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  1. Scorpions 2018

    Had to smile at your last 3 words
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    It's true ,I'm very often called an artist and I'm very poor

    I followed Wolves through out the noughies and started going home and away in 2008/09 and decided to support them proper after getting used to Freddie,PK and enjoying Billy riding for a couple of seasons. I decided to support them proper in 2010 encouraged by Steve Brum to come to the dark side. Obviously when we came back in 2010 things changed but looking back and being honest,although I've enjoyed our time back were never going to have our own track so would it have been better if we hadn't have come back and I could have enjoyed watching the Wolves. The racing watching Wolves was far better but I'm not sure it is nowadays. What's happened has happened but I can't help but feel the last 8 years has not really got us anywhere,the first 5 seasons were enjoyable but not sure about the last 3 and what's 2018 really going to achieve. Bit confused at the minute,it would be difficult to try to follow the Wolves now but is it worth Cradley doing what there doing. Interested to hear views folks
  4. Poole 2018

    I'm seeing Elvis tomorrow at the Robin 2 in Bilston
  5. I've never understood speedway trying to promote itself as a family sport. All nicey nicey. Just a thought but the Polish fans don't seem that way. Does Polish speedway promote itself as a family sport anyone know

    Out of interest anyone know how much I would have paid to get in as a 14 year old for my first meeting in 1975 at Dudley Wood
  7. I'd imagine their a day behind because of New Years Day
  8. Swindon 2018

    I think if betting became widespread in speedway there's a risk the sport could become corrupt
  9. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    The thing that annoys me is that residents tend to complain about noise and dirt when in reality these two are a thing of the past. Regarding the noise you can barely hear the bikes down the back straight these days
  10. Other alphabets are available to
  11. Speedway Music

    Is there there a silent C TWK
  12. Lakeside 2018

    Or is Russian drug testing nearly as corrupt as speedway
  13. Speedway Music

    Trouble is thrash metal and Rammstein arnt what the kids are listening to, that type of music and band have been going a good 20 years I'd say. Tbh I've no idea what youngsters listen to today
  14. Somerset 2018

    If we don't run next year I would have to consider returning to watch the Wolves but I'm not paying 17 or 18 pound , it would have to drop to at least 15 but realistically should be lower than that. Difficult for the promotors to drop it to that though. I think it could be a nomad season of travelling around and enjoying the day out but after travelling about the last few years and getting shafted by various excuses not sure I'd risk travelling too far especially without guaranteed weather
  15. Yeh I remember that as well but no where near as cold as the winter meeting at Scunny one year first time I've ever left anything before the end
  16. I was at that one as well think Adams took Nicki out on the fourth bend and Nicki ended up through the fence, shame the top riders can't be bothered these days but I suppose seeing as they don't ride here why should they
  17. Not as good as I imagined to be honest I'd argue the only top riders back then were Lindgren Adams Nicholls and Crump although it's a million miles better than today's line ups What was the line up at rye house I remember Nicki being there
  18. Oxford

    Bit different but when I moved into my current house opposite a school I thought about it carefully, I knew for 15 minutes in a morning and afternoon it would be chaos outside my house. On the plus side at other times there's no one about especially evenings and weekends. For that half hour it's a bit of a pain but it was my choice
  19. Can anyone post the line up of the first Ben fund, would be interesting
  20. WWE doesn't pretend to be a sport it is sport entertainment. I agree it's a farce at times but at least it knows what it is. Wish the same could be said of speedway
  21. Bt Sport Coverage

    Same as me, I'm cancelling sky sports in a couple of weeks when my deals up. £300 saved I think. And cancelling BT sport when that's up and watching the gps when they appear on you tube
  22. Bt Sport Coverage

    Thanks for that RS50 il do that , saves them trying to get me to renew by offering a deal. It was only £25 for 12 months but I didn't really enjoy the coverage
  23. A Very Short Season

    Il defend riders most times but the Scunthorpe Workington meeting last year was a shambles with the riders attitude except a couple namely Josh Auty and James Sargeant. What gets me is that the riders tend to say they can't ride because of visibility but I watched a couple of moto gps last season when it bucketed down but they get on with it going at treble the speed at least
  24. Bt Sport Coverage

    I'm pretty sure premier sports automatically renew unless you phone them and cancel