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  1. stevebrum


    Is the AGM meant to be this weekend?
  2. Such a shame that the NHS has to be coupled with the Serco app for track and trace. We know how rubbish they are. interesting look at the ONS stats from 24th September. Which goes to prove how ridiculous the argument for any further lockdowns are. You can’t argue with stats, especially when you hear just how many under 45 year olds have died that are relatively healthy (with minimal or no known secondary health conditions). And still people believe the mass moronic media and government and health ministry lies.
  3. Are people really still not getting it yet?? We are now calling it coronavirus and covid(19) seems to have taken a back seat. the relevance? Coronavirus can be a cold or flu. Are we counting all those now or differentiating them?? Just in time for the winter and flu season, let’s call it coronavirus because covid cases aren’t justifying the lockdown and control nonsense.
  4. Unfortunately not so rare anymore due to parents deciding their children don’t need them because it’s rare and then take them to countries where those diseases are prevalent. In hospitals we were seeing more and more children presenting with those problems.
  5. And this is where the REAL next wave will happen. Cancer deaths will increase 10 fold in the next 12-18 months because of late diagnosis because GPs won’t see anyone, whilst the real issue will be seen in 4-5 years when those that could have been caught, diagnosed and treated with slow growing cancers will be completely lost to the system. All because we have 2 or 3 deaths a day from a supposedly deadly virus. With the winter fast approaching flu deaths will be the new Covid19 diagnosis.
  6. If I was suspicious I might wonder why scores of asylum seekers have been allowed entry and are now testing positive and pushing the infection rate even higher. Well done the government, they are doing everything in their power to keep the infection rate high to try and keep the bogus reason for keeping cities and towns on the watched list and keep the residents scared. Too many seeing thru it all tho now.
  7. stevebrum

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Thanks for the info. Thanks for the info, couldn’t see it earlier.
  8. stevebrum

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    No matches listed on Premier or freesports tonight. Any news?
  9. stevebrum

    Corona virus

    Best thing you’ve said so far.
  10. I couldn’t believe this total bull when I saw it today. 5 deaths in the UK, none in Birmingham so let’s try enforce new restrictions. It’s the line about gatherings of 30 yet hundreds can congregate for prayer. I could swear it’s April 1st, until I realised this is the next joke of a decision made by our government and health minister. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the incompetency of those in charge. What about those who died from cancer, suicide and pneumonia today which is way more than 2. Covid isnt claiming lives like those other illnesses are, they deserve more attention right now.
  11. If you have a brain you can see it’s good news, but then the news on the virus has been getting better for a month or more.
  12. stevebrum

    Corona virus

    So here we go again, I reckon for the last time tho. I’m a hypocrite (so you say) but then you’re perfectly placed to judge as you appear the biggest one posting. Keep making irrelevant comments and you will be called out for them and shown up for what they are. All good then. You don’t like being called out for posting like a 12 year old schoolgirl yet want to call out another poster for doing the same. We get that you are a hypocrite, thanks for confirming. Im not easily led by anyone, you clearly don’t read my posts often. I’ve commented that I read your interpretation of what was supposedly said as not what you think at all. Others have also said the same thing. Saying that I read it the same way isn’t being ‘easily led but reaffirming what others have said. Choose to believe I want to believe something else if you choose, the fact that others say the same thing you seem to ignore or acknowledge. Seems that some can quite simply be blinded to believe what they believe to be true even tho several other people have commented to the contrary. No one will change your mind so I won’t be bothering on that. A quick foot note to add that I’m sorry to read the news about the loss of your father. Having lost my mother I fully understand the sense of loss. See, I have compassion so I make a lot of sense. No it wasn’t an analogy, it was a statement of fact. Must learn the difference. Anyone that knowns me will know I’m a fierce friend but like you say you must see me as enemy. Your choice. Ive tried trying to have a sensible discussion with you as I consider myself a fair person and try and look at any situation with an open mind. You only want confirmation your opinion is right, it isn’t. I’ll leave you in the same position I found you. And I’ll respond accordingly in future.
  13. stevebrum

    Corona virus

    Again, another bullet point reply so I’ll address accordingly. I will reiterate, it’s no ones business if anyone on here is autistic or not. It’s no excuse to call someone out for it and is quite frankly disgraceful. The more you make the assumption the more you are attacking. If that’s your style, fair enough. Don’t be a hypocrite and call others out for it tho. I’m glad you get and understand why you are being called out for being hypocritical. you can make any analogy you want, however if it’s irrelevant it’s still irrelevant. By suggesting you are also behaving like a 12 year old schoolgirl (your own analogy) with your responses doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. It just points out the glaring obvious that you are calling out someone for replying ‘like a 12 year old schoolgirl’ by replying like...... a 12 year old schoolgirl. Sometimes it’s best to accept the blame instead of deflecting it onto others. I understand about being personally attacked by the loss of a parent and had one sad individual actually set up a profile called ‘stevebrumsmomisdeadhaha’. Who rightly got a ban for that pathetic behaviour. I understand being attacked in that way. However like 2 others posters have replied it seems clear Bwitcher was referring to flu and not your dad. You may read it different, that said I’m now the 3rd person reading it the same way. It seems there was genuine confusion. Anyway that’s not for me to put right. By replying ‘see you next Tuesday’ to every one of his posts is junior school humour but again it’s quite frankly offensive as we all get what you are saying. Again if that’s your thing crack on. The morals of calling someone on their behaviour right now is extremely astounding. Ive no axe to grind with anyone so I’m just calling it as I see it. See it as friendly advice (which it is) plus also pointing our your behaviour and postings are gutter level at times. see it as friendly or see it as supporting the enemy if you will it won’t make much difference to me personally.. That’s the way I read it too in all honesty.
  14. stevebrum

    Corona virus

    You have no need to ask for, seek, or need answers to whether someone is autistic or not, it’s none of your business. That’s all there is to say about it really. To continue to call out someone and assume they are autistic is offensive. If you are assuming he is autistic (given that you said if he was you would adjust your communication) why not just do that anyway seeing as you say he is instead of trying to attack him with it? As you’ve just said ‘I’ve not attacked and never would someone for being autistic’ are you not just not being hypocritical if that’s the case? Your point about communicating with the deaf is irrelevant, this is a forum not face to face chit chat. You mentioned the 12 year old schoolgirl comment, I just mentioned that yours are of a similar tone in reply. I don’t know the history of Bwitcher and something he apparently said about your dad. I read recent communications you’ve both quoted but I can’t see where the issue is? Maybe just quote and post it like Bwitcher has done to prove the point so it’s done and dusted. Or just continue the 12 year old back and forth points scoring if you wish. Points scoring by being offensive really isn’t a good trait. I’m a nurse yes, but I fail to see the relevance?
  15. stevebrum

    Corona virus

    Not quite sure what to make of your bullet point responses. whether a poster may or not be autistic is completely irrelevant to any point and certainly to you. You have no right to demand such answers of someone and its at best offensive. As the examples I gave you you responded with they were both racist and homophobic. So what’s different? You are assuming somebody to have a certain condition and are attacking him with it. Sorry that’s bang plain out of order. To even suggest you want it confirmed so you can ‘adjust the way I interact with him’ is shocking. The numbers, stats and facts surrounding Covid are important. This topic is not just about speedway. If you ‘don’t really care about the numbers’ then let those who are interested in the stats discuss them seeing as you aren’t interested. We’ve had a very chequered history have myself And Bwitcher, we are more speedway acquaintances than good friends and have had many good debates as well as some humdingers (as anyone who used to post in Wolfcry!). He is someone I respect at times and are infuriated the next. If you feel his behaviour is that of ‘a 12 year old schoolgirl’ why are you replying like someone in the same class and age range? There are lots of ‘facts’ about Covid19, that there is no denying whilst also lots of lies that a lot of people, myself included, are starting to pick apart. Its clear you and he aren’t going to agree on things and it’s becoming a very twit for tat standpoint. Bwitcher makes lots of very valid points, which is the main crux of this topic is to discuss all things Covid. If you aren’t ‘interested in the numbers’ I’m not really sure why you are making points on it. Just to be clear my issue is attacking someone for what you presume to have a known medical/mental health issue is just wrong. sorry, it is.

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