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  1. 2018 Premiership Predictions

    Fricke has yet to show his foreign form in the UK but is more than capable of challenging Cook for the number one jacket. (Assuming he is an Ace of course). As for Bewley, what a talent. Can see him adding 1-2 points on his average.
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    You missed my point. Woryna signed before the season as a Poole asset, whilst Mateusz was already an asset of Poole. Little chance any other club could have then.
  3. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Not really tho FB, Woryna signed as a Poole asset and Mateusz is also an asset. No other clubs really stood a chance of signing either.
  4. Poole 2018

    Wasn't a Wolves. But yes you are absolutely right. Holder has had some great meetings at Monmore.
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Someone else carried it on I think you forgot to add. Hope you managed to get some sleep also.
  6. 2018 Premiership Predictions

    Yet Jacob was in the top 6 away averages last year.
  7. Poole 2018

    Thanks. I wasn't 100% who it was he beat but decent standard riders for a newcomer. I've seen Holder score double figures at Poole so he can ride the track well, but rarely does. It's only really 1 poster.
  8. Poole 2018

    I'm sure Woryna beat Freddie at Wolves when riding for Coventry in his first season although lacked the consistency to back that up but I found his performance exciting enough. Of the Poles he will probably do OK at the smaller tracks like Wolves (possibly similar to how Musielak mastered it in 2017), of course assuming he brings his Polish form to the UK which everyone - particularly Poole fans - are expecting.
  9. Belle Vue 2018

    I did suggest that it was ceased being discussed but the usual suspect continued discussing it. I see he has done the sensible to move it to the Wolves thread to bore people there. I'm glad you have your thread back tho.
  10. Wolves 2018

    I see you continued boring on the Belle Vue thread, trying to take over as per usual and have the last word. We all know number 4 has 'easier rides'. Only number one is a confirmed position for any of the top 5 other than the number one. ANY other top 5 rider can ride at number 4. There is no such thing as a second strong position anymore. Only the race programme dictates that 2 and 4 are deemed 'easier' positions. I know you have dragged this off the Belle Vue page to reignite it here to continue your 'I'm always right and will have the last word' stance that bores the forum incessantly. It IS opinion because nothing stops ANY team putting their 2nd or 3rd averaged rider at number 2 or 4. Whether or team will or would is open to suggestion and an available option to ALL team managers. I do feel sorry for other forum users that the usual suspect continues his 'I'm right' stance that will no doubt rumble on now that he continues to bore on about the subject.
  11. Belle Vue 2018

    Wrong. Gavan made the initial comment his average was achieved as a second strong, and has since clarified that remark.
  12. Poole 2018

    Ready to sign his contract as the back up for Linus.
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    Trying to have the last word as usual, let's kindly respect it's a Belle Vue thread.
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Clearly not.