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  1. double_O

    Sheffield 2020

    And???...... Auty only got into last years final because I think Lambert was injured
  2. double_O

    Sheffield 2020

    Both have made 5 appearances each
  3. double_O

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It is a rule that could be increased, although I doubt it in Pedersens case. Also not sure where the 1.6 conversion comes in as people state, when the 2019 rules state it was 1.5 for 2019. 16.2.6 AMENDED MA’s have been amended with the Approval of the BSPA GC or Directors for: a) Riders who have been absent from British Speedway racing for more than 3 seasons (NB. The MA may be increased or decreased). b) Riders who have been absent for more than 1 full season due to injury. c) Any rider who has been or is eligible to compete in the NDL (and has not represented another FMN, other than the ACU) will receive a 2.5% reduction on their MA. d) a rider who moves between the Premiership and Championship leagues and requires a converted MA, the conversion factor will be 1.5
  4. double_O

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Counting not your strong point as usual !!!!!
  5. double_O

    Poole 2020

    In summary: • Eurosport UK secures exclusive live broadcast rights to British Speedway Premiership and Championship Leagues from 2020 • 18 live rounds per season plus post-race highlights on Quest and DMAX
  6. double_O

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    So why haven't you included Rasmus Jensen in your list as he is also above Harris?
  7. Each stand holds 1500 apparently Taken from Spedeworths own site Foxhall International Raceway is situated off the A12 to Yarmouth. The track is a 382 metre tarmac oval and is the fastest and largest track that Spedeworth promotes. The track has a steel cable fence above an armco covered concrete wall. Foxhall Heath is the home to many of the major championships offered by Spedeworth, including the National Banger World Final and the National Hot Rod World Championship at the annual Spedeweekend event. The facilities at Foxhall include a covered seated grandstand and concrete stepped terracing, as well as our 2 new fantastic 1,500 seater grandstands on the back straight.
  8. double_O

    Big decisions in November.

    18.6 TEAM COMPOSITION 18.6.1 A SGB Premiership Team’s initial Declaration must not exceed 42.50 and may include ONLY one rider with an MA of 8.00 or above. As usual you are wrong!!!!!! The 1 rider over 8 point rule is in the 2019 regulations
  9. double_O

    Big decisions in November.

    Why would Belle Vue and Kings Lynn have to make a "serious decision" over their Number 1s. Kings Lynn have no rider over 8 points and Belle Vue just the 1. So you are sh*t stirring as usual and failing miserably.
  10. double_O

    Big decisions in November.

    So this was the result of a County championship match in early June..... Warwickshire (9 pts) drew with Nottinghamshire (5 pts) Blows your case closed wide open again. Just admit it you haven't got a clue what you've been wittering on about.
  11. double_O

    AJ retires

    Top bloke and a great rider. As Gambo said it was a pleasure to watch him grow into that world class rider with the Bees. All the best AJ and thank you.
  12. double_O

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Makes you wonder who came up with this pointless idea. Cant be any promoter, as all they come up each year is a different number to set as a points limit and what colour helmets the away riders have to wear!!!! Maybe it was some small time Advertising Agency on the south coast being bigged up by the self appointed one....and only supporters at the meeting can vote using a special password!!!! Priceless.
  13. As usual you spout a made up rule to suit your own pathetic argument. Taken from the 2018 regulations Updated MA’s will be calculated monthly on a rolling basis on all eligible meetings, up to and including 23rd of the month to become effective from the 1st of the following month Swindon vs Belle Vue was on Sept 27th 4 days after the cut off, therefore the Swindon and Belle Vue riders averages would not be effective until November 1st.
  14. Can I ask where you got that figure from please?

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