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  1. bruno

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    How the hell have i any control over what the Heathens pay, I said the riders shouldn't be paid to be professional in the nl. That includes ALL riders including the Heathens
  2. bruno

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    I get why they've done it to make the nl a proper development league. However you can't then have the riders expecting to be full professionals and pay out bonkers money. Similarly you can't expect fans to pay out £12/£13 to watch it. For me next year somethings got to give. After watching the Wolves again this year home and away i reckon I will carry on with that and obviously watch us but give away meetings a miss for both teams. A shame because I enjoy the away days out but the pennies only go so far
  3. bruno

    Tomasz Gollob

    Very sad for Tomasz who gave us so many memorable moments on a bike
  4. Looks a good team for the Panthers however just imagine if a Polish team had Harris, Cook and Anderson , sadly shows the gulf between the league's i suppose
  5. bruno

    berwick bandits 2019

    Posties was 60 then the world changed
  6. bruno

    Commentator of the Year

    Well done Dave, well deserved
  7. bruno

    90 Stars of British League DVD

    Shouldn't the 90 riders have been from 1928-2018
  8. bruno

    AGM November 2018

    One Belle Vue meeting i went to they had track grading after more or less every couple of heats however nearly every single race was a good one. No complaints from anyone then
  9. bruno

    Workington 2019

    I stopped watching Wolves in the 2010 season when we came back and although I can't remember the cost back then the racing most weeks was fantastic whatever the cost. I went to most Wolves home meetings last season but for whatever reason the racing was nowhere near as good. At £18 I don't think it was vfm. I did miss some meetings if there was too many guests or if an away team had visited recently. I'l be going again next season but will probably pick and choose especially if the price increases. Also, I'd imagine we may cut down on away meetings a bit due to cost .(And the usual farce episodes) (to many to list)
  10. bruno

    Somerset 2019

    If they all drop out the league won't the league they all join become the top league
  11. Trying that at the minute and it's not working
  12. bruno

    Wolves 2018

    Totally agree with your last 9 words except the last one which should be tonight instead of good. I'l be back next year but I'm not paying to watch that line up in the cold.
  13. You might have had to talk to him though,your better off getting the next one
  14. I don't think the comparison is with the other 2018 teams but the team's who have won the league in the past. I'd say yes they are because the league is with it weaker this year
  15. Went up Monmore for over 10 years till we came back and I was saved just before I sold my soul. Went to more Wolves home and away meetings than Heathens this year in preparation for next year. Even practicing my howling . Hoooowwwwllllll. No shame. In all seriousness the old days rivalry has long gone. You can't compare the situation both clubs are in so I'd rather have a regular team to support than keep shouting for the away side. Difficult being a Heathen and a Baggie but there you go. I could never support the Wolves football team tho. My dad would come back and haunt me
  16. Just seen the line ups and that's decided it for me, roll on 2019
  17. Do we know the line ups for tonight, seriously thinking of not bothering. Not been to many meetings of late so feel the seasons finished
  18. Maybe it's time to try the Polish way with no average limits and no guests and survival of the fittist. Could be a disaster and the death knell for the sport. Then again the current systems a roaring success isn't it?
  19. I can't remember who rides for anyone anymore
  20. bruno

    Torun 2018

    Not on here there not
  21. Such a shame what's happened at Bydgoszcz I've been there a couple of times and the racing was fantastic

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