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  1. double_O

    Big decisions in November.

    So this was the result of a County championship match in early June..... Warwickshire (9 pts) drew with Nottinghamshire (5 pts) Blows your case closed wide open again. Just admit it you haven't got a clue what you've been wittering on about.
  2. double_O

    AJ retires

    Top bloke and a great rider. As Gambo said it was a pleasure to watch him grow into that world class rider with the Bees. All the best AJ and thank you.
  3. double_O

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Makes you wonder who came up with this pointless idea. Cant be any promoter, as all they come up each year is a different number to set as a points limit and what colour helmets the away riders have to wear!!!! Maybe it was some small time Advertising Agency on the south coast being bigged up by the self appointed one....and only supporters at the meeting can vote using a special password!!!! Priceless.
  4. As usual you spout a made up rule to suit your own pathetic argument. Taken from the 2018 regulations Updated MA’s will be calculated monthly on a rolling basis on all eligible meetings, up to and including 23rd of the month to become effective from the 1st of the following month Swindon vs Belle Vue was on Sept 27th 4 days after the cut off, therefore the Swindon and Belle Vue riders averages would not be effective until November 1st.
  5. Can I ask where you got that figure from please?
  6. Somerset team taken from their website Wednesday Teams:- Somerset: Jason Doyle (Capt), Rider Replacement for Aaron Summers, Charles Wright (Guest), Richard Lawson, Chris Harris (Guest), Jake Allen, Nico Covatti Harris covering for Holder
  7. Can anyone explain what Charles Wrights average is? BSPA has it at 6.19 and BWD is 5.22. Even allowing for the 5% that is way above????
  8. Try getting that troll Shovlar to find that rule change. If you look on the SCB website, the only hastily changed rule was that a rider could not ride for both teams in any 2 legged match. He just makes things up all the time to suit his usual pathetic argument.
  9. Never said he wasn't in the race but you were so adamant he got away with it in every race. In heat 13 he didn't and was excluded and went off 15mtrs
  10. I thought Carter beat Penhall at Wembley?
  11. And there was me thinking he got excluded in heat 13.
  12. Is Palm Toft injured as he hasn't had his 7th ride in ht 14?

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