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  1. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Bandits 10/08

    Birmingham: Kye Thomsen, Stefan Nielsen R/R, Paul Starke, Paco Castagna, Justin Sedgmen, Lee Complin, James Pearson. Bandits: Chris Harris, Theo Pijper, Jye Etheridge, Leon Flint, Ricky Wells, Jonas Knudsen (or Joe Thompson), Connor Coles.
  2. GLASGOW: Craig Cook R/R, Danyon Hume, Benjamin Basso, Paul Starke, Tom Brennan, Broc Nicol, Connor Bailey. BIRMINGHAM: Ricky Wells, Ashley Morris R/R, Theo Pijper, Zach Cook, Justin Sedgmen, Max Clegg, James Pearson.
  3. BIRMINGHAM have declared their intention to compete in the 2023 Championship campaign. There has been regular communication between consortium leader Nigel Tolley and the British Speedway Promoters’ Ltd in recent weeks with more than one eye already looking towards next season. During his process to take over the Perry Barr side last year, Tolley outlined an ambitious business plan for the club. But with the takeover taking much longer than anticipated, that hampered several plans on various levels. Tolley and his other consortium members feel that an increase in promotional initiatives, attracting significant new sponsorship and assembling a competitive and entertaining rider line-up could see them achieve their goals. And Tolley has moved early to allay any fears of supporters. “From the moment we sat down to begin our bid to takeover the Brummies it’s been a whirlwind, it really has, Tolley said. “We put together that business plan for 12 months but of course we didn’t take over until December in the end. “Things took a little bit longer than we’d have liked to put into operation so with our season almost over, it really is a two year plan. “So we’ve now got to be looking to next season to put all the things right that were wrong this year. “It’s been a very, very big learning curve for me, but what I’ve learnt is unbelievable and I’m going to use that experience for the future. “I’ve said it all along - we certainly won’t just throw in the towel. “There are a lot uncertainties, but we are looking to the 2023 season. “As I’ve said, some of the things we didn’t get right this season, some through no fault of our own, I’ll do everything I can to get them right for next season. “For me, the main thing there is building a team to get us into the play-offs. “Because of how much longer everything took than we first anticipated during the winter, team wise we were on the back foot from the off with a large chunk of riders already committed elsewhere. “And while things have gone against us almost from the off with an unbelievable amount of bad luck, we can hopefully put ourselves in a better position when it comes to building a team by declaring our intentions nice and early. “We’ve already had a good number of riders say they’d like to come and ride for Birmingham next season - and based on those riders, along with one or two we’d like to try and include ourselves, I have every confidence that we could get into next year’s play-offs and build a team that supporters would really enjoy coming to watch week in, week out.”
  4. I also travel north along Aldridge Road to get home & already have my route planned. Via Witton then Stockland Green Then Erdington & Sutton Coldfield. You could even go via Witton Spaghetti Junction then Erdington & Sutton Coldfield.
  5. BIRMINGHAM: Claus Vissing, Stefan Nielsen, Paco Castagna, Ashley Morris, Justin Sedgmen, James Shanes, James Pearson. REDCAR: Charles Wright, Adam Roynon, Erik Riss, Kasper Andersen, Lewis Kerr, Jason Edwards, Jordan Jenkins.
  6. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Leicester 01.05.22

    BIRMINGHAM: Erik Riss, Stefan Nielsen, Justin Sedgmen, Ashley Morris, Jake Allen, Adam Roynon, James Pearson. LEICESTER: Nick Morris, Connor Mountain, Richie Worrall, Joe Thompson, Kyle Howarth, Anders Rowe, Dan Thompson.
  7. Almost strangled by the tapes Did look painful to be fair.
  8. Claus Vissing is injured & R-R is now in place
  9. BIRMINGHAM: Claus Vissing, Stefan Nielsen, Justin Sedgmen, Ashley Morris, Kyle Howarth, James Shanes, James Pearson. OXFORD: Scott Nicholls, Kyle Newman, Jack Thomas, Cameron Heeps, Nick Morris, Dillon Ruml, Nathan Stoneman.
  10. OXFORD: Scott Nicholls, Kyle Newman, Jack Thomas, Cameron Heeps, Nick Morris, Dillon Ruml, Nathan Stoneman. BIRMINGHAM: Claus Vissing, Stefan Nielsen, Justin Sedgmen, Ashley Morris, Tom Brennan, James Shanes, James Pearson. Share This:
  11. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    James Pearson is still only 16years old. He needs as many rides as he can get. I have criticised LR may times in the past about some of his decisions, but i am with him on this one giving JP his 4 races. If the match was in danger of a home defeat it would have been different. Brummies won
  12. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    BIRMINGHAM: Claus Vissing, Stefan Nielsen, Kyle Howarth, Ashley Morris, Adam Ellis, James Shanes, James Pearson. SCUNTHORPE: Ryan Douglas, Zaine Kennedy, Jordan Palin, Tero Aarnio, Jake Allen, Ryan Kinsley, Simon Lambert. From the Birmingham main site & very welcome news MEANWHILE, the Birmingham Consortium have listened to the views of the supporters over the re-admission arrangements following the abandoned meeting against Berwick, caused by Josh Auty’s unfortunate accident and the lack of NHS ambulance to take him to the hospital. Having already dug deep to fund an extra ambulance and paramedic for all other home meetings this season to ensure the same situation does not arise again, they have also been considering the supporters and what they can do for them. Whilst it is not appropriate to deviate from the official re-admission policy agreed between all clubs and the BSPL, they have decided to offer a free programme to supporters who come along with their Berwick re-admission ticket. While they appreciate that not everyone always buys a programme, they hope that the supporters will see it as a gesture of goodwill from the Directors who place maximum importance on the interests of both riders and fans.
  13. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Poole Championship. 13/04/22

    BIRMINGHAM: Claus Vissing, James Shanes R/R, Josh Auty, Ashley Morris, Adam Ellis, Stefan Nielsen, James Pearson. POOLE: Steve Worrall, Zach Cook, Richard Lawson, Ben Cook, Danny King, Drew Kemp, Nathan Ablitt.
  14. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Poole Championship. 13/04/22

    James Shanes ruled out of this meeting R-R only option available.

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