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  1. tomhaines

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    If anyone wants my Bydgoszcz vs Ostrow ticket (pdf) let me know. Paid £5 but not going now due to the quarantine rules... shame for it to go to waste
  2. Like many others, now not making the trip. If anyone is after a single Saturday ticket then let me know - pay whatever you feel is right think it was a £35 one Also a Bydgoszcz vs Ostrow ticket going to waste if anyone wants it!
  3. tomhaines

    Rest of the GP series

    Anyone who was planning Toruń... just had notification that Ryanair have cancelled my return Bydgoszcz to Birmingham flight on the Monday edit - looks like that route is now only Saturday and Thursday
  4. Anybody had any success with this yet? Doesn’t like my credit card number or iban - nor does it let you leave it blank. Tried phoning kupbilet but they only spoke enough English to say ‘sorry I don’t speak English’
  5. tomhaines

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Makes sense. Absolutely great piece of work - really enjoying
  6. tomhaines

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Amazing work! issues I’ve noticed is a few elite league riders without a premier league average - anders Rowe and broc nicol being examples. Is this a game issue or data issue? similar to welwyn I’ve noticed a few duplicated riders (anders Rowe and Chris Harris as examples) regardless of the little niggles it’s great work thank you!
  7. @Spooky I’m getting the run around from BSI with Warsaw tickets. T&Cs state no refund but the cancellation email said this was waived and PZM would be in touch with how to refund - this was weeks ago. Having contacted BSI numerous times they seem to be abdicating any responsibility and telling me to go back to kupbilet who in turn tell me to contact the PZM who you can’t contact! To be honest it’s put me off buying future GP tickets (particularly seeing them hide behind the no refunds for the rearranged Prague and SoN finals - yes it’s in T&Cs but already here in the UK the CMA has ruled this is illegal and unjust.
  8. Despite the tickets being sold subject to organisers right to change the date of the competition the cancellation email from kupbilet states the PZM will be in touch re refunds despite the T&Cs - which they’ve so far failed to do and emailing BSI they don’t seem to know what’s going on either as they keep replying saying they’ll look at it. Also impossible to contact the PZM or kupbilet which probably explains why so few have contacted about refunds as you simply can’t. Extraordinary times but a poor show from BSI, kupbilet and BSI - not quite in the Ryanair and booking.com box yet but they could end up there!
  9. Anyone seen any news yet on applying for refunds for the original tickets (can’t make 8th August :(). cancellation email states PZM will inform about the details of how to go about cancelling tickets but no details anywhere that I can see?
  10. Hi, Looking to plan a Scottish trip later this year and hoping to take in Glasgow and Edinburgh speedway if the dates work. I can see on Twitter that Edinburgh’s race night is Friday but can’t find Glasgow’s anywhere? can someone advise?
  11. tomhaines

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    After a bit of expert knowledge on the SoN in Berlin - contemplating making the trip (first Ice Speedway!). Tickets likely to be available on the door or do these things sell out like some of the Speedway GPs? May end up being a last minute decision to go
  12. Any idea when the fixtures usually come out? Keen to plan a couple of Polish weekends
  13. http://www.somersetrebels.co/news.php?extend.1949
  14. Advert for Somerset states 12 quali heats, 2 semis and a final... http://www.somersetrebels.co/news.php?extend.1949 Hence the DW meeting did look attractive in comparison but couldn't convince the OH that A 2.5 hour drive each way was worth it... probably for the best!
  15. £20 for 15 heats is not good value... had even booked early shift in work to go until the volume of heats and price was known! When we can have a day of sunshine and still see Poole called off it totally puts people off! Just Prague and Cardiff again this year then!
  16. Almost travelled from South Wales for this one... glad we didn't and already decided that £20 next Friday for Somerset pairs is a rip off... probably giving British speedway a miss for another year on the basis of tonight's near miss and next weeks rip off! When will the powers that be learn?!
  17. tomhaines

    2015 Euro's

    Any ideas if this is repeated on eurosport / on YouTube?
  18. tomhaines

    British GP 2013

    Practice delayed till 6 due to additional track prep needed.... Anyone know anymore? As I don't see anyone on track right now?!
  19. Can't quote on my phone but 9.57: Anyway that's all i can be bothered to point out, it's my last word on the subject, Yes of course it is! Not sure what this clique you refer to constantly is? I don't know any of the other people who can't stand your ramblings.... To be a clique we'd have to communicate surely? Which I don't!
  20. Mp if you think the forum is that bad why did you come back?! Do us a favour and go back into hibernation instead of attacking the forum as a whole?!
  21. Manchesterpaul you really are the biggest imbecile this forum has ever seen. Your last response to dw is ridiculous! Really you need to get a life!
  22. tomhaines

    Sgp 2013 Riders

    So if its a member of the top 8 then the 10th place replaces them (as 9th is replacing Crump).... lets just hope Harris doesn't overhaul Andersen then
  23. There isn't anything to download yet. Paul just has a weird thing about posting these threads in advance so he can be first!
  24. tomhaines

    British Grand Prix 2012

    Leon madsen Seb ulamek Krzysztof buczkowski Joonas Kylmakorpi According to Wikipedia
  25. tomhaines

    British Grand Prix 2012

    From memory 2003 we already had the first couple of reserves (ronni pedersen?) in and the next ones in line couldn't get to Cardiff in time to replace hans (who himself was a reserve). Therefore chris was called up. Kk is in the uk so I expect he will be riding.

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