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  1. bruno


    Won't have to stress about us anymore by the looks of it
  2. Chadster is spot on, nearly every meeting you go to there's seems to be no urgency to get on with it. My wife's only been to 3 meetings. 2 league and Cardiff. She said why arnt the league teams run as professional as Cardiff was run
  3. Went to Newcastle for the first time this year and was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised, I've definitely seen worse over the years
  4. bruno


    It's going to be our last one for this year ,good thing is whichever 16 riders turn up there's a good chance about a dozen of them will have ridden for us this year and could be all 16 have some kind of connection
  5. Just spotted the I.O.W advertising on the air fence, well done. Promoting
  6. bruno

    Massif thank you

    Sacrificial slaughter of a virgin in Ipswich,what's the chances Baldy?
  7. bruno

    Celebrity fans

    Same here ,I had a go some 40 years ago and have had road bikes up to this day. I've got 4 lads 32,30 and 27 who all reckon they could beat their old dad easily although only one of them has ever rode a motorbike. Could be a great day out
  8. bruno

    Belle Vue 2018

    Have to agree if this had been Poole this thread would have been Up to 300 pages now
  9. I never got the American hero worshipping back in the day and I'm a Cradley fan
  10. Il have to check but I'm sure in heat 17 the riders weren't all ready at 00 either
  11. Very diplomatic Barry, not sure the comment deserved it but credit to you. I have visited you a couple of times, once was rained off and then again last year for my wife's first ever meeting. Going to make the effort to come next year. How much is the ferry if I just come over for the meeting and back the same night. It was quite a bit last year but I was over for the week
  12. That has to be a joke comment from a Stoke fan, our tracks better than yours
  13. bruno

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Used to get fantastic racing but not been so good of late,not sure if it's the lack of top riders,the track or the bikes which have changed or maybe a combination of all 3
  14. bruno

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    I'm be there and at Mildenhall and looking forward to hopefully some decent racing but I can't really take it serious
  15. They were at Wolves for the last meeting as well
  16. What's happened to Ash?
  17. Just got back in and fast forwarded from heat 6 and was still bored,terrible meeting
  18. Thank God I'm off out in a bit
  19. Bored bored bored bored bored
  20. bruno

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    At the minute
  21. bruno

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Let's hope the weather plays ball, could be best play offs ever
  22. Imagine the gp riders on that track
  23. Me and my brother have just decided to buy a place in Kirky Lane, hope the other halfs don't mind
  24. When you go over just for the speedway now much does the ferry cost

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