebrum

    Introducing yourself....

    I thought I could smell animal dung.

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