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  1. I should imagine, if he is allowed to anyways, that it would be Leon and Bomber riding for Berwick!
  2. That's the same ref who excluded Leon in heat 13 at Poole... A decision even the Poole manager disagreed with! I think a few disagreed with that decision but like you say, he's got the ultimate call!.
  3. Our opponents were disappointing but let's not disparage them. That was a team that achieved a point at Armadale only 24 hours previous .. granted they had Leon guesting at number 1 scoring big points Bomber and Leon were simply sublime.. 2 of the easiest maximums you will ever see at Berwick.. and that was including Bombers phenomenal heat 13. In the form they are, especially if Leon is able to ride in the pairs, you've surely got to look at them as dark horses! Paid 9 from Theo and paid 17 from our guest superb guest in Jordan Jenkins is the sort of back up that wins you meeting in these fashions! Nathan looked like he could've been in for a good night... The ground he'd made up before clipping Harry McGurks back wheel showed he clearly had the speed .. just glad to see him get up from what was an alarming spill! Thank the lord he managed to get himself off the bike! A good win on the night for both Berwick teams sent the fans home happy!
  4. Bandits4eva

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    Me and the hubby said the same thing...
  5. True... But fans need a home win now .. it's becoming more and more of a chore now trying to drum up enthusiasm!
  6. Hence why I and many others wondered why we were being so kind last night and waiting.....
  7. Who you kidding? If you don't get the 4 points I'll be shocked!!
  8. Bandits4eva

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    If you know Jaizer then you'll know they were making reference to everyone's favourite guest.. current Bandit Chris Harris
  9. Bandits4eva

    Leicester vs Berwick 24 July. 6.00p.m.

    More like 58-32 I'd say. The loss of Jonas on away tracks will be a big factor today!
  10. Start of the season we totally blew them away... Before the meeting yesterday I said to the hubby that Edinburgh would beat us! A sad turn around of fortunes for us!
  11. Bandits4eva

    Leicester vs Berwick 24 July. 6.00p.m.

    Whatever you've had Norm, I want some of it
  12. Bandits4eva

    Leicester vs Berwick 24 July. 6.00p.m.

    Oxford away proved what we can do as a team when things click as they should... Glasgow killed us doing anything against Redcar though... We had a decent meeting last year at Leicester but it's our 3rd meeting in 3 days so it may be a bit telling! As long as we can make it entertaining......
  13. My bad.. you're right!! We beat them in the league earlier on this year!
  14. That's being kind Just gonna have to take it on the chin and hope the week off can give a chance for bikes to be repaired and aches settle down! Edinburgh next week in the league so hopefully things are in order by then!
  15. Still sucking on something very bitter I see! Your track was utter sh1t3 that night!
  16. Jye on Wednesday.. withdrawal of Theo tonight.. bomber, Leon and Jonas taking big offs... Who did we upset?
  17. Maybe he felt he gave Jonas no room to race? McGregor doesn't really do us any favours usually!! Amazing how viewpoints differ though. My bandit source up there says it was the right decision! I'm just wanting to see reports of my team walking away battered but unscathed.. to ride another day!!
  18. From bad to worse!! Proper walking wounded we are tonight!! And for a tinpot meeting too.....
  19. Guests galore to beat Redcar it seems it's going to be! Hopefully Theo is okay!
  20. You have your opinion of him... Quite the contrary to what we think of him at Berwick if he has the odd meeting on the continent then so be it... His form means we could get practically anyone in for him!
  21. He has missed 1 home meeting?!
  22. Bandits4eva

    Ozford v Berwick..13/7

    I wonder who worked that out for you
  23. Bandits4eva

    Ozford v Berwick..13/7

    Just honesty pal... Gems like these go on to big things quickly... Got to hope the friendships he's created already and the bond with the Flint family can help influence him to stay! What a star he's been!
  24. Bandits4eva

    Ozford v Berwick..13/7

    Listen... I was on call for work till 10pm.... The grip of euphoria at seeing that result live... plus the switch from IPhone to android meant my fat fingers pressed the wrong button! Anyways... Get back to celebrating!

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