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  1. stevebrum

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    He is what 21/22 and has achieved a lot in his career already. I can’t believe anyone would say he has reached his peak. So long as he takes the chances offered to him and makes the most of trying to break thru in the Polish league I’d like to think there is plenty more to come. The trouble being of course is that he has been thrust onto the world stage pretty early in his career so that’s always going to be hard to top. I see no reason why he won’t continue growing as a sportsperson.
  2. stevebrum

    Ipswich 2020

    The good thing is that some teams are still allowed to official practice then.
  3. stevebrum

    Ipswich 2020

    I don’t believe an ambulance is required for a practice session.
  4. stevebrum

    Ipswich 2020

    I know you have to have access to medical cover (via 999 I’d imagine) for practise and amateur meetings even amateur practise. Wether that would even be allowed to happen I’d say is highly unlikely. id imagine ‘organised’ racing would have to have St Johns.
  5. It’s what we all expected despite the lone mouthpiece of the forum thinking they were the only one that knew.
  6. Which just goes to show they had already made the decision last week if they are letting riders leave the country. As always the authorities assume the public are stupid.
  7. Yes apparently so, but there are other teams affected. Birmingham have 2 Italians in their team who I believe aren’t here either.
  8. We all know your true colours however. If I’m so ‘selfish’ why was I shopping for elderly and vulnerable today to get them some essentials they desperately need that the greedy are taking for themselves? know nothing, know nothing , know nothing.
  9. What utter codswallop and you know it. Unless they have relatives who are elderly and vulnerable they don’t ‘need caring for’. The riders must have been told they won’t be racing for their clubs till at least April which begs the question why aren’t the fans being told this instead of this secrecy of a meeting tomorrow that will update fans on the current situation. By all accounts we all know the season isn’t starting this week if riders are being allowed to isolate so this isn’t going to be any new news. Most people will have guessed all this anyway, even you.
  10. If the riders have been told then why not just tell the fans too? There should be no cloud of mystery
  11. I can’t see many businesses allowing staff to self isolate in a different country. Although of course they are self employed. Just doesn’t sit right with when you have work waiting to start in a matter of weeks.
  12. Why they can’t self isolate in the country they are working in is beyond me tho.
  13. stevebrum

    Sky and Bt sports

    Agree, have no idea why the originator of the thread put SKY instead or Eurosport. Still, as the deal with Eurosport for top flight league matches the thread is in the right place. (Shame the title is misleading!)
  14. stevebrum

    Sky and Bt sports

    Because the TV deal is for the top flight.

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