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  1. Heat 13 and 15 were just about ok the rest not good
  2. bruno

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Why have they stopped calling it the super se7en , I thought that sounded good
  3. Just watched this in 20 minutes and tbh it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, wouldn't have said that if I'd been watching for two hours tho
  4. Watch this one, fantastic race
  5. bruno

    Workington 2018 .

    Why's it been done?
  6. In some of the one offs I'd say maybe 10 riders had no chance of winning some years and in the gps although some have little chance of being wc I'd argue at least a dozen have a chance of winning a meeting
  7. Last track done now great day out and thought Redcar did a great job, dusty obviously but without watering every two heats and then the meeting going on all night not much they could have done better. Will definately revisit for a league meeting
  8. Coming across to this one always a slight worry when a bit of a warnings put out about something. Getting to the pub next door about 5 so should be interesting. Fingers crossed
  9. Rye House used to be good a few years ago
  10. Enjoyed my trip to the OTA but easily the worst meeting I've ever seen there racing wise, keptt interesting by the score. No outside line especially later on. Never thought id say it about Somerset but if that was my first taste of speedway not sure I'd be back.
  11. Hoping the drive down on the M5 is better on a Monday than the Friday nightmare, looking forward to a visit to the seaside before the meeting
  12. bruno

    Somerset 2018

    Coming down tomorrow for my first visit this season hoping everything's sorted with the track. Never seen a bad meeting at the OTA. Fingers crossed
  13. You do get it now and again but certainly not how it used to be, I'm sure someone on here has explained why
  14. bruno


    I was asked if I was concesionary rate at Glasgow, This was a couple of years ago. I'm only 57 now! I did have a massive paper round tho
  15. bruno

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Agree I think with Cookie unfortunately the experience this year might actually damage he's career but Lambert would learn a lot like Tai did in his first year
  16. Maybe,but trying to slow down high powered motorbikes is an accident waiting to happen
  17. If the final race is a 3-3 then the rider who wins the final he's team are champions, simple really. Races should always be about winning regardless if it's a pairs meeting. Trying to slow races down is dangerous and makes no sense
  18. If anyone didn't enjoy that then get a different sport to follow, off topic a bit but did anyone watch the interviews with Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. Fascinating. How they do what they do is bonkers
  19. I think the Somerset promotion deserve a thumbs up after having issues with the track they seem to have got it sorted quickly unlike many other tracks who just let any issues carry on. Wish I lived closer to the OTA , always enjoy my visits
  20. Give Stoke a ring they can give you loads of reasons for not running a meeting
  21. Bringing jumper coat and hot water bottle
  22. Hope they get this sorted it's got to be in the top 3 of tracks with Belle Vue and Scunny, I get the frustration but no need for the personal insults

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