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  1. Birmingham 2018

    £2 go's to Birmingham Speedway Supporters’ Club.
  2. Birmingham 2018

    BREAKING NEWS We have another new face in our 2018 team! Please welcome Callum Walker to the Brummies!
  3. Birmingham 2018

  4. Birmingham 2018

    Birmingham have confirmed Jack PB not in the team 2018
  5. Birmingham 2018

    This is what he said Just so everyone knows I’m open to offers in the national league not wanting to cause any upset with Birmingham & they’re fans I’d love to be at Birmingham but I would like to see what others I get, also my sponsorship brochures will be available very soon and would love as much sponsors (new & existing) as possible as I’m wanting new equipment little or large will help and be hugely appreciated!
  6. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Liam Carr has announced his retirement from the sport at the Presentation evening last night
  7. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Club Statement BIRMINGHAM Speedway are delighted to confirm a deal is in place for the sale of the club. Current owner Tony Mole has successfully concluded negotiations as he prepares to step down from the sport after 50 years. The news will be welcomed by Brummies supporters who have been patiently waiting for news on the club’s future. And we can confirm the new owners will be unveiled at Mole's Farewell meeting at Perry Barr next Wednesday, October 11, when they face Coventry. Said Mole: "I'm very pleased to have agreed terms with the people who I had previously identified as the 'favoured party.' "I can assure supporters that they are business people of substance. I was never willing to sell the club to anybody unless I was certain they had the very best interests of Birmingham Speedway at heart and just as importantly, had the chance to achieve it. "It's not an easy thing to manage a club of Birmingham's size and run your own business as well. "But I have full confidence that the two parties involved will make a success of the Brummies - and there's nothing I'd love more for them to make the club even more successful than I have been able to in my time here. "They've got a lot of hard work to do, but both myself and Graham Drury (current team boss) have tried to point them in the right direction where possible and they were very keen to seek advice which I usually find is a very good sign. "They've outlined a certain vision for the future of the club and it was very encouraging to hear their fresh ideas of routes they may want to go down to try and build the club back up even more once again. "I always felt confident that someone would come along who fitted the bill and that they would be the right people to take the job on. "Contracts have been signed, but we must stress that this is all due to BSPA approval and they are due to go in front of management committee towards the end of the month, but I don't envisage one single problem there at all. "We have agreed to keep their identities hidden until my final meeting at Perry Barr against Coventry next Wednesday. "This is because they are very excited to meet the Birmingham supporters and we want our loyal fans to hear from them before anyone else. "This is a big relief for myself, as I'm sure it will be for everyone else connected with the Brummies, and I can assure supporters that we have been very genuinely impressed with the parties involved and the future should be an exciting one. "We hope people will turn out in big numbers at Perry Barr next Wednesday and make the new owners instantly feel at home."
  8. Nl Riders Championship Leicester Sun Sep 24th 3pm

    Revised line up 2017 NATIONAL LEAGUE RIDERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP LINE-UP: Connor Mountain (Mildenhall), Jake Knight (Eastbourne), Mitchell Davey (Stoke), Liam Carr (Birmingham), Ben Morley (Lakeside), Josh Bailey (Eastbourne), James Cockle (Isle of Wight), Matt Williamson (Buxton), Alfie Bowtell (Lakeside), Adam Roynon (Plymouth), Tom Bacon (Birmingham), Luke Bowen (Kent), Dan Bewley (Belle Vue), Max Clegg (Buxton), Luke Harris (Cradley), Jordan Jenkins (Mildenhall). TRACK RESERVES: Chris Widman (Isle of Wight), Conor Dwyer (Cradley
  9. Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    Monmore is available Mon 18th Heathens running scared as Perry injured & Ayres riding for Redcar
  10. Nl Riders Championship Leicester Sun Sep 24th 3pm

    Jack P-B has had to pull out with an injured shoulder Liam Carr takes his place
  11. 1. Connor Mountain (Mildenhall) 2. Jake Knight (Eastbourne) 3. Mitchell Davey (Stoke) 4. Liam Carr (Birmingham) 5. Ben Morley (Lakeside) 6. Josh Bailey (Eastbourne) 7. James Cockle (Isle of Wight) 8. Matt Williamson (Buxton) 9. Jack Smith (Belle Vue) - Subject to fitness 10. Adam Roynon (Plymouth) 11. Tom Bacon (Birmingham) 12. Luke Bowen (Kent) 13. Dan Bewley (Belle Vue) 14. Max Clegg (Buxton) 15. Danny Ayres (Cradley) 16. Jordan Jenkins (Mildenhall) Reserves: 17. Chris Widman (Isle of Wight) 18. Conor Dwyer (Cradley
  12. PLYMOUTH: Adam Roynon, Richard Andrews, Benji Compton, Callum Walker, Steve Boxall, Jamie Halder, Henry Atkins. BIRMINGHAM: Rob Shuttleworth, Layne Cupitt, David Mason, Tom Bacon, Liam Carr, Alex Spooner, Taylor Hampshire. Jack P-B still has a shoulder problemi
  13. Mildenhall V Cradley?

    MILDENHALL: Ben Morley, Luke Ruddick, Jon Armstrong, Jordan Jenkins, Dan Halsey, TBC, Drew Kemp CRADLEY: Rob Shuttleworth, Richard Hall R/R, Joe Lawlor, William O'Keefe, Connor Coles, Conor Dwyer, Lewis Whitmore.
  14. Brummies V Kent Wed 6th Sep

    If Brummies do close where will Cradley squat next to complete there fixtures 2018 Stoke maybe !!
  15. BIRMINGHAM: Jack Parkinson-Blackburn, Layne Cupitt, David Mason, Tom Bacon, Liam Carr, Jamie Halder, Taylor Hampshire. KENT: Luke Bowen, Anders Rowe, Ben Hopwood, Dan Greenwood, Jack Thomas, Bradley Andrews, George Hunter.