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  1. goosebump

    World Cup Squads

    saint rob fancying a lass whats this world coming to
  2. goosebump


    joe screen and baloo the bear from jungle book
  3. goosebump

    Why Is Speedway Uncool?

    damn right, them bomber shirts aint too nice
  4. goosebump

    Air Horns

    i dont agree with banning them from stadium, it all adds to atmosphere BUT i think banning them from the streets before the meeting is a good idea as on numerous occasions i was stood outside a pub speaking to people and it wasnt easy
  5. goosebump

    Ben Barker

    i personally think this behavior adds to the atmosphere at such events
  6. goosebump

    This Forum

    problem is with this forum is everyone takes it far far too seriously and tend to get offended very easily. people generally just need to get out every now and then
  7. these comments directed at me are scandalous had a cracking day, most of which spent with mr paulco who had a nasty fall and hurt his shoulder thought the meeting was alright, crump deserved winner, regarding pedersen well the decision to exclude adams was dreadful but he had to exclude bjarne in the identical clash because of consistency
  8. well paulco was bladdered by 7 and didnt consume one drink between then and midnight, will be interesting to hear both of their opinions
  9. i think it is safe to say that pinny easily beat paulco in the very highly awaited drinking contest, as expected
  10. goosebump

    This Forum

    good on ya laddie, get them down ya
  11. goosebump

    This Forum

  12. goosebump

    This Forum

    oh shut up you tart
  13. goosebump

    Rider Riding Styles

    theres a few for me. mads korneliussen. lovely style. andreas jonsson. cracking. craig watsons style before his injurys was good too. look at videos pre 2005 and you will see what i meant. antonio lindback
  14. goosebump

    Danish Gp

    john leslies had enough expierience with mirrors afterall
  15. QUOTE (Rob B @ Jun 8 2008, 04:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Coventry complaining about fixture backlog why is it since the fixtures came out they have only had two meetings planned in June. If they are suddenly wanting to ride on a Mondays now why not rearrange some Mondays in June. Some of you are ridiculous with your comments of "meeting that really means very little", "poxy individual" I know you've been only going to speedway a handful of years but is also the 80th anniversary of speedway in this country this year and Belle Vue are the only club to be running 80 years. Lets see when its Coventry's 80th anniversary if you are calling it a nothing meeting. stop getting your briefs in a twist league fixtures are far more important than some poxy 80th year meeting.
  16. goosebump

    Danish Grand Prix

    if i was stekkers id shove mads into swc team and put bjerre as a reserve.
  17. goosebump

    Danish Grand Prix

    to be perfectly honest, tomicek has certainly not disgraced himself thus far in the series.
  18. goosebump

    Swedish Gp

    thought the gp was pretty good. some cracking races. sadly just as many falls though. gutting to see iversen injured, i feel hes made a good impression on the series so far as well as upping his game in the leagues. lindgren was brilliant last night. people who moan at pearson have many valid points but generally i like him, purely because of his enthusiasiam etc. millard is a totally different matter though - hes shocking.
  19. goosebump


    subedei and scobby doo
  20. goosebump


    steve shovlar and phil mitchell
  21. goosebump

    Leszno Gp May 10th 2008

    anyway onto the meeting, thought it was OK some good races some poor hampel was the best rider up until the final imo. was surprised in niels kristian iversen he really is having a great season and proving the doubters wrong.
  22. goosebump

    Leszno Gp May 10th 2008

    why people rise to the boring, repetitive bullrubbish you post on these forums, i don't know. your constant slating of nicholls is quite frankly pathetic. you're one sad man. why don't you just sod off to poland and watch your speedway. or don't comment at all, as its very rare you make a positive post. you're one very sad man.
  23. goosebump

    Chapman steps down

    thank god hes stepped down. proved to be nothing but an empty head during his time in charge of the circus

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