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  1. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Adam Ellis returns just 3 weeks after breaking his collarbone
  2. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

  3. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    its not broken & he has told the Brummies management he will be back next Wednesday
  4. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Bears

    BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, Nick Agertoft, Paco Castagna, Danny Ayres, Tero Aarnio R/R, Danyon Hume, James Shanes. REDCAR: Erik Riss, Kasper Andersen, Michael Palm Toft, Jordan Stewart, Jake Allen, Tom Woolley, Nathan Greaves.
  5. GLASGOW: Craig Cook, James Sarjeant, Claus Vissing, Paul Starke, Rasmus Jensen, Connor Bailey, Jack Smith.BIRMINGHAM: Matt Marson, Paco Castagna, Nick Agertoft, Ashley Morris R/R, Kevin Doolan, Danyon Hume, James Shanes.
  6. Nathan is injured as well & replaced at Plymouth with Luke Chessell on a 28 day contract
  7. Tero has ridden 2 fixtures for Brum plus the PL 4's
  8. Castagna Wethers Shanes 4-2 60.0
  9. BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, James Shanes, Zach Wajtknecht R/R, Ashley Morris, Tero Aarnio, Paco Castagna, Nathan Stoneman. SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Drew Kemp, Ty Proctor, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, Zaine Kennedy, Josh MacDonald.
  10. The track shape has not changed & yes you can park at the One Stop with no charge
  11. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Berwick 8/5/19

    IT'S OFF

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