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  1. Figureof8heed

    Tony Pulis supported the Newport Wasps

    Was he a supporter or a fan, though?
  2. Figureof8heed

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Lawlor rode at Berwicks stars of tomorrow a few month back; was certainly the most exciting rider on show.
  3. Figureof8heed

    berwick bandits 2019

    If all rules remain "as is", I'd like this team which fits under the limit. 1. Nicholls 2. Etheridge 3. Doolan 4. NBJ 5. Summers 6. Howe 7. Flint
  4. Hope they give etheridge a few skids!
  5. Figureof8heed

    berwick bandits 2019

    Christ, you'd almost think its a forum.
  6. Have Rybnik confirmed their team?
  7. Figureof8heed

    Newcastle 2019

    For the most part, Div2 in Poland really isn't "mega bucks".
  8. Figureof8heed


    Top bloke Alex,
  9. Figureof8heed

    Ipswich V Berwick

  10. 18.50 plus 2 pound parking is mental but worth it to see bandits sheg embrahhh
  11. Figureof8heed


    oh god no
  12. Ideal meeting, some good racing yet a convincing berwick win. Thank you
  13. as they used to say on soccer am .. light drizzle
  14. Figureof8heed


  15. Figureof8heed


    Aye but Wroclaw be boiling eh
  16. Revving up at opposing fans when you're getting heat off them is all part of the fun.
  17. Havvy wanted him at Berwick last year but others wanted Howe, thankfullly.
  18. Figureof8heed

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    There was talk of a new stadium for Berwick Rangers near Tesco at East Ord, which the town needs desperately, however just like NCC's plans to develop the sports centre, neither will happen. The town is f@cked.
  19. Figureof8heed

    Edinburgh V Berwick & Berwick V Edinburgh KOC QF

    That was utter guff. 15 races, nothing happened.
  20. You've been spending to much time with the CornhillCowboy with that patter

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