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  1. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2019

    You are correct Aviator, but a lot of the comments became abusive and far too personal, with nothing to do with speedway and shed a poor reflection on Poole Speedway itself.
  2. Southampton Pirate

    Poole 2019

    Well, like you Lisa Collette, I think that the site was closed down, mainly due to the fact that some of the posters were "not a good influence" on the club and were painting a bad picture. I reckon you guys know who you were!!!!!! I don't have to mention names. Personally, travelling down from Southampton each week, the forum was good for weather forecasts/conditions and team news. Shame it had to go.
  3. What is it with you two - the Gavan and Shovlar show. I don't regularly log on to this site, but I do like to get the updates on team selection etc. It's always good to read people's varying opinions, factual or not. I have an opinion on most things, but I certainly do not reply with personal or slanderous quips that are designed to upset people. It's little wonder that anyone is banned from the site for overstepping the mark. To both of you, I'm sure we are interested in your remarks and opinions on SPEEDWAY. I'm not interested in slurs or personal insults. If you want to do that, go onto Facebook or whatever and leave this dedicated sport to the people who love and enjoy Speedway for what it is/or isn't
  4. Well, not many people overtake Jason Doyle on the final bend in heat 15, which brings me to my point. WE'VE GOT BOMBER - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
  5. Southampton Pirate

    Somerset v Poole. Playoff Semi Final 1st Leg. 17/9/18

    Still cannot understand why we are so bad around Somerset, especially as our Nos 1 and 2 used to race there. Over the 2 legs, Somerset still massive favourites for me
  6. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Possibly you are right. His average will make him quite attractive, but Bomber would be first on my list.
  7. Southampton Pirate

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Would rather have Woryna at reserve!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Southampton Pirate

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Looks like a Stars/Rebels final to me. We've just got too many riders under performing and we won't win anything without a number 1.
  9. Southampton Pirate

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Really Daniel!!!!! Can you imagine the outrage on here, if a Poole fan even suggested it, let alone if it actually happened.
  10. Southampton Pirate

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Can't see us beating Somerset over 2 legs, they are too good around Wimborne Rd, second in line would be Belle Vue and then probably our best bet would be Lyn, who always seem to struggle at our place.
  11. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Swindon Prem B. 22/8/18

    Hi Steve. Are you able to post Heat 15
  12. Southampton Pirate

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    What are dripping on about? Of the posts that I have seen on hear, nearly every Poole supporter, including me have said that the better team won. WHO' S MOANING, other than you?
  13. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    As a result of last week's fiasco, and the added chance of a few drops of rain, we decided to save our £30 and watch it on BT at home. I thought it was a pretty good advert for Speedway in general, with the final result being decided in the last heat. Spills, thrills and overtaking. In my effort to try to re-enact the "Speedway" experience, at half time, I asked my mate if he wanted something to eat. He said that he would prefer a hot dog, so after popping out in to my "Gourmet" kitchen, unfortunately, I had to give him the news that I didn't have any hot dog rolls, or onions. Just like actually being at the meeting eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    Absolutely disgraceful!!!!! Whatever is going on at Poole. First of all, the normal disappointment with the first bend "Gourmet" burger van, (No hot dog rolls), but that's for another thread and then the Coup de grace, the postponement. Firstly, everyone in the stadium could see the rain coming, so Why????? did we have an interval. When it did come, it lasted about 5 minutes. To be honest, the track looked in better nick after the shower and with a bit of grading, I'm sure would have produced some good racing. We travel down from Southampton and sadly, will stay at home on Monday. This is NOT the publicity that Poole, or more importantly, Speedway needs at this, or any other time. From one very disgruntled and disillusioned supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Southampton Pirate

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    I'm just waiting for the accusation of "cheating" by arranging a meeting on a Thursday.

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