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  1. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Wolves Premiership A. 23/5/18

    Starman, this forum is all about opinions and Gavan is quite entitled to his. He is quite right, we do need a number 1. Unfortunately, our Nos `1,3,5 have no chance of a 5 race maximum, in their present form, unlike, for instance, Wolves who have Thorssell, Schlein and Masters who are capable of going through the card, especially at home. Forums are open for debate from all fans of Speedway. I am sure that there are members that would like you to "GIIVE IT A REST" PS. Is there any news on Stefan. His Mum was stood next to us last and was understandably distraught. Really hope he is OK
  2. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Wolves Premiership A. 23/5/18

    Probably the best meeting of the season. If there was some "average fixing" going on, the riders disguised it very well.
  3. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Wolves Premiership A. 23/5/18

    And your proven evidence, Trackrat
  4. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Thoroughly well beaten by a good Swindon team, well lead by Nick Morris, I have no problem with that, but I do have several worries. Messrs Sundstrom and Shanes continue to disappoint and despite the heavy loss, speedway was still NOT the winner. The track looked good and apparently well prepared, but there were very few passes and those that could gate, prospered.
  5. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Totally agree with that comment Steve. The burger van on 1st bend even ran out of onions by the interval, but then again, they are normally cold anyway!!!!!
  6. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2018

    Guys, I am really not interested in the "in and outs" of social Media. I come on here to find out what is happening with the team that I support. So do me a favour!!!! if you want to discuss youtube, hits, likes and imogees, take it to a site where people ARE interested.
  7. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2018

    Well done!!!!! to you lot. I'm very proud of the Speedway fraternity. Some of you dish out some personal garbage, but when one of its own hits a bad time, everyone rallys around and for that, you've revived my faith in this Forum. Get well soon Starry and look forward to seeing you selling the STAR around Wimborne Road.
  8. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2018

    What's the hold up with Chris Holder, do the 2 of them come as a "package"
  9. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2018

    I've got the best idea. Why don't you make Matt Ford post a list of riders that he would like to sign, and then leave it up to you jealous b@@@@s north of Winchester to sanction it.
  10. Well Done!!!! to both Wolves and Swindon, on producing an exciting and highly debatable Final and ultimately Swindon as the deserved League Winners. Despite all the garbage, childish rivalry and negativity on this site, it was a great advert for the sport, with BT Sport and most importantly,Speedway becoming the ultimate winners. Can I just remind some of you that our own Poole Forum was "closed down", due in part, to the above behaviour of the few, some of whom frequent this site.

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