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  1. I agree they should be, but then I’d like the top boys all riding here too in our top league. Neither will be happening anytime soon!
  2. They will be in this weeks speedway star.
  3. I agree as BRITISH world champion it would be great to see him there, even if it was just as making an appearance and not ride. Truth is he has much more important things to do, ditto Lambert, ditto Cook and all of the top boys who have swerved it for years. One has to also question, was he even asked? As a British rider are you suggesting he shouldn’t be able to access it despite spending several seasons here in the leagues?
  4. Blue tints worn if anyone remembers all the racing in days gone by as better and closer! The only difference between now and then is that they raced in front of much healthier crowds. The top class riders still finished way ahead of the lesser lights.
  5. The riders who ride do so for little money. Think back to the first one which had a class field and the last few years has been British based riders from the lower divisions mostly. There is a reason Tai and the top boys don’t ride in it anymore, it is no challenge or test for them. Using your rationale the same applies to Cook and Lambert who you seem to excuse. Those boys ride here and Tai doesn’t. No excuse for them but plenty for Tai who has no base or bikes here.
  6. stevebrum

    Poole 2019

    Whoops forgot about them.
  7. Woffy walks the talk tho. He is always promoting British speedway. More than the BSPA do as well. Why on earth would he ride in a line up based at Championship level? No Lambert (testing in Poland more important], Cook who should have been there also using your logic. More important to test in Poland, thanks for not bothering as well Robert.
  8. stevebrum

    Poole 2019

    Adams has to rate as one of the greatest team managers of all time with his success for Wolves and Cradley. Hasnt he been in the corner of 3 world champions, with Woffy being the most recent?
  9. stevebrum

    Wolves 2019

    Let’s hope Nick is ok after pulling out of yesterday’s Ben Fund after 2 races. Last thing we need is another injury worry.
  10. I think he is sarcastically trying to poke fun at the greatest ever British rider in Woffy. Tho why anyone would expect a rider who doesn’t race here anymore to race is pretty odd.
  11. stevebrum

    Wolves 2019

    Gutted to hear about the injury to Jacob and Scott is the most predictable and obvious replacement. shame it wasn’t someone like Woffy, Piotr, Niels or Kildemand but I doubt they were even considered. Scott is a fairly decent replacement however others have commented that he is a track specialist at Monmore, he WAS but hasn’t been a force at Monmore for a good couple of seasons now. Get well soon Jacob!
  12. stevebrum

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Ah I see, I’d imagine a club one would be too expensive at a guess.
  13. stevebrum

    Kings Lynn 2019

    There is an App , it’s called total speedway. I have it on my IPad
  14. stevebrum

    Who has the strongest top 3 riders??

    Wolves do have the strongest top 4 indeed. i agree that Swindon have the strongest top 3 by the way, just pointing out they aren’t as way ahead as you stated. matters not one jot what riders do abroad, the averages are for what they achieved in UK racing. And figures show the top 3 of Wolves isn’t way behind as you indicated. otherwise I agree.
  15. stevebrum

    Who has the strongest top 3 riders??

    Swindon 24.01 Wolves 23.28 So not way ahead.

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