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    Forgotten Europeans...

    J osef angermuller
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    Best Race Suit Ever?

    white leathers Ken Casper Cameron
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    Picture ID

  5. miro

    Coventry's New Stadium

    Eastbourne Arlington 5 August 1929
  6. miro


    Here's the latest from the Oxford Mail today... http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/14267540.City_council_in_bid_to_sieze_back_ownership_of_Oxford_Stadium/
  7. miro


    Report here http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/14190288.Stalemate_continues_over_future_of_debt_ridden_Oxford_Stadium/
  8. Missing Gordon Kennett, second in 1978
  9. miro

    1931 Clip

    Australians in Paris 1928: http://www.itnsource.com/en/shotlist/BHC_RTV/1928/01/01/BGT407130859/?s=dirt%20track%20paris%201928 Any information on this clip from 1928 - would this be at Saint-Ouen? anybody know these riders?
  10. http://www.dn.se/sport/150-framsta-svenska-idrottarna-genom-tiderna/ This Swedish newspaper poll ranks Tony Rickardsson at 46 but no other Speedway riders I noticed. The Swedes have always been enlightened about Speedway and I thought Fundin or Nygren at least would have been here, would we get any in a UK poll?
  11. Here's an update from the Oxford Mail for anyone following the stadium saga: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11522995.___Decide_now_or_I___ll_drop_my_bid_to_buy_Oxford_stadium___/?ref=mr
  12. The stadium is open this Saturday 13/9 as part of the Oxford Open Doors 2014 event from 10.00-4.00: http://www.oxfordopendoors.org.uk/events/oxford-stadium-sandy-lane-cowley-ox4-6lj/ Come and find out more about the Oxford Stadium made a Conservation Area in 2014. A local landmark and much loved building home in the past to Greyhound Racing and Speedway and today Oxford Karting. Displays and archive material relating to its long history. Talk to local experts who remember the triumphs and the tragedies. Informal guided tours, Karting demonstrations. Sandy Lane, Cowley, OX4 6LJ
  13. Phillips used a Rudge and the Rudge was the inspiration behind the all conquering JAP, and the argument was settled between the upright engine and the low slung Douglas. He advocated lay down engines and a few were made here and there over the years though I don't know if he actually made any himself or rode one. Off subject he also made a fuel injector that was sold by Hagon and some Speedway riders used them, I saw Peter Collins try one on a Weslake at Hackney in a second half.

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